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Influencers are currently leading the marketing industry, and as their audience grows, they grow too. Twitter, despite the fact that it is one of the less commonly sponsored platforms, still does a pretty good job at raking in leads. All you have to do is find the right influencer in your field and let them help you present your product in the best way. How? For this, we have gathered some helpful tips to find and check your desired Twitter influencer's ratings easily.

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Part 1. Most Helpful Way to Look for a Twitter Influencer

First off, let's start with the easiest method to find and check an influencer's ratings among the Twitter community. For this we recommend Followerwonk which is an influencer search tool solely based on one platform—Twitter. It's fairly easy to manage and it targets the creators who maintain the highest engagement rate. Apart from that you can check the detailed demographic of each user and determine which one would suit your brand the best. To give you a quick guide, check out our simple steps to see how easy it is to find an idea candidate for your industry with Followerwonk.

How to Find a Twitter Influencer Rating

Step 1. Open Search Bio Tab

As for our first step, click on the Search Bio tab on Followerwonk's main interface. This is the tool that can help you find influencers who are in the same niche as your campaign.

How to Look for Twitter Influencer Rating - Open Search Bio Tab

Step 2. Search Keywords Related to Your Niche

Secondly, enter any keyword (relevant to your product) on the provided search bar. You can also type in a specific name of an influencer you wish to collaborate with. This will help Followerwonk spot all the profiles who are associated with such content.

How to Look for Twitter Influencer Rating - Search Keywords Related to Niche

Step 3. Specify Your Search by Adding Filters

Next up, click on the More Options underneath the search bar, this will give you several filters in which you can select the Location, Name or the Follower count of the desired influencer you're looking for. The more specific your search is, the less you will need to spend time on nitpicking the best result.

How to Look for Twitter Influencer Rating - Specify Your Search by Adding Filters

Step 4. Click on Do It to Start Browsing

If you're all set, click on the Do It button beside the search bar and wait for Followerwonk to list you the best possible influencers who are ideal for presenting your product to a potential audience.

How to Look for Twitter Influencer Rating - Click on Do It

Step 5. Look Through List of Twitter Users

Now when you have a list of relevant influencers, look through their engagement rate by the followers and tweet count. This will give you an idea on how active they are on Twitter and let you compare between other influencers to select the best possible option.

How to Look for Twitter Influencer Rating - Look Through List of Twitter Users

Step 6. Check out Influencer's Twitter Profile

To wrap up your research, go ahead and visit an influencer's profile. Here, you can see their interaction with their followers and judge which one of their publications gain the most attention. This will give you a better idea on what the audience is mainly interested in.

How to Look for Twitter Influencer Rating - Check out Influencer's Twitter Profile

Part 2. How to Look for Twitter Influencers Manually

You don't always need a tool to solve your problems. Especially in order to find an influencer, you can just visit Twitter manually and search through recently made tweets to find people who are also interested in the same field as yours. Considering since there are above 326 million active users specifically on this platform, you won't need to look much before spotting an influencer that has a common concept with your brand. For this we have prepared 3 simple steps to give you a quick guide on how this particular method works. Follow along and see how easy it is to find influencers directly on Twitter.

How to Look for Twitter Influencer Rating Manually

Step 1. Type in a Keyword and Search Through the Top Tweets

Go on Twitter and enter a keyword which should be related to the product you're planning to promote. This will list you all the recent tweets as well as accounts with the same niche you searched for.

How to Look for Twitter Influencer Rating - Type in a Keyword

To make your job easier, select the Top tab to sort the results according to their popularity along with the interactive rate which the influencer gained from a solid audience. It'll help you find influencers with a more active followers than the rest.

How to Look for Twitter Influencer Rating - Sort Results Acordding to Their Popularity

Step 2. Check an Influencer's Followers

To choose an ideal influencer, go to their profile and check the following count. On the list, you can find competitors or other influencers who are most probably in the same industry. It's always better to take a look at a competitor's performance and gain a better understanding of which content draws in the most attention.

How to Look for Twitter Influencer Rating - Check an Influencer's Followers

Step 3. Take a Look at Their Followers to Find Influencers

Lastly, check their followers to see what kind of audience they have gathered. If you want, you can also check their follower's followings too and see the common competitors you'll mostly face on Twitter.

How to Look for Twitter Influencer Rating - Take a Look at Their Followers to Find Influencers

Part 3. Helpful Tips & Tricks about Finding Twitter Influencers

What else? Even if the process of finding an influencer related to your niche is easy, choosing the right one who can achieve your desired campaign goal isn't that simple. For this you will need to pay attention to minor details about their social interactivity around Twitter. Additionally, you have to choose not one, but multiple influencers that are potentially acceptable for your brand. Where to start? Well, to elaborate main focuses, we also gathered 5 essential tips that will help you find the right Twitter influencer for your business.

1. Search Twitter Influencers by Bio Content

If you type in a keyword related to your field, Twitter will help you discover accounts that contain the same information on their bios. Also, you can directly check out their social media presence by their profile. This is a quick way to find potential influencers who are undoubtedly familiar with your niche.

How to Look for Twitter Influencer Rating - Search Twitter Influencer by Bio Content

2. Explore Their Current Followers

Additionally, it's always better to get to know different influencers and who has the main spotlight in your niche. For this click on the selected influencer's followings and look through the accounts that catches your eye. It may require quite a research, but the more you know, the more effective it is.

How to Look for Twitter Influencer Rating - Explore Their Current Followers

3. Look Through Influencers from a Competitor's Follower List

To add up more influencers to your list, check out which creators are following your competitor. With this method there is a huge possibility that you may find more than several accounts that provide quality content. Give all of them a follow and start interacting.

How to Look for Twitter Influencer Rating - Look Through Influencers from a Competitor's Follower List

4. Find Influencer from Who to Follow Feature

This one is quite a simple tip. Go back to the main menu and from here you will see a Who to Follow list on the left side of the screen. These accounts are also mainly related to your niche. You can check out their profiles and compare them between the other influencers.

How to Look for Twitter Influencer Rating - Find Influencer from Who to Follow Feature

5. Try Twitter's Direct Search Tool to Find Influencers

As for our last tip, you can try out Twitter's advanced search tool and specify your search with many options. Starting from which phrases you would and wouldn't like the influencer to use and also select languages as well as location to crown it all. It is pretty helpful if you have a specific target in mind, fill in the list and click Search to start browsing.

How to Look for Twitter Influencer Rating - Try Twitter's Direct Search Tool to Find Influencers


As you can tell finding influencers isn't as hard as it may sound. Though to achieve the best result we recommend you do a full research through both Followerwonk and Twitter to maintain a solid idea in mind. Especially if you're not familiar with Twitter’s algorithm, the tips we have gathered will hopefully give you a glimpse of how influencer marketing works on this specific platform. Try them out and start spreading brand awareness with the help of a Twitter influencer now!

Written by Christine Smith on the Sep 03,2019 15:26 pm
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