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How to Spot fake Influencers

with Several Helpful Ways

Cases of fake influencers are on the rise. This has made some brands afraid of trying out this new yet effective marketing campaign. Well; you no longer have to worry. Currently, there are effective tips brands can use to identify if influencers are genuine or fake. These several tips have helped brands successfully avoid being conned by fake influencers.

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Part 1. Easy Way of Identifying Fake Social Media Influencer Using InflueNex

Are you looking for tips on how to spot fake influencers before paying them and handling them your marketing strategies? If yes, consider InflueNex. InflueNex is one of the leading influencer marketing platforms. This platform houses numerous Influencers. InflueNex has an option for influencers to sign up on this platform. Afterwards, influencers’ profiles are thoroughly analyzed before they are approved. Each profile must fulfill specific set rules. Here are ways you can analyze if a social media influencer is fake or not.

1.1 Analyzing influencer profile

As we all know, there are numerous influencers profile on InflueNex. Some profiles might be fake, despite fulfilling all the set requirements by this platform. Therefore, brands should analyze the profile of their selected influencer. This helps authenticate their profile. You should be cautious if the influencer has an irrelevant bio, spammy name or missing picture. These signs should be eye opener.

Generally, influencers post content on their platform on their brands behalf. Therefore, their various handles must be full of marketing content. Be wary of any influencer who has rarely posts any content. You should also check profiles with a lot of followers but zero or less posts. InflueNex allows brands to click on the influencer’s profile and retrieve a couple of details.

How to Spot Fake Influencers - Analyze Influencer Profile

1.2 Analyze their audience profile

InflueNex allows brands to check out a couple of influencers followers. Make an effort of clicking on a couple of followers. This is another way of determining if influencers are fake or not. It’s normal for some followers to lack profile pictures. However, it should be an eye opener if there are numerous profiles without pictures. This can be an early indicator of fake followers.

That’s not all; check out profiles with spammy names or private accounts. There are some fan buying services some influencers use to increase their followers. You should also check the frequency of their followers posting content. Be on high alert if their followers rarely post content.

How to Spot Fake Influencers - Analyze Influencer Audience Profile

1.3 Check out the engagement rate

Brands regularly visit InflueNex looking for influencers to handle various marketing campaigns. This increases the engagement rate of influencers. InflueNex platform highlight both matching and engagement rate. You can use engagement rate to determine if a brand is genuine or fake. Engagement rate is a combination of shares, likes and comments on a post.

Generally, engagement rate is derived from the last thirty or twenty posts. The engagement rate should be proportional to the number of followers influencers have. Be on the lookout if negative comments follow any post or the engagement rate doesn’t match the number of followers. Such influencers are fake and cannot help brands attain their desired goals.

How to Spot Fake Influencers - Check out Engagement Rate

1.4 Focus on comments from influencer’s posts

InflueNex allows brands to glimpse social media posts of any highlighted influencer. Take advantage of this feature and focus your attention on comments from influencer’s posts. Carefully analyze the comments. This is in both the quality and quantity perspective.

Lack of comments or little comments raises puzzle that this might be a fake profile. Go an extra mile and read the comments. Check if they relate to the posted content. Don’t hire such influencers. Fake influencers will cause more harm than you think to your brand. They can make people avoid your brand’s products.

How to Spot Fake Influencers - Comments from Influencers Posts

1.5 Analyze the change in number of subscribers

Are you suspecting fake influencers who want to lure you into a trap? If yes, pay attention to the number of followers of highlighted influencers. InflueNex always allows users to efficiently analyze everything relating influencers. The number of followers is one of them. This figure always changes. Therefore, be on the lookout for influencers whose social media followers don’t increase as time progresses. This might be one indicator it might be a fake influencer.

How to Spot Fake Influencers - Analyze change of subscribers

Part 2: How to Manually Spot a Fake Social Media Influencer

Manually looking for a fake social media influencer can be stressful if you don’t know how to go about. There are a couple of tips you can use to manually check out fake social media influencers. Here are some of these tips with their respective screenshots:

2.1 Look at the audience size and the influencer’s engagement rate

The simplest ways of manually identifying a fake social media influencer is analyzing an Influencer’s engagement rate and their audience size. Be wary of any influencer with a large audience but low interactions on any of their post. This might be an indication this is a fake social media influencer.

Click on the influencer’s profile and look at the number of audience they attract. Afterwards, analyze their engagement rate. Look at the engagement rate after a specific period. This helps get proper results.

How to Spot Fake Influencers - Audience Size and Engagement Rate

2.2 Checking influencer’s field of interest

As we all know, influencers are specialized in specific fields. Therefore, go for influencers specialized in your field. Look at their specialized area and check out if their posts relate to these topics. There are cases of influencers posting content not related to their specialized field. This should be an eye opener. Such influencer cannot help brands attain their marketing goals.

A genuine influencer should specialize in his/her area of specialization. This is in terms of audience and the number of followers they attract. Don’t approach any influencer who doesn’t post content as stated on his/her profiles.

