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How to Do Influencer Marketing Research

Thoroughly and Efficiently

Extensive level of internet marketing is considered as the need of the hour, there are various types of influential means which companies are employing to reach out to a global population. At present, influencer marketing is considered as one of the trendiest and efficient means to attract prospective customers over the internet. With this technique you get to acquire high market share in a small time range. If you want to know more about how to do extensive influencer marketing research promote your brand in a well-organized manner then you can go through the article.

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Part 1. What's Influencer Marketing?

In crisp words influencer marketing is an innovative form of smart marketing for company’s brand where key leaders advertise for your products and services. Here, you got to consult influencers over several social networking platforms so that they can make their ardent followers aware about your brand.

Broadly speaking influencer marketing is also considered as a part of content marketing where influencers come up with fresh content about your product and services. This in return attracts great deal of audience over the internet and you get to cash-in high Return on Investment with respect to your immediate competitor.

With influencer marketing you get to cash in several benefits like acquiring new customers, increasing lifetime revenue generated by customers, encourage repeat purchase etc. Thus, it is very essential to do extensive level of influencer marketing research so that you can cash in greater rewards in the future with respect to you immediate competitor.

Part 2. How to Do Influencer Marketing Research?

With effective social media marketing research you get to cash in several benefits during and after the promotional event for your services as well as products. Furthermore, you also get to increase the authenticity of your company and can also drive great deal of website traffic, customer conversions etc. Due to this reason well established companies have also started to acquire genuine guidance of influencers. Moreover, it is very essential to start marketing research after developing a genuine, step wise procedure.

Purpose of the research

Before starting a marketing research it is very essential to define your aim, without an aim you get to lose direction in the middle and waste time as well as capital of your company. You should focus on the prime factors for which you are undertaking the campaign in the first place. There are various motives due to which campaigns are organized, few of which are brand awareness, increase in the rate of client conversion, promotional event for a new product etc.

No matter for what even you are about to acquire a campaign, it is very essential to define the event in a proper manner and take necessary steps. In case, you want to acquire high number of customers for your company’s products or services then you should collaborate with an influencer right away. In case you like to be more engaging with your clients then you can ask influencers to make their followers aware that your company will provide them discount coupons or free gifts.

Guideline of the research

After getting aware about the initial motto of your campaign you have to write a thorough research guideline. This feature will save your money, time and the work will be done in a systematic manner, which provide you a professional look and you will be able to get confidence of your prospective customers.

a. Setting up of Instagram storefront

It is very essential for you to focus on Instagram when you are planning for an online campaign. Influencers have large number of followers over the Instagram which will provide you great deal of ease in getting customers according to your product and services’ niche. Moreover, on an Instagram not all users can attach like for the posts that they make, thus you should ask influencer to establish storefronts of their own.

Through this means influencers will be able to post pictures of your products and will write catchy article on the services which you are providing. Through the page of influencer, their followers can click on your products and can purchase it right away.

b. Promotional event organization

Giveaway is considered as one of the most crucial part during marketing campaigns which are undertaken by influencers. During a giveaway promotional event, influencers will engage their ardent followers to your business. Furthermore, you can also use several tactics like sharing; commenting or tagging a friend will make a user enter the contest. This will provide great deal of customers over the web. This will ultimately give you a chance to promote your company’s product and services.

c. Unique content creation

At last you are requested to let your influencers create unique content about your product and services. When you hire a professional influencer then he or she know how to create engaging content for your followers as they know their buying pattern in depth.

Results of the research

During and after the campaign it is very essential to keep a track of record whether the process will bring you profit or not. This you can go by measuring several aspects in depth viz. metrics for brand awareness, link building and sales metrics etc. Moreover, it is also expected to keep well organized correspondence. You should also look for mistakes, more importantly, grammatical ones during the campaign, as they can malign the reputation of your company.

