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Contacting YouTubers for Monetization

YouTube influencers are currently in high demand for various influencer marketing campaigns due to the fact that they have been heavily successful in the past. There are a lot of ways to contact YouTube for monetization. Tools like InflueNex are often used for such things as it offers a dedicated influencer outreach program for the users. There are a lot of things that must be kept in mind for a successful communication with the influencers like the formats used, how you present your proposal, the rewards that they get and a lot more.

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Part 1. 10 Most Helpful Tips and Tricks about Contacting YouTubers for Monetization

There are a many tips and tricks available online that will help you while contact YouTube monetization. These tips and tricks usually are related to the format and the way you should target your approach towards influencers so that you can get better returns from your emails or proposals. The following are some tips and tricks that you can use while contacting the YouTube influencers for monetization-

10 Most Helpful Tips and Tricks about Contacting YouTubers for Monetization

1. Find their contacts

The first thing is to get the contact details of the influencer you are trying to connect with. To get the contact details you need to go to the about section of their channel and click on view email address option. Once you click on that, you will have to submit a captcha image to verify that you are not a robot. In a few seconds, the email address will be displayed on your screen and you can use it to start communicating with them.

2. Share the content of the influencers

One of the best things that you can do to gain the trust of influencers is to share their posts. By simply sharing their post on your brand’s social media handle, you will be giving them free promotion. This will surely put you in their good books and whenever you reach them with a proposal, there will be higher chances of them agreeing to team-up with you.

3. Be active on their YouTube comment section

Being active on influencer’s comment section on YouTube is a great way to catch their attention. If you are regularly keep commenting on their posts, they will think of you as an active supporter and will surely agree to your business proposals in future. A lot of top YouTube influencers have a tendency to reply to the comments of their active followers and it will surely increase your chances of collaboration.

4. Link with their content

The experienced and well to do influencers always keep track of the links and the sources from where they get their traffic. You should share the links of influencers’ social media accounts and their posts to help them gather more traffic. This will help them gain more audience and will eventually create a positive impact about your brand in their minds.

5. Lead by starting a discussion

If you are trying to get in touch with the influencers by using social media posts, it is better to say something relevant to start the conversation. You can say something that can spark a discussion on their profile and will gain a few engagements for them. This will allow them to have a few more followers and they will be thankful to you for this. This will help you when you reach them with a monetization proposal.

6. Write blog posts about the influencers

Among many things that you can do to get the attention and respect of the influencers, perhaps the most effective one is to write blogs or post something about the influencers on your own social media handles. This is a great way to get noticed by top influencers who will think that your brand is very generous towards the influencers they work with.

7. Provide them freebies

One of the best ways to convince YouTube influencers for monetization is to give them freebies with the messages that you send them. You can give them a completely free to use account of your tool if you are trying to promote your tool or you can even give them any software that they would have the need of for their work. Giving away exclusive user accounts for your tools to influencer is a great way to get review and to promote your product.

8. Attend their live sessions and webinars

Live sessions and webinars are a great way to interact with YouTube influencers in front of a large audience. Generally during the live sessions, these influencers have a very high amount of audience watching them from different parts of the world. This is a great chance for you to spark a conversation that can be related to the influencers’ achievements. This will be a great gesture from your behalf and will be great in making a positive impact about your brand in front of the influencer as well as the audience.

9. Ask them to give their contribution to your product or service

While asking for the help from a influencer, it is better to make them feel special and to ask for their opinions time to time. One of the most commonly practiced tips is to ask for their advice in the actual development or the production of the product that your firm is making. This will give your product a boost as the influencer will surely inform their subscriber base about these things.

10. Be active on other social media handles of the YouTubers

Nowadays, YouTube influencers are getting more and more involved on other social media platforms. This is a great way to get in touch with them as you can be active on their other social media handles on twitter, Facebook etc. This will significantly enhance their trust and respect for your firm and they will always be prepared to help you whenever required.

Part 2. How to Contact YouTubers for Monetization in Easy Steps

Contacting influencers can be a tricky job if you don’t know what to do. InflueNex is a very simple And easy to use tool that is used by some of the best YouTube influencers and brands for their daily influencer marketing requirements. There are a lot of features in this application that are directly targeted to help people in influencer marketing. This tool has a dedicated influencer outreach program which can be used to directly send messages and proposals to YouTube influencers.

Key Features

  • A dedicated YouTube influencer outreach program which can help you to connect with any YouTube influencer that you want to.
  • This tool also provides ranking of the influencer based on factors like engagements, viewer base, past performances, etc.
  • You can view detailed insights about any YouTuber by simply searching for them using the built-in search option.
  • You can create groups for influecers and contact them in batch to save your time.
  • Compare up to 3 different influencers for you to choose the best one for your campaign.

How to Contact YouTubers for Monetization with InflueNex

You can easily search for any YouTuber using InflueNex and can get their contact details in a few simple steps, which are as follows-

Step 1. Search for the YouTube influencer you want to team up with

The first step is to search for the YouTuber you wish to collaborate with. For this all you need to do is to enter the name of the YouTuber in the search box on the home screen and press the search button.

