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How to Use Pinterest Ads Manager

to Promote Products or Pins

Pinterest is a discovery platform, a combination of social media advertising and search engine, it offers several ad products that may align with your target audience, creative needs and business goals. The advertising from Pinterest align so perfectly with Pinners, it is somewhat amazing. Pinterest Ads Manager has the capacity to show users your ads who are used to search for products you are also interested in and also promote your products to individuals who are inertly browsing through their Pinterest fields.

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Part 1. How to Promote on Pinterest

Step 1. Choose Campaign Objective

Every campaign begins from www.ads.pinterest.com with a campaign objective. Selecting the right objective is imperative because it will define in clear terms what ad format is available and how you can bid for the ad auction. Essentially, there are 4 types of campaign objectives available, these includes;

  • Driving traffic to your website: get high-quality leads and directing pinners to your business or personal website. With this, payment is per each click.
  • Create Brand Awareness: Increase brand exposure with prospective and current customers. You are charged on every 1,000 impressions.
  • Intensify the rate of installs for your mobile application: For app downloads promotion, you can go about it in 2 ways i.e. you are charged on each install based on your budget or by click, in this case your ad is optimized per click traffic.

How to Promote on Pinterest - Choose Campaign Objective

How to Promote on Pinterest - Choose Campaign Objective

Step 2. Set Campaign Budget

Proceed to give your campaign a name and be sure to set your daily as well as lifetime spend limit. More pricing parameters will appear later. For instance, in case you want to create a carousel ad campaign, be sure to activate the option, also, it will only if you select brand awareness as your campaign goal.

How to Promote on Pinterest - Set Campaign Budget

Step 3. Maximize SEO efforts

When products are pinned, you can maximize your SEO effort to drive more traffic to your website. Also, you may create high quality backlinks when users link to your products or contents. In this case, you can make use of targeted SEO when writing your descriptions, to help bring your products and contents on the first few results when a user type in a related keyword and may encourage them to visit your site. Also, share your pins on other social media channels such as Twitter or Facebook to encourage more clicks and links to your products. Doing these will help you drive more traffic to your site and to improve your ranking on search engine.

Step 4. Choose Target Audience

Organize the parameters for audience you want to attract and reach via your campaign. You can target based on demography i.e. language, location, gender, and also device. If your campaign objective is awareness or drive more traffic to your website then you may want to make use of a broader targeting strategy to prevent less click volume.

How to Promote on Pinterest - Choose Target Audience

Step 5. Add Value

You really cannot full most social media users as they can easily decipher you are marketing a product or service to them and may likely avoid your profile. Add more value to prompt user to visit your profile and your website by offering something of value e.g. if you are a social media manager, you can link them to free social media content calendar template.

Step 6. Mix up Content

Inspire users to interact with your content when you mix up your content with some exclusives. For instance, you may ask pinners to re-pin your items on each entry. The more an item is re-pinned, the more awareness build on the products and same on your site.

Step 7. Monitor Campaign Performance

To do this, go to Analytics on your Pinterest Ads Manager to monitor the performance of your campaign. First, you see an overview of your campaign and their metrics i.e. CTR, CPM, eCPM, and eCPC as well as total spend. All campaign are different from one another.

How to Promote on Pinterest - Monitor Campaign Performance

Part 2. Some Good Pinterest Promotion Tips

1. Test Different Strategies

Experiment a lot, test with keywords, pictures, Pins, targeting options etc., because you never know what your audience connect with the most and will respond to. You may split test for promoted Pins under a single Pinterest ad campaign, hence allowing you test certain factors that may affect your results.

2. Make The Most out of Your Description

The image quality of your Pin will catch user’s attention but descriptions adds more flavor. Offering better explanations on why your products is highly valuable is much better than just stating the product.

3. Choose Your Landing Page Carefully

Landing page are essential in any PPC campaigns, your link should direct users directly to the content they are interested in rather than sending them to your homepage or email subscribe page as this may reduce the chance of clicking your Pin ads again.

4. Use Video

Videos are one of the best tools to use when marketing on social media platforms and Pinterest as well. In the Pinterest fields, you do not get to see so many videos hence why promoted pins are a plus provided it is on autoplay so as to make it stand out. However, be sure that your video is of high resolution, relevant, short, & precise, you may also choose to turn off sound but may employ the use of subtitles and text.

5. Create Pins Following Pinterest Ads Manager Recommended Dimensions

when browsing through a Pinterest feed, Pins comes in different shape and size. You get more clicks when you go with Pinterest Ads Manager’s recommended Pin dimensions, it gives the Pin the high resolution image users would like them to see when you opt for the recommended 600x900 pixels.


Pinterest has lots of potential when you promote your tweets using Promoted Pins. The more advantage Pinterest has is that pictures work well on the social media platform, and many make use of Pinterest a lot for visual search and product research.

Written by Christine Smith on the Dec 24,2019 21:40 pm
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