The effect of the research

Through proper and elaborated research you will be able to enhance the ROI of your company. Moreover, there are various tools available with which you get to measure the return of investment which you get during the campaign process. In the long run, when you do market campaign with the help of professional influencers then, you also get to establish great deal of partnership with them for the future. Here you also get an opportunity to refer to the updates which get high results during the campaign. thus you get to optimize campaigns in future in an efficient manner.

Part 3. What's the Benefit of Doing Influencer Marketing Research?

Intensive influencer research is very beneficial for the company as its importance is gaining over digital advertisements over several social media platforms. During this type of marketing you are required to establish a win-win prospect with your influencer and get benefitted with targeted audience. It is very essential to give prime importance to influencer marketing during your online campaign.

Quick brand awareness

Unlike the past where companies need to do extensive research and spend a great share of money on online marketing, influencer marketing provides a easy way out. Now all of the promotional work is handled by influencer as they provide genuine information to their customers through video, info-graphic and great content. Since influencers are idolized by their followers thus your brand will get famous among them.

Winning partnership

Dealing with micro or macro influencer will provide you great deal of opportunities viz. live events, joint ventures etc. Moreover, it also provide you great deal of aid in establishing great deal of trust with your prospective customers and they then turn loyal as well as promote your products and services with word of mouth promotions.

Enrich content

Professional influencers know what their followers like, thus they create fresh and catchy content. This process will save much of your capital as you don’t have to reach to the audience personally. Moreover, your audience will be sure about the authenticity of your products and services, thus you will also get high increase in sales.

Direct approach to millennial generation

At present younger generation tend to live and eat over the internet. Thus, with the aid of influencer marketing you get in direct contact with millennial generation. More than 80% of millennial get aware about new service of product over the internet. Moreover, they also foster deep connectivity with influencers and purchase products or services advised by them.

Customized campaign

Few variables which are considered as very important for a campaign are creative messaging, budget, influencer type, scheduling etc. These you get to choose without any inconveniences. Having a customized campaign also means that you are specifically targeting a set number of customers which ultimately increases the success rate of the brand awareness program.

Data as well as actionable insights

Through proper influencer marketing you get to gain effective data for your brand viz. share, comments, conversation, CTR, likes and several other KPIs. These will make you to customize your future campaigns better for your customers. Moreover, it also provides you great deal of capability to increase SEO for your company which increases your ranking on several search engines.

Part 4. Helpful Tools for Doing Influencer Marketing Research

Either you are a sole owner of your organization or work with partnership then it is very essential to get excellent customers over the internet. To make your work easy there are many influencers over the internet who have excellent niche of followers. Though it sounds pretty easy to find an influencer and get excellent leads for your products and services, but it is easier said than done.

Over the internet there are many fake influencers and you also have to check which type of influencers would be great for you. Thus, it is very essential to use various influencer research tool and find best partner for your online campaign.

1. InflueNex


At present InflueNex is considered as the best influencer research tool in the market with which you can reach out to your targeted audience in no time. Through this research tool you get to access top influencers over social media platform. Moreover, you also get to analyze them with the use of an informative chart which provide information about number of subscribers, video likes and active users which influencer has. This analysis will give you an idea about how competent your influencer is. Through this tool you also get to sort out your queries through phone as well as online media.

Key Features of InflueNex

  • It is literally very easy to log into the platform as the GUI features are excellent and you can easily access it from your personal computer or mobile phone.
  • The tabs used on this tool are self-explanatory and you can check for pricing, demo of the services, your favorite influencers and messaging.
  • You get to choose from several different types of filters viz. price range, category, language, countries etc.

How to Do an Influencer Marketing Research Efficiently - InflueNex

2. NinjaOutreach


NinjaOutreach is a tool which provides you an opportunity to find genuine influencer by searching through more than 20 million web portals. Moreover, you also get to search for influencers over several other social media platforms viz. Instagram as well as Twitter. Through this tool you get to look at browser extension, which provides information about the web portal. You also get an opportunity to sort the prospective influencers after making a filtered list. Here you get an opportunity to send automated emails and manage follow-up in an efficient manner.