How to Contact YouTubers for Monetization - Search for YouTube Influencer

Step 2. Use the advanced filters to get better results

Just under the search bar, you will notice multiple types of filters like, locality, language, subscribers and a lot more, you can use these filters to narrow down your search to the most suitable candidates for your requirements.

How to Contact YouTubers for Monetization - Use advanced filters

Step 3. Select the correct YouTuber

Once you enter the keyword for searching the influencers, you will get results that suit your keywords. Make sure you choose the correct influencer by looking at their rankings provided by Influenex.

How to Contact YouTubers for Monetization - Select correct YouTuber

Step 4. Invite them for communication

Now that you have selected the right YouTuber, you will be taken to their dashboard that will have all the details about them. You will also notice the send invite option on the screen, click on that to initiate the communication.

How to Contact YouTubers for Monetization - Invite them for communication

Step 5. Fill the necessary details and send the message

Once you have sent the invite, you will be redirected to an Email template. Fill all the details required along with your contact details and what you have to offer and send bit. If the YouTuber is interested in your plans and offerings, they will get back to you via email or any other forms of communications.

How to Contact YouTubers for Monetization - Send message

Part 3. Contact YouTubers for Monetization with Helpful Tools

There are a lot of different ways to contact YouTube influencers including social media messages, business emails and a lot more. Although the only problem with these methods is that they are not always efficient and can take a lot of time. There are many influencer marketing tools available in the market that can help you to contact and manage influencers as well as your campaign at your fingertips. These tools have various features that are specifically designed to make influencer marketing easy to manage.

If you are ever asked about how to contact YouTube for monetization you can answer it by providing the recommendations for the following tools-

5 Most Helpful Tools to Contact YouTubers for Monetization

1. Upfluence

This is considered as one of the best trick which you should keep in mind while you are trying to find email contacts on YouTube. To find right influencer it is very essential to use filters which will give you YouTubers as per region, preference of language, area of interest etc. This will give you an idea whether the influencer will be prospective for you or not.

Key Features

  • Upfluence has a vast library of over 1 million influencers.
  • You can find influencers from all the major platforms on this tool.
  • It offers campaign management tools that will make you campaign easy to manage.

How to Contact YouTubers for Monetization - Upfluence

2. Neoreach


Neoreach is one of the most popular influencer marketing management tools that is used by top brands and influencer to track, manage, analyze and monitor influencer marketing campaigns. This tool has a vast amount of influencers and their details. Neoreach also has 40 different criteria that can be used to narrow down your search results so that you can easily find the most suitable influencer for your requirements.

Key Features

  • This tool has a large list of around 3 million influencers from around the world and from all the leading platforms.
  • It enables you to search influencers on multiple platforms.
  • It allows you to easily manage multiple influencer marketing campaigns through a centralized dashboard.

How to Contact YouTubers for Monetization - Neoreach

3. Julius


In its early days, Julius was an influencer search tool. As the influencer market grew in size and more firms began to avail the services of influencers, Julius expanded its functionality. Despite developments, the standout feature of this tool is still its search option. Using this tool you can search for any influencer from around the world who may be working on any platform. It also provides useful insights about their past campaigns so that you can get what you need.

Key Features

  • The search option in this tool is one of the most powerful when compared to any other tool in the market.
  • There is an active team of people behind this tool that constantly updates all the details regularly.
  • The campaign management feature of this tool has a lot of functions that will help you to achieve your goals easily.

How to Contact YouTubers for Monetization - Julius

4. Tagger Media


Just like the other tools, the core strength of this tool is its search feature. This tool boasts of nearly 50 different criteria that can be used to get the most accurate results. Along with that they have the list of all the leading influencers that have been active in the recent times on various social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook etc.

Key Features

  • Tagger media has around 50 search criteria to get you the most accurate results.
  • Deep insights about the audience of the selected influencers to help you can make decision.
  • The influencer marketing campaign management is very easy to do if you use this tool.

How to Contact YouTubers for Monetization - Tagger Media

5. AspireIQ


Aspire IQ is one of the earliest tools that tapped the potential of influencer marketing. This was one of the finest tools for influencer marketing back in the day and has now got even better than before with the addition of multiple new features. This tool was known as Revfluence earlier and with the addition of new features, it was also rebranded. This tool has a very unique feature called quick match, under this feature you will have to enter various details about your brand and your influencer marketing plans and the algorithm of the tool will automatically show you the most suitable candidates. This tool is being used by some of the biggest brands and influencers in the market.

Key Features

  • The quick match feature allows you to instantly see a list of the influencers that are most suited to your requirements
  • There is a feature which lets you monitor any mentions of your company in the internet so that you can see how your campaigns are working.
  • You can upload an image on this tool and it will automatically show you the similar contents so that you can make your content unique.

How to Contact YouTubers for Monetization - AspireIQ


Influencer marketing is one of the most popular formats of marketing currently. YouTube is considered as the leading platform for influencer marketing and tools like Influenex can help you get in touch with the top YouTube influencers easily. Influenex allows users to search for any YouTube influencer and to have a deep knowledge about their audience base and past performances. You should definitely give Influenex a try if you are willing to make your influencer marketing campaign successful.

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