How to Spot Fake Influencers - Check Influencer's Field of Interest

2.3 What is the posting frequency

The simplest and easiest way of finding out if influencers are genuine or fake is by checking their posting frequency. A genuine influencer regularly posts content relating their specialized field. This might because of their audience or the number of brands they are working for. The posting frequency of a fake influencer is irregular. They might take long time to post content or not post at all. You might even notice the posted content don’t attract a lot of audience from their followers.

How to Spot Fake Influencers - Posting Frequency

2.4 Check the follower’s growth rate

Check the follower’s growth rate of your selected influencer. This helps determine if they are genuine or not. The genuine influencers’ followers increase as time progresses. Be on the look if your influencer followers’ number is stagnant. The followers’ growth rate of fake influencers isn’t constant. There are instances where the growth rate is constant. There are situations where their followers remain stagnant after a specific period. The number of followers will sky rocket all of a sudden. This is an indication your selected influencer might be fake. Keep progress of follower’s growth rate before coming up with any decision.

How to Spot Fake Influencers - Check Follower's Growth Rate

2.5 Creating a business profile on social media platforms

As we all know, Influencers use social media platforms to promote their marketing campaigns to their followers. Go ahead and check if your selected influencer has created business profile on their social media accounts. Influencers know the benefits social media platforms bring. Well; this is quite the opposite when it comes to some fake influencers. Be on the lookout for any influencer who doesn’t create a business profile on all his/her social media platforms. This could be an early sign of a fake influencer. All influencers take advantage of their social media platforms to market products for the selected brand.

How to Spot Fake Influencers - Crete Business Profile on Social Media Platform

Part 3: Tools for Spotting Fake Social Media Influencers

There are numerous fake social media influencers in the market. This has made it challenging for brands to differentiate genuine influencers from fake influencers. Here are couples of tools you can use to identify fake social media influencers. Here are some of them:

1. Google


Google search engine is one of the tools brands can use to identify fake influencers. Google houses different kinds of influencers. The names of only genuine influencers will pop up when you search for them on this glamorous and amazing platform. Social media profiles, their content or website will pop up if they are genuine. Take advantage of this tool to check if influencers are genuine or fake.


  • Google houses database of numerous influencers. Therefore, you can easily find the influencer you are looking for.
  • Google delivers different results. Here you have a wide range of variety to choose from.
  • Google helps carry out intense search. You simply need to have a rough idea of what you want.


  • Some influencers use their nickname. Therefore, it can be difficult to find such influencers.
  • Some fake influencers have added their profile and details on Google.
  • There are instances where information provided is not accurate.

How to Spot Fake Influencers - Google

2. SocialBlade


Social blade is one of the few tools that can help you check if influencers are genuine or fake. This statement applies to various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, among others. That’s not all; this platform also helps analyze various things relating influencers. This ranges from follower’s growth rate and engagement rate among others. You simply need to run the name of your influencer with this tool.


  • This tool has an easy to use interface. Therefore, anyone can use this platform to check if specific influencers are genuine or fake.
  • It helps you analyze various platforms. These platforms range from Facebook, YouTube and twitter, among others.
  • You can run a wide range of influencers using this tool.


  • Some fake influencers are smart. Their profile looks genuine. This can be challenging for brands to use SocialBlade to detect them.
  • Some people claim the results provided are a bit shallow.
  • Some of the information provided is not up to date.

How to Spot Fake Influencers - SocialBlade

3. Instagram Built-in Tools


Due to public demand, Instagram established some tools to help determine if influencers are genuine or not. These tools only apply to accounts with a large audience. You simply need to click on the menu and get started.


  • You can identify the location of an influencer before making any payment.
  • These tools help you check how long influencers have been active on social media platforms.
  • You can confirm if the highlighted influencer has ever used any spammy technique before.


  • These tools can only be used on accounts with huge followers.
  • Some fake influencers are too smart to be detected by this tool.
  • Information provided by these in built tools are shallow.

How to Spot Fake Influencers - Instagram Built-in Tool

4. Dealspotr Influence Score


Some brands opt for micro influencers to established ones. Well; Dealspotr helps identify genuine micro influencers. First, influencers are vetted by checking their influence score. It is difficult for any fake influencer to attain high influence score. Dealspotr performs its function by analyzing the engagements of influencers across various platforms. Above all, you don’t have to pay any amount to gain access to this platform. Simply click on this platform and get started.


  • This platform has an easy to use interface. Therefore, anyone can comfortably use this platform.
  • Its results are derived across various platforms.
  • Dealspotr is free. You don’t have to pay anything to access this platform.


  • This tool only suits micro influencers. It is difficult to derive any information about an established influencer.
  • Some people are not satisfied by the results. A lot of people claim they are shallow.
  • Dealspotr cannot track down all fake influencers.

How to Spot Fake Influencers - Dealspotr Influence Score


Don’t let influencers bar you from attaining your desired results. Use any of the above tools to identify fake influencers. The kind of influencer helps determine if you will attain your marketing strategies or not. Consider using InflueNex for genuine influencers. This platform houses a wide range of influencers to choose from. These influencers are divided into categories. Furthermore, this platform has set strict protocols that help wipe out fake influencers.

Written by Christine Smith on the Sep 03,2019 15:21 pm
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