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A Closer Look at HypeAuditor

and Better Alternatives to It

HypeAuditor is tool meant to be used for helping along the process of influencer marketing. However, before you try out this tool for your business, you might want to make sure to take a further look into its features and downsides to determine if it suits your expectations. For this, we have prepared overall information to help you understand all the advanced tools as well as some of the cons HypeAuditor might provide.

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Part 1. What Is HypeAuditor?

HypeAuditor is an Instagram influencer measurement tool that ranks each creator by their audience quality and active engagements. To provide an accurate analytic of each profile, this tool gathers sources from multiple platforms and filters out spam audience or engagements. You can simply search for any creator by typing in keywords and splitting the results into 14 different categories.

Key Features of HypeAuditor

  • Audience Quality Score to help you determine which influencer is the best option for your business by filtering out the spam followers and engagements.
  • Each and every Instagram creator profile contains their current ranking, the main topic of their content, audience country and estimated engagements.
  • Filter your search by splitting the list of matching influencers into 14 different categories and even select one of the 17 countries you’re focused on.

Reason Why Hype Auditor Is One of the Most Popular Influencer Marketing Tools

Despite providing the same services as many other similar campaigns, this tool offers additional features that people are mainly seeking for in their influencer research. This plays a huge role that led HypeAuditor become one of the most popular influencer marketing tools with advanced features to help you find quality creators rather than listing random accounts with a huge follower count.

1. Easy Analysis - Search and Go!

In order to check out any specific account, go ahead and enter their Instagram username or simply link their profile on the search bar. This tool will help you have an in-depth research about their Instagram performance and provide additional insights of their audience.

HypeAuditor Review and Its Best Alternatives - Search and Go

2. Ability to Check Influencer’s Other Social Media Profiles

If the Instagram creator you’ve picked has any other accounts on different platforms (which they most probably do), you can easily access their performance within HypeAuditor as well.

HypeAuditor Review and Its Best Alternatives - Check Influencer's Other Social Media Profiles

3. Offers In-Depth Audience Analysis

Apart from only gaining overall analytics of an influencer’s success, you can also have an in-depth analysis of any influencer’s Instagram audience and the main topic they focus on. This will help you see how many of these engagements are fake and how many of them are authentic.

HypeAuditor Review and Its Best Alternatives - In depth Audience Analysis

4. First Full Report is Free

Like many other tools, this is a paid software for it’s over the top features for influencer analytics. However, you can check out the first full report of a creator’s audience analysis for free.

HypeAuditor Review and Its Best Alternatives - Full Report

Pros and Cons of HypeAuditor


  • Provides a detailed audience analysis of each influencer that helps you determine the quality of their engagements.
  • Allows you to access an influencer’s other social media platforms within this tool.
  • It has a pleasing design with easy to use tools for quick research.
  • First detailed audience report is free – no commitments necessary.


  • After the first free report, you will need to purchase packs of tokens to pay for each influencer analytic.
  • It only allows you to search through Instagram influencers, this might limit your research if you focus on other platforms as well.
  • The audience type category may come off as vague usually with influencers over 5,000 followers.

Bottom Line:

All in all, it does provide an excellent service with countless advanced tools to improve your strategy at finding the perfect influencer for your brand. You won’t have to worry about unsuccessful engagements with these influencers since you will gain an in-depth report of their audience beforehand.

Part 2. A Better Alternative to HypeAuditor

Apart from HypeAuditor, there is also InflueNex, which is a great alternative that you can use to find and track YouTube influencers. You also get the following features to test out and enjoy:

  • Filter your search by entering relevant keywords and selecting additional filters.
  • Sort the given list of influencers depending on their InflueNex Score, Video views, Subscribers or Active Rate.
  • Keep track of any influencer’s social engagements and audience interactions from their profile.
  • Manage influencers with fully personalized groups.
  • Contact feature enables you to contact influencers in one click.

