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Are you looking for the latest news on Klout? Klout is one of the most well-known influencer search engine website/mobile app available. It’s best known for its ability to track and analyze influencers and their level of social influence. It offers business owners and the like to find influencers and assigns then something called a ‘Klout Score.’ This Klout score ranged from 1 to 100, and it was meant to convey how an influencer was rated in comparison to all the other influencers in their circle.

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Part 1. Why You Can No Longer Use Klout to Find Influencers

Unfortunately, despite the fact that it is one of the best influencer tools in the market, Klout has since been shut down. If you look at the Klout website, all you’ll find is a message that describes Klout closing. Now, according to that message, Klout has been closed since May 25, 2018. Lithium, the business that owned the service, is still up and running. However, their Klout service is no longer in the game. What made Klout so good anyway? What could it do that no other influencer searching tool at the time could?

  • Klout offered a scoring system, which was described in the very beginning. This allowed its users to know immediately, how the influencer was doing as far as active engagement and audience count.
  • It also worked as both a desktop and mobile tool. So, you can use it directly on your mobile phone if you wanted to.
  • It also offered scores for people in a variety of different social media platforms. Be it Facebook, Google+, Twitter, or LinkedIn!

With all these features in mind (and then some), Klout certainly had the makings of a good influencer search tool.

Part 2. A Better Alternative to Klout for Finding Influencers

Now, because Klout has since been shut down, there’s been an outcropping of dozens of different social media influencer search engine tools. The one that we’d recommend is InflueNex. It’s not necessarily a direct alternative, but it is what we’d recommend to those that want a fresh look into marketing. You see, YouTube is where it’s at these days. Most YouTubers already have a set brand to care for, and that makes them perfect for businesses that are looking to expand their own audience. If you want to learn more about this program, look at our tutorial below.

How to Use InflueNex to Find Influencers

Step 1. Search Using Relevant Keywords

The first feature that InflueNex offers is its search feature. With this, you can type down a variety of keywords or tags that are related to the type of influencer you’re looking for. With the tags that you type down, InflueNex will scour their database for relevant video tags, YouTube usernames, biographies, etc. for a match.

How to Use Klout to Find Influencers - Enter Keywords

Step 2. Search Through Filters

Another way of searching for influencers using InflueNex are the available filters. The most notable of which are the Category, Location, and Subscriber filters. All of which will allow you to pick a niche, region, and subscriber count, respectively, that best matches the influencer that you want to sponsor.

How to Use Klout to Find Influencers - Search Through Filters

Step 3. Click Search

Once you have both the search bar and the filters filled in and selected, all you have to do is click the Search button and InflueNex will draw up a list of influencers that suit the criteria that you had provided.

How to Use Klout to Find Influencers - Click Search Button

Step 4. Sort by InflueNex Score

If you want something akin to Klout, then you’re going to want to Sort By InflueNex Score. This is InflueNex’s own rating system, which rates YouTubers from a letter scale (with S-rank influencers being at the top of the top.) You can also sort through subscriber count, video view count, and activity rate.

How to Use Klout to Find Influencers - Sort by InflueNex Score

Step 5. YouTuber’s Stats and Dashboard

When you find an influencer that interests you, you can click on their name and view their InflueNex dashboard. On there, you can send an email with an invite to collaborate, you can check their YouTuber stats and you can access their general analytic scores.

How to Use Klout to Find Influencers - YouTuber's Stats

Part 3. Comparison between Klout and InflueNex

Klout and InflueNex aren’t really the same tools, there are differences that set one apart from the other. Of course, there’s no doubting which tool we’d point you towards at the end of the day (since Klout has already been shut down.) However, we’ve drawn up a comparison table anyway that should allow you to get a better idea on how both tools work and which of the two we would recommend that you use.

Klout InflueNex
Pricing The cost of using Klout was completely unavailable. You would have needed to sign up for a demo to see their pricing information Freemium program. Signup is required for certain features, premium tools are offered when trying out for their demo (which is currently in BETA.)
Searching Feature Performance Download the App or the Chrome extension plug-in, and you’ll immediately see Klout scores when you check influencer’s social media accounts. Search via keyword search or with advanced filters. Available on the website.
Advance Filter Support Not Available. Searches usernames, biographies, most-used video tags, etc.
Analytics of Searching Results Not Available. Users can be sorted via InflueNex score, activity rate, subscriber count, and video views.
Supported Search Platform(s) Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. YouTube
Ease of Use Visit Influencer social media profiles and get their Klout score instantly. Search and Go!


Klout was the big craze back in the earlier 2010s. It wasn’t just business marketers that used it, everyone did! With it, you can see how an influencer compares to others in their field. It was all in the numbers after all. Of course, it wasn’t the most sophisticated, but it allowed you to very easily see how an influencer was doing overall -- what’s their follower count, how much of that follower account is active, etc. It was the it thing a couple of years ago, but other tools have since cropped out of the woodworks to take its place. One of which is InflueNex, which is the dream tool for any marketer looking to find an influencer to sell their product! Go check it out for yourself and see just how easy things can be.

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