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Do you want to know how to hire social media influencers for your business? Gone is the era of newspaper ads, TV ads, etc. That’s all been replaced! Nowadays, the money is all in the social media influencers. Be it Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, etc. On there, there are people with large followings -- followings that you can have full access to at the cost of a couple of hundreds or thousands of dollars. Continue reading if you want to learn more.

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Part 1. Get to Know the Influencer

The first thing that you need to do in order to find social media influencers that you can hire for your business, is to get to know said influencers. Fortunately, there are ways of authenticating the audience activity of your influencer of choice and view how well they’re doing as a whole. In this stage, it’s all about the numbers. For that, we have a tool called InflueNex to recommend. Allowing you to see all available details on how your social media influencers are doing.

How to Get to Know the Influencer

Step 1. Pick an Influencer Tool

The tool that we’re going to be using in order to get to know influencers is InflueNex. This is a search engine tool best used by those who want to find YouTube influencers, and it’s all FREE! All you need to do is go to the URL we’ve linked to and follow the steps as we list them below.

How to Hire an Influencer for Your Business - Pick an Influencer Tool

Step 2. View YouTuber Stats and Analytics Dashboard

On InflueNex you can view a YouTuber’s stats and analytics by accessing their dashboard (which you can do after searching and selecting the YouTuber from their database.) On this dashboard, there are many things that you can check. For example, at the very top, you can see their base YouTube Stats. Including their:

  • ● Subscriber Count
  • ● Total Views
  • ● Total Posts
  • ● Engagement Percentages
  • ● Average Video Views
  • ● Estimated Price Range
  • ● And more

How to Hire an Influencer for Your Business - View YouTuber Stats

Step 3. Look Through Video Tags

With InflueNex, you can also get to know all of the video tags used by your YouTuber of choice. This is great for seeing what kind of keywords the YouTuber is ranking for and whether they’re known for talking about subjects relevant to your brand or product.

How to Hire an Influencer for Your Business - Look Through Video Tags

Step 4. Check YouTube Views and Subscriber Tendencies

InflueNex also offers great graphs for seeing how the YouTuber is doing as far views and subscribers go. Are they gaining views at a constant rate? Or is it more up and down? How about subscribers? These are things that you’d probably want to know when checking out your favorite YouTube Influencers.

How to Hire an Influencer for Your Business - Check YouTube Views and Subscribers

Step 5. Check Out YouTube Posts

If you wanted, you can also look at the YouTuber’s most recent posts and what they have on their featured. This should allow you to get a look at what kind of content they create and how you might be able to insert a sponsored message in that content.

How to Hire an Influencer for Your Business - Check YouTube Posts

Part 2. Invite Influencer

Once you've gotten to know an influencer that might be interested in working with you and your business, then its time throw the pitch. This is going to be the most important part of the process and will require a bit of a delicate touch. We’ll teach you the basics of it today, but this is going to be different depending on what product you’re trying to sell and who you want to be the ‘seller.’ Some influencers will charge more, after all, and others might not be interested in sponsorships at all. So, take our tips with a grain of salt and put your back into making sure that invite is the best pitch you can possibly make.

1. How to Send an Invitation Email to Influencer

If you’re using a tool like InflueNex then all you need to do is click the Send Invite button and write yourself a pitch. However, that might not apply depending on what social media platform and what tool you’re using. In the case of YouTube, most influencers leave a business email on the ‘About’ page of their channel. The same goes for influencers on Twitter or Instagram. If none of those apply, you can also use an email search tool that can help you grab the influencer’s email, but that’s a last-ditch effort that may or may not work.

How to Hire an Influencer for Your Business - Send an Invitation Email to Influencer

2. What’s the Most Important Part of Writing an Email?

As for the actual pitch-writing, there are a couple of things that you need to remember. The first thing is? You need to write an eye-catching subject. It needs to draw the attention of the influencer (part of the struggle is getting them to click open the email in the first place after all.) Now, immediately after that, you need to work on the pitch. Use what knowledge you were able to glean from the first part of this article. Mention your product, talk about how they’re perfect for the sell, and give them an offer they can’t refuse. This doesn’t have to be overly complicated. Just set yourself up as someone that they can talk to, and you should have yourself a deal in no time.

How to Hire an Influencer for Your Business - Most Important Part of Writing an Email

Part 3. Collaboration with the Influencer

To finish things up, let’s talk about what is needed in order to collaborate with an influencer. For these, we’re just going to be talking about a couple of tips and tricks. Mostly basic things involving what makes a great influencer, and what you might want to keep track of before you send your invite. Again, these are going to be fairly beginner-level, for the most part, but it wouldn’t hurt anyone to get a refresher.

1. Know Price Range

Look, every good business-oriented person knows that it’s all about the money sometimes. This can make or break your pitch. Influencers don’t like to be short-changed, and the chances are? Well, the chances are, they’ve been down this road before. Competitors have probably approached them with similar deals, and if you want to stay at the top? Then you need to be able to match their price range and then some.

How to Hire an Influencer for Your Business - Know Price Range

2. Look at Active Engagement

Another thing that you have to pay attention to is an influencer’s active engagement. Someone can have a ton of different subscribers. But if they don’t have the likes and the comments to back it up? Then it’s hard to say for sure whether any of their audience will actually take the time to click on a link or type in a code in order to buy your product.

How to Hire an Influencer for Your Business - Look at Active Engagement

3. Types of Posts

We mentioned this earlier, but another important factor to consider is their posts. What kind of videos are they posting? You need to find out and make sure that you can fit your sponsored product into that content without it being too out of the box that their audience won’t even click on it.

How to Hire an Influencer for Your Business - Types of Posts

4. Most Popular Posts

Of course, the type of content is not the only important thing. You need to also know which type of content is driving in the most views and active engagement from their audience. Because, if you can fit your product on that kind of video? Then, you can be certain to reach more people than you might have if you just hired the influencer to create a random post or video.

How to Hire an Influencer for Your Business - Most Popular Posts

5. Influencer’s Video Tags

For our last tip, we’re going to refer back to something else that we referred to in the beginning, and that’s the influencer’s most used video tags. As we mentioned then, this is important because it gives you an idea on what kind of videos/posts the influencer is creating and whether your brand or product falls in line with that content.

How to Hire an Influencer for Your Business - Influencer's Video Tags


That concludes our tips on how to hire an influencer for your business! For the most part, these tips were tailored more for beginners - those who have never done this before. However, there’s nothing wrong with re-learning tips and tricks that every marketer should know when it comes to finding influencers for their business. Of course, if you want to be able to do something like this easily, we really do recommend that you try out a tool to do it. And, for that, we suggest that you check out InflueNex (for your YouTube influencer searching needs.)

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