How to Use InflueNex to Find YouTube Influencers

Step 1. Type in Keywords Related to Your Niche

First off, click on the Search bar and start entering keywords that are related to your niche. This will help InflueNex determine which creators matches your content.

HypeAuditor Review and Its Best Alternatives - Enter Keywords

Step 2. Choose Filters to Define Your Search

Next, pick any filter you consider important to define the best match for your business. It could be a Category, Language, Country or even Subscribers.

HypeAuditor Review and Its Best Alternatives - Choose Filters

Step 3. Click on the Search Icon to Proceed

Once you are done, click on the Search icon to proceed. This will list you all the influencer who matches all the filters you’ve selected.

HypeAuditor Review and Its Best Alternatives - CLick Search Button to Start

Step 4. Sort Influencers by Their InflueNex Score

When you access the list of potential creators, click on Sort By tool and select InflueNex Score. With the help of this feature you can readjust the influencers depending on their authority.

HypeAuditor Review and Its Best Alternatives - Sort Influencers in Searching Results

Step 5. Look Through Influencer Analytics

Select an influencer and take a look at their profile. Here you will see their general engagements, latest activity and their growth trends. You can also use the Send Invite feature to contact them directly through InflueNex.

HypeAuditor Review and Its Best Alternatives - Look Influencer's Analytics

Step 6. Contact Influencers in a Click

After viewing the details of the influencer, you can decide whether he/she is the right influencer for you. If you think the influencer meets your needs, you can click the Send Invitation button at the upper right corner to send a collaboration email to the influencer.

HypeAuditor Review and Its Best Alternatives - Contact Influencers

Step 7. Track Effects

When you've established the collaboration with the influencer, you can track the effects of your collaboration. You can click the Tracking words in the drop-down menu of the header, and then enter the tracking page. Now you can click the Add Campaign Video button at the upper right corner of the page and then fill the blanks in the pop-up window. After that, you'll be able to track the effects of your collaboration video.

HypeAuditor Review and Its Best Alternatives - Track Effects of Collaboration

Part 3. Other Helpful Alternatives to HypeAuditor

Beyond these options, there are many other excellent influencer measurement websites that offer great pricing along with specialized tools for in depth research. And, to help you determine the perfect influencer marketing tool, here we have prepared 10 amazing alternatives to HypeAuditor which you can use to find countless creators from more than one social media network.

1. SocialBlade


Social Blade is an excellent tool to find and track influencers from YouTube, Twitter, Twitch, Daily motion, Mixer and Instagram. Every influencer profile comes with daily updated demographics as well as audience analytics to help you compare and find the best fit. However, it only has around 23 million YouTube influencers in its database. It is actually quite average considering this tool offers many social influencers from different networks to help you widen your range of potential clients.


  • Allows you to surf through influencers within YouTube, Twitter, Twitch, Daily motion, Mixer and Instagram.
  • It has an additional smartphone app to check you and your competitor’s profiles from anywhere you go.
  • Special graphs to show the influencer’s latest engagements.


  • You might find some features a bit slow since this tool has a considerably big database.
  • Not a lot of feedback to confirm that this tool has helped them improve their business.
  • Since there are many users within this tool, their service might take a little while to get back to you.

HypeAuditor Review and Its Best Alternatives - SocialBlade

2. Heepsy


Heepsy is an Instagram influencer search engine with over 2 million profiles in its database. To look for these creators you can simply type in keywords related to your brand and filter your search by location. Now, if you’d like to gain full access to their monthly plans, it costs only $9 per month. Though it does have its own free plan to allow you to access their main features before making any purchase.


  • It has an affordable price for solo bloggers and small companies for only $9 per month.
  • Offers a free plan to give you a demo of their features before you do purchase their paid tier.
  • It displays over 2 million active Instagram profiles in its database.


