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How to Contact YouTube Video Authors

with Easy Ways

Unlike traditional marketing and product advertising, now-a-days, you get a chance to promote your company on the internet. Though this type of advertisement is considered cost effective but you learn lots of technicality. In case you are in learning stage about how to contact a YouTube author then there are several tools present over the internet to choose from. These tools are very easy to use as they have great GUI features and you will be able to reach the influencers with just few initial clicks. Thus, much of your time also gets saved.

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Part 1. Easiest Way to Contact YouTube Video Author

Even if you are a novice and want to learn how do you contact YouTube video authors then InflueNex is considered as one of the best means to do so. This online tool has easy to navigate dashboard and you can get help of several filters. Thus it gets way too easy for you to find YouTube video author as per your area of interest. Moreover, to use the online tool you do not have to download any added plug-ins on your computer which also saves much of the hard disk’s space.

Key Features of InflueNex:

  • InflueNex provides you an opportunity to bookmark YouTubers of your choice, thus you can save lots of time during your future search.
  • Here you will get near about 2 million of YouTube influencers to choose from.
  • You can even compare the analytics of different users on the basis of number of views, subscriptions, likes etc.
  • This online tool also offers you wide range of email templates; this helps you in writing professional collaborative mails.
  • You also get to see the profile picture of a chosen YouTuber and you will also get SSL secured web portal, thus there is no need to worry about worms.

How to Contact YouTube Video Author

Step 1. Write down proper keywords

At beginning, all you have to do is writing down the name of a YouTuber, or any keyword related to his/her channel.

How to Contact YouTube Video Authors - Write download keywords

Step 2: Use advanced filters

In the second step, you can click on the filters and choose from different types of sub-categories. These advanced filters will provide you great help in finding an appropriate influencer. Then you can click the Search button to start searching for the influencer.

How to Contact YouTube Video Authors - Use advanced filters

Step 3: Select a YouTuber

This influencer searching engine will display the matched results in the list below. Now you can select one influencer you're interested in, and click the name of the influncer to view the details of him/her.

How to Contact YouTube Video Authors - Select a YouTuber

Step 4: Fill the email form

In the final step, you need to fill an email form, furthermore you can choose from several templates which offer professional look to collaboration email, and then just press the send invite button.

How to Contact YouTube Video Authors - Fill the email form

Part 2. How to Contact YouTube Video Author Online

There are numerous ways with the help of which you can get to know how to contact a YouTube author of your choice over the internet directly. This process has upper hand as it is faster and you will also get genuine email id as well as contact number of YouTube collaborators. During the process all you require is fast internet connectivity and you can easily undertake the process through different platforms. Thus it will be very easy for you to undertake the process even when you are commuting.

How to contact YouTube video author online directly

Step 1: Type their channel

To know how to contact a YouTube author, you are required to write down the name of a preferred YouTuber in the search bar of YouTube. Then click on the search button.

How to Contact YouTube Video Authors - Type their channel

Step 2: Use of filter

Secondly, you can use filter button so that you can get more specific result, such as latest video upload date, type, duration, etc.

How to Contact YouTube Video Authors - Use of filters

Step 3: Compare analytics

Before you make contact to the YouTuber of your choice, it is very essential that you have a look at the analytics such as total subscription, views, likes, etc. You can make a comparison among several influencers before making the final decision.

How to Contact YouTube Video Authors - Compare analytics

Step 4: Click on the email ID

Finally, you just have to click on view email address button given on their channel and then wrote them a collaboration mail.

How to Contact YouTube Video Authors - Click on the email ID

Part 3. How to Contact YouTube Video Author with Other Helpful Tools

Over the Internet, you can find wide range of tools which will aid you in how to contact a YouTube author. These tools are very intuitive and provide large number of YouTube collaborators to choose from. You can go through their respective past performances which is very essential to acknowledge whether they will be beneficial for you in future or not. You can use these tools on different platforms, thus it will be very easy for you to find collaborators from anywhere.

