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It is obvious that you might be searching for a professional vloggers for the sake of your startup business as they provide aid in product advertising. In case you need to know how to contact YouTube vloggers then you can take help of several online tools. Here you will get a long list of collaborators who would help you to get several loyal customers over the internet in small time duration. Thus, you can get large market share in comparison to other companies. The GUI features of these tools give you exceptional ease to use them even if you are a beginner.

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Part 1. Easiest Way to Contact a YouTube Vlogger

Apart from various online tools InflueNex holds upper hand and you can easily learn how to contact YouTube vloggers. This tool provides you a chance to pick right vlogger from 2 million YouTube collaborators. Moreover, you will also be able to use several types of filters to get collaborators as per your area of interest, region as well as language. It is very easy to use this tool due to its user interactive dashboard and you do not have to download any additional plug-ins on your computer to use it.

Key Features of InflueNex:

  • Through the aid of InflueNex you will be able to use different types of templates which will help you to contact vloggers through email.
  • InflueNex gives you an opportunity to look at the analytics of your chosen vlogger and even compare it with others.
  • Here you can even bookmark a particular vlogger who you prefer to contact in the upcoming future.
  • You also get a chance to look at the profile picture of every other collaborator; this will get you more engaged.
  • InflueNex can be accessed on several platforms; this offers you an opportunity to get more engaged.

How to Use InflueNex to Contact YouTube Vloggers

Step 1: Type in the exact keywords

During the first step you are required to type down the name as well as the channel of a YouTuber of your choice inside of the search bar.

How to Contact YouTube Vloggers - Enter keyowrds

Step 2: Use advanced filters

In the second step you need to complete the tag search, in here you also get a chance to choose different filters and then pick sub-categories. Thus you will get great aid in finding a vlogger.

How to Contact YouTube Vloggers - Use advanced filters

Step 3: View YouTube vlogger's details

Now all you need to do is to click on the profile of specific YouTuber of your choice. This offers you a chance to view his or her statistics like total number of subscriptions, views and even posts.

How to Contact YouTube Vloggers - View YouTube vloggers' details

Step 4: Fill the complete email form

At last, you need to fill email form provided by the InflueNex. Furthermore, you can even choose several templates. This offers a professional look to the email, and then press the send invite menu button.

How to Contact YouTube Vloggers - Fill the email form

Part 2. Contact YouTube Vloggers on YouTube Directly

You can even contact vloggers of your choice directly through their YouTube channel. This process is very effective and easy to undertake all you have to do is to send proper collaboration email to vloggers. It is very easy to undertake the process through different platforms, thus you can even perform the process while on the go. If you are trying to figure out how to contact YouTube vloggers on YouTube then you need to have fast internet connection. Moreover, it is very essential to provide correct address of your company.

How to contact YouTube vloggers on YouTube directly

Step 1: Write the name of their channel

During the initial stage you need to write down name of YouTuber which you prefer in the search bar. Then you need to click on the search button.

How to Contact YouTube Vloggers - Enter the name of YouTube vloggger's channel

Step 2: Use the filter

In this step, you can use the filters to make your search more specific, for example, you can use the Upload Date filter to search the influencer with latest upload date.

How to Contact YouTube Vloggers - Use the filter

Step 3: Compare the analytics of a vlogger

Before you contact a YouTube vlogger of your choice, you ought to take a look at the details of this YouTube vlogger. If possible, you can compare analytics with different YouTubers.

How to Contact YouTube Vloggers - Compare the analytics of a vlogger

Step 4: View the email address

In the final step, just have click on the view email address button which is given on the channel, and then you have to write a compelling collaboration mail to them.

How to Contact YouTube Vloggers - View the email address

Part 3. How to Contact YouTube Vloggers with Your Email

In most of the cases you can even contact a YpuTube vlogger directly with your own email; this method is very easy and requires only few initial steps. In case you are a novice and looking for a surreal solution about how to contact YouTube vloggers then this is the sure answer. For this you do not even have to log into any online website all you have to do is to search the contact details and then write a collaborating email to them through your personal email account. Indirectly, you will also gain confidence of YouTube Vloggers since they realize that they had got the email from a genuine source.

How to Use Email to Contact YouTube Vlogger

Step 1: Log into the YouTube

To start with, you'll need to enter the name of the vlogger or their channel in the searching column.

Step 2: Filter out the search

Then you'll find the related searching results of this YouTube vlogger, and you can take a look at his/her video views, comments, and other statistics you're interested in.

Step 3: Check the email address

In the third step you have to look at the email of the YouTube Vlogger by just clicking on view email address button.

