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Whenever users think about YouTube then the first thing comes in mind about watching latest video songs, funny videos etc. When it comes to the ecommerce professionals then they think about how to use YouTube for the successor of their ecommerce business. YouTube is the world’s most popular website which can be used for the promotion of products and services to boost sales. There are several ways available that can help you to boost your sales through YouTube. Here in this article we will see how to use e commerce YouTube for boosting the business by reaching more people.

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Part 1: Most Useful Way to Do Ecommerce with YouTubers

InflueNex is one of the best and reliable online website where business can found the reliable and best influencers according to their business needs. InflueNex offers you a very powerful influencer finding system where you can look for the right influencer by using the category, country, language, price range, subscribers and Email as filters. The website enables you to connect with millions of influencers for YouTube Commerce all over the world.

Key Features of InflueNex

  • The website offers you to find the influencers having Email id registered with website so you can instantly connect for e commerce with YouTubers.
  • You can look for YouTube commerce influencers for the different categories such as how to & Style, gaming, science & technology and several other categories.
  • You just need to sign up and connect with millions of influencers directly from the website interface.
  • The interface of the website is super easy to use and helps everyone to connect with right YouTube Commerce influencer with just few clicks.
  • Professionals can buy premium plans of website which are very cheap as compared to other influencer websites.

How to Use InflueNex to Search for YouTubers

Step 1. Firstly open the InflueNex website with your browser and sign up using the email if you are still not done. Now login to the account and then write any keyword related to your business in the search box and then click red color search button.

How to Handle Your Ecommerce on YouTube - Create and Account on InflueNex

Step 2. You will see thousands of search result for the entered keyword. Now there are several filters provided by website. Select one or more filters and apply them to filter the search results to find the perfect YouTube commerce influencer. You can select from Category, country, language, subscribers, price range, last active time, average video view and email filters. For example we have selected “Has Email” filter here. Now the website will show influencer with Email id only.

How to Handle Your Ecommerce on YouTube - Search Influencers

Step 3. Now click on the profile of influencer with you want to connect then you will be redirected to new tab. We have selected “Game On” channel from the list and now redirected to the complete details of the influencer channel.

How to Handle Your Ecommerce on YouTube - View the detailed information of the influencer

Step 4. After viewing complete details about the channel if you want to connect with them then hit “Send Invitation” button then it will redirect you to a mail box. Here enter Email Subject, Select Email Template and then you can enter the message which you want to send to the influencer. Finally, once you are ready hit the “Send” button. This is how easily you can connect e commerce with YouTuber to promote the product and services using InflueNex.

How to Handle Your Ecommerce on YouTube - Contact Influencer

Part 2: How Promote Your Business with YouTube Ads

1. Get the Right Format

There is not any proper format available for marketing on YouTube and promoting e commerce with YouTuber. It all depends on your knowledge and topics in which you are perfect. Several topics are best for several different niches so firstly you need to decide that which type of business you want to promote on YouTube and then the best topic to covert in your videos. We have shared some of the best topics for the different businesses and you can select which suits your business.

Key features you should pay attention to

  • How to videos on Technical Topics.
  • Reviews of Products.
  • Explaining the usage of product.
  • Taking Interview of People. (Funny)

2. Making Videos

While using YouTube for YouTube commerce the great part is that you don’t need to do much investment on the video recording devices. You can even record videos using your mobile cameras. The only thing to take is that make sure the voice of your videos is good and you are recording videos in proper lighting so users can easily understand what you are trying to explain. Sometimes you need to buy a good microphone to get clear voice in the videos. After making videos you can also use some video editing programs to add subtitles, watermarks and other changes to the videos.

3. Keywords

This is the very important part of posting videos and posting on the social media sites. Keyword plays a very important role in the online marketing on YouTube, Facebook and Google search results. Keywords describes that what your video is about so users and search engines can instantly find then in the search results. For example if you want to sell books online then you can use buy books online, books online and several other related keywords in the title, tags and description of the videos. You can do keyword research using the keyword tool of Google to choose the best keywords.

4. Define the Final Action

Creating video is not much hard task and everyone can create good videos but the most important part is to attract viewers of video to reach the point what you have explained in the video. You can share the URL of product or service in the end of video and description of video using call to action button which helps you to generate lead for the products. This is not possible to sell something directly on YouTube so you can only generate leads and divert customers to the products.

5. Be Active and become Social

YouTube is a part of social media network so make sure to be active on it after posting your videos as well. When any YouTube viewer comment on your video then makes sure to reply them with thank. If any user ask question about something then reply them instantly. These things will help you to build trust among viewers. Commenting on other videos is also a good way to generate leads because sometimes viewers of those videos can come to your channel as well.