5 Tools to Help You Contact YouTube Video Authors with Ease

1. Julius


Julius is one of the most innovative YouTube collaborators finding tool which provide you an opportunity to use 50 templates. Thus, you get a chance to write down excellent formal email to the influencer of your choice. Furthermore, through the help of this sophisticated tool you also get thorough aid in acknowledging the advertising strategy which is used by a particular influencer. This gives you an upper hand in knowing that whether the YouTube collaborator is working as per your specifics or not.

Key Features:

  • Through the help of Julius you can commence automated follow up for your collaborators, thus much of your time will be saved.
  • You get to pick collaborators on the basis of language preference and area of expertise thus your search is customized.
  • Julius online tool also offers you impeccable customer service, thus you can sort out any of your query right away.

How to Contact YouTube Video Authors - Julius

2. Trendkite


Trendkite online tool helps you to visit profiles of more than 800 million YouTube influencers and the easy process lets youknwo how do you contact YouTube video authors. Thus, it is very easy for you to advertise your product to wide range of online customers in a short time interval. The UX and UI features of this tool made it very easy to use and you can learn it effectively even if you are a novice. When you use the service of Trendkite then there is nothing to worry about as it offers SSL protection.

Key Features:

  • You will get intense user engagement and specified collaborators will be offered to you in very small time duration.
  • Through the help of Trendkite you will get suggestive search and can use pretty standard filters.
  • Trendkite also provide messaging tool which is very easy for you to customize from scratch.

How to Contact YouTube Video Authors - Trendkite

3. NeoReach


Through the help of NeoReach collaborator search tool you can get access to 40 different types of categories and get a base of 3 million collaborators. You can even get a service of campaign management and can track the performance easily. It is very effective to get collaborator through the help of this tool and you can even analyze the past performance of YouTube collaborators which you have chosen initially.

Key Features:

  • NeoReach provides you an effective tool for proper API management process and can even integrate analytics of third party.
  • You can even calculate return of investment initially, which will help you to maintain the overall budget of the advertising process.
  • Through the help of NeoReach you will also get effective help in writing professional emails to the collaborators of your choice.

How to Contact YouTube Video Authors - NeoReach

4. Upfluence


Through the help of Upfluence tool it is very easy for you to find right YouTube collaborator for your organization as you will get near about 1 million influencers. The Graphical User Interface of this tool is of par excellence and you will get help in finding collaborators with effective ease. Upfluence also offers you the profile photograph of every other collaborator. Thus, you will get to know the person whom you are conversing with through emails.

Key Features:

  • Upfluence is a tool which offers influencers from several different social media platforms like Facebook as well as Instagram.
  • Different demographics of your chosen influencer help you to make a decision on choosing the right influencer.
  • With the aid of proper analytics it is very easy to compare performances of two different influencers of your choice.

How to Contact YouTube Video Authors - Upfluence

5. Open Influence


With the proper aid of Open Influence you will get complete assistance in your collaborator search and it is less time consuming. Open Influence is very effective, especially in case you are trying to penetrate in the online business. You get a chance to count different number of viewers as well as hash tags and be able to learn about the efficacy of an individual influencer. The dashboard of Open Influence is very easy to surf and you will learn how to handle the tool in a small time frame.

Key Features:

  • Open Influence provides you the analysis of chosen influencers, and makes it very easy for you learn about the details of this influencer.
  • The online tool also provides influencer management, content management, campaign report and post calendar.
  • This collaboration tool is powered with artificial intelligence thus you will also be offered suggestive searches.

How to Contact YouTube Video Authors - Open Influence


There are several ways with the help of which you get to contact YouTubers over the net but in comparison to all InflueNex held no bar. This online tool provides you exception ease in outreaching, collaborating and then establishing a follow up with influencers. Here you get a chance to choose from wide range of collaborator base. To help you in saving your precious time, experts offer you a chance to bookmark influencer of your choice for future reference. You can also go through the guide on how do you contact YouTube video authors to make the task easy.

Written by Christine Smith on the Jan 06,2020 9:32 am
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