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How to Judge Social Influencer Engagement

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Are you interested in finding out which influencers maintain the highest engagement rate? Despite the countless available influencers out there, it's always hard to wean out the ones with less authority. If you want someone to present your product to the public, then you’re going to want the best possible volunteer. For this you’re going to want an influencer search tool, but which one is the best? To keep it simple, we have gathered the most efficient tools for judging social influencer engagements on a variety of different platforms.

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Part 1. Most Efficient Way to Judge Social Influencer Engagement

As for our first influencer search tool, let's examine InflueNex. This is one of the biggest YouTube influencer search engines containing over 100 million creators in its database. So, if you're planning to advertise your brand on this platform, it's definitely the tool to go for. Additionally, it also gives a detailed analytic of each influencer along with their real-time engagement rates. With this you can easily check desired influencers and compare them to pick the best possible option. Also, a side note, this tool is absolutely free to use. It doesn’t even require logging in if you're only planning to give it a try. So how does InflueNex work? Fairly easily, but to make sure that you understand the process, we have prepared an overview of this tool below.

How to Judge Social Influencer Engagement

Step 1. Search Keywords or Channel Names Related to Your Brand

First off, go ahead and type in any keyword or a specific channel on the available search bar. This is the quickest way of finding an influencer with InflueNex.

How to Judge Social Influencer Engagement - Search Keywords or Channel Names

Step 2. Define Influencer with Filters

Now, and this is the interesting part, if you don't have any particular YouTuber in mind, InflueNex allows you to make your search more accurate with its additional advanced filter feature. It allows you to specify the country, language as well as the subscriber count of the type of influencer you want to work with.

How to Judge Social Influencer Engagement - Define Influencer with Filters

Step 3. Click on Search Icon to Start Browsing

All set with the filters? Now click on the search icon to let InflueNex list you the best possible matches. Knowing this tool's huge database, the amount may change from hundreds to thousands. It all depends on the popularity of your niche.

How to Judge Social Influencer Engagement - Click on Search Icon

Step 4. Sort Your Results Accordingly

After that, click on the Sort By feature on the top right and select InflueNex Score. This will help you sort out your results and rearrange the list according to the influencer's overall success.

How to Judge Social Influencer Engagement - Sort Your Results

Step 5. Take a Look at the Influencer's Profile

Lastly, to check their active engagements, click on the influencer's page. This will provide you an analytic of their YouTube presence. Here you can see all the information from the number of subscribers they have to their YouTube price range. If it suits you, you can even send the influencer an invite to collaborate straight from here.

How to Judge Social Influencer Engagement - View Influencer's Profile

Part 2. Other Ways to Judge Social Influencer Engagement

Apart from InflueNex there are many other tools to measure the social engagements of influencers. They may not only focus on one network, but multiple ones to help you discover more selections from all over the internet. Not to mention, some of them may contain extra advanced tools (although these are usually higher in price.) So, without further ado, let's go through our list and check out 5 amazing tools to step up your influencer research.

1. Upfluence


The very first tool on our list is Upfluence. This is a general influencer search engine tool that you can use in order to organize your whole marketing campaign and reach out to potential influencers. It also has a customizable tool that will allow you to send emails directly to influencers – with advanced features that will allow you to see whether the email has been opened or not. Pretty neat, isn't it? Apart from that it also contains typical filters (location, language, category etc.) to narrow your search from many social media platforms. But as far as measuring real-time engagement, it does provide analytics for each creator as well.

How to Judge Social Influencer Engagement - Upfluence

2. Kred


As for Kred, it is a paid tool that has a promising set of features which can help you discover influencers for your business. It even comes with a system they call Kred score that will allow you to see aggregated measurements that can help you find the ideal candidate. Kred can also help you connect with influencers, much like our previously recommended tool. And, it provides audience engagement analysis to give you a deeper look at each potential creator. What else? Well, it also comes with an additional consumer application that you can use to share your own social media presence.

How to Judge Social Influencer Engagement - Kred

3. HypeAuditor


Next up, we have HypeAuditor. Which is an influencer search tool that is solely based on Instagram. It analyzes each account and ranks them by their engagement rate with real-time data. You can easily select any category that is based on your industry and if desired, list them by their country, followers, an estimated engagement as well as their username or recently published posts. Then all you have to do is click on the influencer's page and have a prepared demographics of their performance.

How to Judge Social Influencer Engagement - HypeAuditor

4. Buzzsumo


Buzzsumo, on the other hand, mainly focuses on Twitter influencers, but can also track popular blogs and bookmark them for later. It also comes with a standard search tool to help you find influencers depending on your niche or industry. Though, additionally, you can search by their profession (journalist, company, blogger influencer etc.) or profile bio. What makes it a good pick is the fact that it has a free plan with limited features, but if you rather sign up for a subscription it costs $99 per month. Not the highest, which makes it great for smaller businesses.

How to Judge Social Influencer Engagement - Buzzsumo

5. Heepsy


The last tool on our list is Heepsy. This is another Instagram Influencer search engine with a database consisting of over 2 million users. Despite only monitoring one platform, it's fairly handy to use if you're mainly interested in this sort of marketing. They provide filters for locating influencers based on niche and location. It’s definitely an ideal choice if you rather keep down your expenses, as its plans start up at only $9 per month.

How to Judge Social Influencer Engagement - Heepsy


Overall it is definitely possible to analyze every social influencer's estimated engagement status. Though, trying out multiple tools would be recommended. Otherwise, the one that we’d most recommend is InflueNex. It allows you to access the demographic data of your desired YouTube influencer for no cost. It has premium features but it’s free, which is a great combination of characteristics for an influencer search tool.

Written by Christine Smith on the Sep 03,2019 15:26 pm
Resource > Influencer Management > How to Judge Social Influencer Engagement with Helpful Solutions
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