6. Promotions of Videos

YouTube is popular worldwide but there are millions of videos available on videos so no one can directly reach to you without promotion of your videos. Never wait for people to come on your channel. Share your videos on other social media sites such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, and send them in Email to your contact list as well. It will help people to know that your videos are there on YouTube.

Part 3: Tips & Tricks about Doing Ecommerce on YouTube

1. Short and Sweet Video Title

Video title is the thing which first comes in front of user when he or she looks for the videos on YouTube. This is also known as the first and last impression. A video title is the thing which will attract or distract the user to open your video. Whenever you write title of any video make sure to use short and sweet title instead of writing the long length titles. You can see on YouTube, the most popular YouTube videos have very short titles. The best length of title of videos is up to 60 characters or less only. If you write lengthy title more than 60 character then the remaining part of title will cut when it display in the YouTube search results.

While writing title of the video make sure to add the keyword of video as well in the half part of the whole title.

How to Handle Your Ecommerce on YouTube - Video Title

2. Video Thumbnails

Video Thumbnails also plays a very important role in attracting users to click on videos. Humans mind instantly notice the visuals of anything in less than 13 milliseconds according to the studies. Mostly YouTube automatically generate thumbnails for the videos but these are actually not good and very blurred. This is the best option to create your own thumbnails for every video whenever you post it on the YouTube.

Few Tips about Video Thumbnails:

  • It is good to use high quality images.
  • Make sure to add text on the thumbnail that describes the content of video.
  • It is better to use up to 2 MB size thumbnail.

How to Handle Your Ecommerce on YouTube - Video Thumbnails

3. Promote Your YouTube Channel on Social Media

YouTube is not the only way to get popularity for your channel. The best method to promote YouTube channel is that you can cross promote your YouTube channel on the other social media platforms as well. To promote your video channel you can also include the channel videos in the Email newsletter, blogs and post the video or channel links on the other social media accounts as well.

4. Create Playlists of Videos

YouTube allows users to create playlists for the videos if you have posted several videos on the same YouTube channel. Playlist is really a very cool way to keep users engage with your content because the next video automatically plays after finishing the previous one. Another benefit of creating playlist is that you can add your keywords in the place of playlist title. You can follow few tips of creating playlists below:

  • Group videos on the same topic together and create a single playlist on them. For example you can group “English Song” videos the English videos playlist.
  • It is better to collect the videos from other resources as well which is relevant to your videos. This helps users to understand your content and they share your playlists.

How to Handle Your Ecommerce on YouTube - Create Playlists of Videos

5. Posting Videos in Gap

Sometimes YouTubers share their all new videos together which is not good for e commerce YouTube. It is always best to post videos in a gap and tell users that the next episode is coming soon. This thing will help viewers to keep engage for your channel. For the best e commerce with YouTuber choose the best name for your episode series. Make sure to create custom thumbnail for every video of every series with the similar banner so everyone can understand the content of series.

How to Handle Your Ecommerce on YouTube - Posting Videos in Gap

6. Try to Work with Good Brands

Partnership with popular brands is another way to reach more people. The most important rule while working with brands is that you need to be Authentic. It is better to look for good brands to work with that matches to the content of your videos. It helps you to be authentic in front of your audience. Inauthentic videos that doesn’t relate to your channel can be bad than the good for your channel.

7. Make Sure to Follow YouTube Guidelines

YouTube is the world’s most popular video platform which is used by billions of users in every hour. To maintain its popularity YouTube always work hard to crack down the irrelevant content. YouTube has community guidelines for posting videos on the platform so it is better to follow these guidelines, otherwise your videos can be removed from the platform. The very bad thing of community guidelines is that your video will be removed from YouTube recommendation list and it will directly affect your channel.

How to Handle Your Ecommerce on YouTube - Make Sure to Follow YouTube Guidelines

8. Following the Channels

YouTube is the best way to promote your product and services but it is all about finding the right channel that matches to your video channel as well. The best way to get more viewers is subscribe to the other channels that has same content of your channel and follow them. It will help you to turn their audience to your channel as well. It will help you to get new subscriber and viewers for your videos. Becoming active on YouTube helps you a lot to get more viewers for your videos.


Well, this is all about for successful e commerce YouTube. You can follow these tips and tricks and within few days only you will start receiving more and more audience for your YouTube channels. If you are facing issue in finding the right channel for e commerce with YouTuber then you can also use InflueNex website which is best to find the right YouTube influencers.

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