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for Collaboration

For an intense online marketing of your organization’s products it is very essential to collaborate with influencers on YouTube. This process will give you a boost even if you are a startup and in a small time interval you can gain many prospective customers. Though the prospect seems a bit too lucrative thus it is very essential to know how to contact other YouTubers. At present there are several methods with the help of which you can easily make a contact with influencers and convince them to advertise for your firm. Online tools which provide aid in contacting influencers have interactive GUI which makes them easy to use.

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Part 1. Contact Famous YouTubers with Easiest Way

Through the help of InflueNex, it is easy contacting other YouTubers without much of hassle. This website offers you wide range of YouTubers, near about 2 million thus you will get upper hand in choosing effective influencer with ease. There is no need to download any additional software when before using this tool. It will also provide you aid in inviting mass influencers together thus you can save a considerable amount of time which can easily be utilized in several other things. You will be offered email of influencers thus it will be easy to contact them right away.

Key Features

  • InflueNex provides you an opportunity to tag influencer of your choice whom you can contact in future.
  • You can save your contacting email as templates for the future use.
  • InflueNex offers the statistics of an influencer which can help you learn more about the influencer.
  • Besides the searching feature, InflueNex also provides influencer management, effect tracking and more.
  • InflueNex has a database of more than 2 million influencers.

How to contact other YouTubers for collaboration with InflueNex

Step 1: Type in the exact keywords

During the initial stage you just have to type either the name of the YouTuber or his channel name in the search bar.

How to Contact Other YouTubers for Collaboration - Type in keywords

Step 2: Use advanced filters

To make your search more specific, you can take advantage of the advanced filters below the searching column. With the advanced filters, you can select country, category, subscribers and more of the influencer to make the search more accurate.

How to Contact Other YouTubers for Collaboration - Use advanced filters

Step 3: Select a particular YouTuber

After browsing the searching results, you can select the influencer you're interested in, and view the detailed statistics of the influencer.

How to Contact Other YouTubers for Collaboration - Select YouTuber

Step 4: Fill the email form

Click the Send Invitation button at the upper right corner of the page, and finish your collaboration email. You can save the email as template so that you'll be able to use it again next time.

How to Contact Other YouTubers for Collaboration - Fill email form

Part 2. How to Contact Other YouTubers for Collaboration with Helpful Templates

If you are new to the online business then it is obvious that you might be searching for an answer about how do i contact another YouTuber. The simple answer to that problem is with the help of genuine templates. Yes, there are many email templates present over the internet which allows you to make great impression on YouTubers. These templates will provide you aid in following YouTubers after you avail their services. Thus you find it very easy in contacting them in future.

Top 10 Templates for Contacting Other YouTubers

1. Relationship starter template

This is considered as one of the most important template which will provide you genuine aid in contacting other YouTubers initially. Here you will get proper formal format with which you can give professional look to the email. This will eventually lead you into the good books of your collaborators.

Benefits of this template

  • You get to formally introduce your organization to YouTuber of your choice.
  • This template also gives you an opportunity to let your influencer know that you are his or her ardent follower.
  • You get a chance to provide crisp message to YouTuber of your choice.

How to Contact Other YouTubers for Collaboration - Relattionship Starter Template

2. Template about beta test

This is another smart and trendy template with which you can easily approach YouTubers of your choice with ease. Here you can ask influencers to tell you about their own view, how they like your products.You also make influencer of your choice aware that you are open for the brainstorming session which provides great aid to advertising event. Through this template you will also get genuine feedback which is very essential during product advertising stage.

Benefits of this template

  • Through this template you get to earn the credibility of YouTube influencers as you offer them sneak-peek of your product before launching it.
  • You can also get to learn about the shortcoming if any and can eradicate them thus it will enhance the chances that your product will be successful.
  • Professional influencers get more engaged as they feel responsible for shaping your products’ future.

How to Contact Other YouTubers for Collaboration - Template about Beta Test

3. Proposal to get featured template

Most of the influencers prefer to get in focus on several channels over the YouTube as they increase the base of their followers. Thus this template will make you earn great deal of influencers in small time duration. Through this proposal template YouTubers will come to acknowledge what they will get in return for the services which they provide during product advertisement.

Benefits of this template

  • It is considered as one of the most tempting templates with which you can contact YouTuber of your choice.
  • You can straight away talk about the business proposal, thus it saves your time.
  • Through this template you can even ask about the feedback from your influencers, which will make them more engaged.