Key Features of NinjaOutreach

  • The UX and UI of this tool are very effective and they are basically used to provide exceptional aid in the process of email marketing.
  • Through the help of this tool you get to properly manage direct mailing, digital assets, campaign and database for article author.
  • This tool provides great deal of features viz. access to backlink lead, CRM on behalf of your influencer, automated filling of various contact forms etc.

How to Do an Influencer Marketing Research Efficiently - NinjaOutreach

3. BuzzSumo


With this tool you get a chance to find influencers for your products and services in an efficient way as this platform is really easy to navigate. Initially, you get to find several topics which your immediate competitor is cashing on, thus you get an idea about how to write specific campaign oriented article.

Moreover, it is also very easy to find posts which are performing best related to your niche, this gives you an opportunity to connect with the person who had posted it in the first place. There are various types of filters to choose from, through this tool you also get to acquire excellent content for your products and services as it provides exceptional aid to content creator as well as curator.

Key Features of BuzzSumo

  • When you use this tool then you will be offered open API, customized alerts as well as easy data exports.
  • You can also choose from wide varieties of plans based on your needs and campaigns.
  • This effective tool also provides you thorough tutorial about how to use it in an efficient manner and you can sort out your queries around the clock.

How to Do an Influencer Marketing Research Efficiently - BuzzSumo

4. Upfluence


Upfluence is considered as all-in-one marketing tool with which you get to choose effective influencer, in campaign management and in monitoring their overall performance. The database of this tool is exceptionally broad, which has total number of influencers around 1 million. You also get to search for top influencers through advance keywords, languages and metrics of social network, thus you get access to those which provide excellent services as per your desire. Through this tool you get to access to latest posts, number of visitors an influencer gets in a month and their social profile in real time.

Key Features of BuzzSumo

  • Here you get a chance to contact all of your influencers at the same time. You have to add all influencers in a list and then with an email template send all of them a formal message.
  • You also get a chance to acknowledge about a person who has opened your email and want to get engaged quickly.
  • This tool also provides you a chance for perfect team collaboration and performance analysis.

How to Do an Influencer Marketing Research Efficiently - Upfluence

5. Pitchbox


Through this platform you get a chance to find effective influencers according to your niche by the use of genuine keyword search. You will get access to micro as well as macro influencers through web URL or via going through profiles on several social media platform. Moreover, this tool also makes you to organize outreaching campaigns to find influencer who is most relevant for your organization. Pitchbox provides you an effective way with which you can easily keep a track of your prospects. This tool also provides you different types of reports viz. pipeline, team performance and management.

Key Features of BuzzSumo

  • Pitchbox provides a chance for outreach email customization process and provide you a chance to send in follow-ups to influencers who haven’t responded.
  • You also get a chance to create as well as optimize a strategy which is data driven for outreaching campaigns and provide aid in refining them.
  • With this tool you get to keep a tack on the areas which are working well and those of which aren’t, thus you get to improve your future strategies.

How to Do an Influencer Marketing Research Efficiently - Pitchbox


In today’s world if you are trying to promote your services and products over the internet then it is very essential to take help of professional influencers. They provide you aid in getting large number of customers in a small amount of time period. Before you start an online marketing campaign it is very essential to have a clear picture about the main purpose of the campaign. Furthermore you should also measure the correspondence during the campaign to know that whether it is heading in a pre-planned direction or not.

There are various benefits of undertaking the services of professional influencers and you get to earn greater market share in a very small time interval. Over the internet there are several tools which provide you great deal of ease in searching genuine influencer. So that he or she can project your product and services in an efficient manner. Influenex is one of such tool which is very easy to use and have expressive menu which allows you to search easily for the relevant influencer of your choice.

Written by Christine Smith on the Sep 03,2019 15:17 pm
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