  • You can only access Instagram influencers within this tool.
  • The paid tier only offers an additional location tool for $9 per month.
  • Unlike other influencer tools, this one doesn’t offer much advanced features for a deeper research.

HypeAuditor Review and Its Best Alternatives - Heepsy

3. Instagram Insights


Apart from the fancy tools and unique features to help you find influencers online, you can also use Instagram Insights. This way you can see the performance of your account directly from Instagram without needing to connect with any extra paid tiers. However, you will have to switch your personal account into a business one. Instagram also allows you to check out your top performing posts for a better understanding of what kind of content pique interest. Apart from posts you can also track Instagram stories and manage the daily performance of your account for free.


  • It is directly in the Instagram app; you will not need any extra tools or a paid subscription to keep track of your audience.
  • Gain insight of each and every post manually and compare their performance.
  • Advanced set of filters to see your audience’s engagements and keep track of daily account visits.


  • You can’t access any other Instagram page’s social analytics; it is only available for your own account.
  • Instagram requires additional payment to promote your account within its platform.
  • Business profiles may not be as interactive as family accounts since Instagram prefers to share authentic activity.

HypeAuditor Review and Its Best Alternatives - Instagram Insights

4. SquareLovin


SquareLovin has an in-depth Instagram analytics tool to help you take a closer look at your audience engagements. Just like standard tools, it provides essential information about the growth of your audience, followers, likes and other performances. It also helps you compare your own content by checking each post’s engagements to see which one of them has gained the most attention. Additionally, this tool improves your posts by suggesting filters, hashtags and the best time to publish.


  • It is a free tool; you can access all its advanced features right now at no cost.
  • Allows you to see which tags you already used has worked the best for you.
  • You can check your audience’s metrics and even access post insights.


  • The free plan only allows you to access social analytics for one day, after that you will need to purchase a month-long package for further use.
  • Not many tools are available for the free plan, so even if it lasted longer than a day, you’d have to purchase of their tiers for in depth research.
  • To promote their users, Crowdfire may show you posts of different content rather than the ones you’re searching for.

HypeAuditor Review and Its Best Alternatives - SquareLovin

5. Crowdfire


Crowdfire helps its users manage their social media accounts and discover new content within only one tool. Despite having a wide range of influencers in its database from many different platforms, it mainly focuses on Instagram. It also offers paid plans as well as free ones that only allow one day’s data of social analytics. Additionally, there are many other insight tools and advanced features on their 30-day paid plans.


  • You can test out the free plan before purchasing any paid tier for further access.
  • It offers a couple other social media platforms apart from Instagram.
  • Provides detailed analytics and audience insight of your account within the paid plans.


  • It doesn’t allow you to check any other influencer’s profile, only your own account’s analytics.
  • It is only available for Instagram; you can’t access any other platforms within this tool.
  • You can’t access the monthly analytics of your account straight away; it takes some time to gather statistics.

HypeAuditor Review and Its Best Alternatives - Crowdfire

6. Social Rank


Social Rank is an influencer marketing tool for both Instagram and Twitter. It helps you organize, identify and manage your current followers on either platform. When logging in to your account within this tool, you can instantly start sorting your followers with filters and see which one of them has a more valuable interaction. There are also many additional insights to help you see further information of your audience engagements. As for the price, it isn’t quite available on their website, but they do have standard tiers to choose from.


  • It allows you to manage your Instagram as well as Twitter audience and track their activity.
  • Offers many filters to sort your followers by categories or their active interactions with your posts.
  • Provides insights of each one of your posts to help you compare their success.


  • It is a paid tool that requires a subscription of their Basic or Premium tier.
  • You can get discounts only if you’re an internet celebrity with a big audience.
  • It doesn’t provide information of other influencer profiles; you can only access your own brand’s audience.