Step 4: Contact them through personal email

In the last step, you just have to contact the chosen YouTube Vlogger with a email service on your computer.

How to Contact YouTube Vloggers - Use Email to Contact YouTube Vlogger

Part 4. How to Contact YouTube Vloggers with Helpful Templates

If you have a startup business and want to learn how to contact YouTube Vloggers, then it is very essential to use several templates. They will provide you an aid in making initial contact as well as follow up with your chosen Vloggers. These templates will give you upper hand and you can make great impression in the minds of your collaborators. With these email templates it is very easy to formulate message without any effort. Thus, you can even deal with Vloggers straight away even if you are a novice.

5 Templates for Contacting YouTube Vloggers

1. Relationship template

This is considered as basic template which will give you a starting idea about how to contact YouTube Vloggers. Through this type of template you also get a chance to introduce your organization to your chosen Vlogger. Relationship template is considered as the first step with which you get closer to your collaborator.

Benefits of this template:

  • This template gives you a chance to make your collaborator aware that you are following his or her work before.
  • Relationship template has genuine formal format which saves your time in writing this email.
  • • In this email, you can ask about how the influencers will promote your product or brand.

How to Contact YouTube Vloggers - Relationship Template

2. Opinion template

With the help of this template you can make your collaborator know that their opinions are important for your new product. Opinion template gives you an opportunity to rectify any glitch in your product or brand. With the opinion template, you'll be able to learn more about your product or brand, and it makes your campaign more attractie to your audience.

Key Features:

  • This template will make the YouTube vlogger be aware of your product or brand.
  • Through the template you can make a in-depth communication with the influencer.
  • After a round of communication, you can build real trust with the YouTube vlogger.

How to Contact YouTube Vloggers - Opinion Template

3. Template about featured content

The featured content template is regarded as the most useful template you can contact YouTube vloggers with ease. Most of the YouTube vloggers love to get featured, therefore when you provide specific offer in accordance with the YouTube vlogger's content, they'll be more willing to cooperate with you. You can even make your favorite vlogger aware about different collaborators who you have featured in the past, and the YouTube vlogger you're cooperating with you at present will think you pick him/her after a lot of work, which'll make the YouTube vlogger more loyal to you.

Key Features:

  • NeoReach provides you an effective tool for proper API management process and can even integrate analytics of third party.
  • You can even calculate return of investment initially, which will help you to maintain the overall budget of the advertising process.
  • Through the help of NeoReach you will also get effective help in writing professional emails to the collaborators of your choice.

How to Contact YouTube Vloggers - Template about featured content

4. Template for event invitation

Most of the Vloggers love to attend formal parties as they help them to make new contacts which directly increase the number of their followers. Thus when you offer this proposal to a collaborator then he or she won’t be able to refuse it. Here you can even offer free passes to chosen Vloggers as well as discount on the tickets for their followers. This will help you to increase total number of footfalls during the event which is considered as a fruitful endeavor.

Key Features:

  • Through the help of event invitation you can attract large number of YouTube vloggers at a time which is very prospective for a business.
  • You also get an opportunity to describe the party which you are planning to organize in detail which will further influence collaborators.
  • This template will also attract large number of genuine customers, thus you will be able to increase overall sales of your company’s products.

How to Contact YouTube Vloggers - Template for e event invitation

5. Template about follow-up

Follow-up template is considered as one of the most effective and important template with which you can focus even on the collaborators who didn’t revert back your mail in the first place. This is the genuine and formal way to contact such influencers second time and they do not even feel pestered since you can make them aware about the proposal right away. Follow-up templates do not advocate lengthy mails which irritate Vloggers and they may mark you down as spam or report about you to the authorities.

Key Features:

  • One of the most beneficial attributes of this template is that you get a chance to keep in touch with loyal Vloggers who had collaborated with you in the past.
  • You make them aware about the business deal which you are offering and can even make them know several changes which has taken in your company.
  • Follow up email also make you create a casual relation with Vloggers whom you have worked once, thus you could contact them with great ease in the future.

How to Contact YouTube Vloggers - Template about follow-up


At present there are many simple ways and online tools which will provide you genuine aid in contacting Vloggers on YouTube. In case you are an entrepreneur who for the first time wants to learn how to contact YouTubeVloggers then InflueNex is the tool you should vouch for. This online tool has easy to learn dashboard thus you can surf it without any professional guidance. Moreover, you also get to access profiles of 2 million Vloggers on YouTube and can choose them by placing different filters. InflueNex is considered as best tool present over the internet as it provides you aid in bookmarking your vloggers and you can even access their analytics.

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