HypeAuditor Review and Its Best Alternatives - Social Rank

7. HootSuite Analytics


Hootsuite Analytics is a post scheduling tool for your social media account. Their free plan allows you to manage three profiles, schedule 30 messages and access basic analytics. However, if you’re looking for a more advanced set of tools, their Professional plan lets you access key metrics and measure the improvement of your Instagram or other network accounts. There is also a Team plan that contains unlimited reports of your accounts and a customizable dashboard for a more convenient access to your follower demographics.


  • It has an advanced set of plans that contains more unique tools the higher the price is.
  • You can check out its free plan that offers a set of tools for an overall management of your account.
  • It allows you to access multiple social media platforms to improve your other business account engagements.


  • Since its a paid tool, you might still need to purchase one of their paid tiers for further access.
  • Their training plan costs $21 per month if you’d like to manage the tool more professionally.
  • For each social media platform, you want to manage, you will have to pay between $.99 – $4.99 monthly.

HypeAuditor Review and Its Best Alternatives - HootSuite Analytics

8. Iconosquare


Iconosquare is a paid tool that helps brands grow their business on Instagram and Facebook. It provides more than just analytics of your account page, but also allows you to schedule posts and plan contests beforehand. With their cheapest tier you can access your account’s analytics, content engagement, reach, profile activity, well working hashtags and Instagram stories. It also allows you to see three of your competitor’s page activities within the higher plans. Additionally, it offers a free Instagram Audit tool to gain 20 metrics of your account’s interactivity.


  • Allows you to manage your Facebook and Instagram account within one platform.
  • You can track your post, stories, audience engagements as well as your page performance.
  • Has a post scheduling tool to improve your interactions and gain more attention with each time.


  • Their cheapest plan starts with $29 per month which only provides some of the helpful tools.
  • It only allows you to see three of your competitors if you purchase a higher plan.
  • You can access only two social media platforms along with their audience analytics.

HypeAuditor Review and Its Best Alternatives - Iconosquare

9. Union Metrics


Union Metrics is one of the newest influencer marketing tools available for Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. As for Instagram, you can track impressions, profile engagements, topic, audience geographic, monitoring and many other analytics. Though all of it is included in one of their paid plans. However, there is a free Account Checkup tool to help you determine the best time to post and select the useful hashtags to attract more attention.


  • Allows you to track your audience within Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  • Offers a free Instagram Checkup tool to improve your post strategy and see which tags attract more or less interactivity.
  • With paid plans, you can manage important data of your account.


  • In order to access Instagram, Facebook and Twitter platforms for account management, you will have to sign up for one of their subscriptions.
  • You can only track your own social media account, doesn’t provide audience analytics of other influencer profiles.
  • Almost all the useful tools are available in paid plans, you will have to sign up for a monthly tier to gain further access.

HypeAuditor Review and Its Best Alternatives - Union Metrics

10. Keyhole


Keyhole is a paid service that is capable of tracking your account audience. With this tool you can monitor all of your posts’ insights and see how well they are performing. It is quite helpful to give you a solid brand strategy for future posts and content you’re planning to focus on. Though, their cheapest Professional plan costs $199 monthly, which is quite high for smaller companies, but you can still see a free preview of what that package has to offer before purchasing.


  • Their Professional plan offers a free trial to check out its main features before making a purchase.
  • With the free trial you can check account data going back to a year with a limit of 99 posts.
  • It allows you to track other influencer’s social media presence and check out their audience engagement.


  • Despite a free preview of its Professional plan, you will need to purchase one of their tiers eventually for further use.
  • Its Professional plan doesn’t come with much advanced set of tools for the high price.
  • Their Agency plan starts at $999 per month for bigger companies.

HypeAuditor Review and Its Best Alternatives - Keyhole


HypeAuditor is an amazing tool to find, track and engage with influencers from the Instagram platform. However, it is not the only influencer search and analytic tool. With InflueNex, for example, you can easily access over 2 million YouTube influencers' analytics and connect with them through one platform with easy clicks. Apart from that, there are also many other influencer search engines you might want to try out to step up your industrial performance.

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