How to Contact Other YouTubers for Collaboration - Proposal to Get Featured Template

4. Template for invitation to an event

In case you are learning how to contact another YouTuberthen it is very essential to invite them in a formal event. Professional influencers prefer to attend events and conferences as they get an opportunity to meet new people and can increase their popularity over the internet. To make the proposal even more tempting and hard to refuse you can even offer free pass to your influencers and discount for entry fee for their followers.

Benefits of this template

  • You can attract more than 1 influencer through this proposal.
  • This template will make other influencers more interested in your proposal.
  • You can even make an informal contact with YouTubers which will aid you in approaching them in future with ease.

How to Contact Other YouTubers for Collaboration - Template for Invitation to an Event

5. Template to offer free sample

When you offer free sample to your chosen YouTuber then you get to earn their credibility immediately. In the template you can mention clearly that you will provide free sample for their services which doesn’t seem as you are bribing them to advocate for your products. To make things more interesting you can even provide free sample for few of your influencers’ followers.

Benefits of this template

  • Along with the influencer you can even target their followers thus you will get a positive word-of-mouth marketing.
  • Here you get a chance to make YouTubers aware what you are planning to offer to them in the first place.
  • Through this template you get to establish ever-lasting relationship with your influencer.

How to Contact Other YouTubers for Collaboration - Template to Offer Free Sample

6. Template for affiliate marketing

In today’s world of online business most of the companies opt for affiliate marketing. You can even attract large number of influencers through this template and can even talk about the percentage of commission right away. Moreover, you also get to explain influencers about the overall value of their business. Through the help of this email template you also get an opportunity to establish informal relationship with collaborators.

Benefits of this template

  • This template will give your email a formal look which will help you to get in good books of your influencers.
  • Make the influencer more faliliar with your product.
  • In the long run you will gain much revenue by collaborating with expert influencers.

How to Contact Other YouTubers for Collaboration - Template for Affiliate Marketing

7. Template to follow-up

This in the template which will help you to focus on collaborators who had made a contact with you and you can even contact influencers who didn’t showcase any interest during initial outreach. Moreover with follow up template you also stay in touch with your influencers, thus you will get their good will right away.

Benefits of this template

  • This is considered as friendly way to contact influencers of your choice.
  • You can even establish informal relation with influencer which is very beneficial for your company.
  • You can get sure feedback and learn whether the influencer will be prospective for your business in future or not.

How to Contact Other YouTubers for Collaboration - Template to follow up

8. Round up template for expert

This is one of the most effective techniques with the help of which you can learn how to get in contact with other youtubers. Here you need to showcase total number of influencers who are collaborating with you, thus it will indirectly influence other YouTubers to work for your organization. Thus in the long run you can increase the brand awareness and get large number of customers over the internet.

Benefits of this template

  • Through the help of this template, it gets very easy for you to learn about the opinion of your influencers in the first place.
  • You will get large number of YouTubers in small time duration.
  • Round up template plays great role in attracting more influencers through the help of interesting subject line.

How to Contact Other YouTubers for Collaboration - Round up template for expert

9. Intro template

Through the introduction template you get a chance to formally introduce your company, policies, team, products, and area of interest and work culture. Thus more and more like-minded YouTubers will outreach to you in return. This template has formal looking pattern and you get to write it in attractive and professional which imparts great impression on the mind of your influencer.

Benefits of this template

  • You get a chance to establish business relationship with large number of influencers on social media platform.
  • This template also allows you to focus on a specific discussion topic about the product in which you deal in.
  • Through the help of this template you get an opportunity to call your influencer right away.

How to Contact Other YouTubers for Collaboration - Intro Template

10. Template for brand ambassador

This is one of the most efficient template through which you get a chance to outreach an influencer who is most famous. YouTubers prefer to get more recognition and when you offer them a role of brand ambassador then it will be too hard to say no. In the long run you will also get more loyal customers with respect to your immediate competitor.

Benefits of this template

  • You get to establish long term relation with YouTuber, thus you do not have to search for collaborator over and over again.
  • Making an influencer your company’s brand ambassador will help you to gain loyalty of other influencers, indirectly.
  • Here you even get a chance to give convincing and engaging introduction about your organization and its accomplishments.

How to Contact Other YouTubers for Collaboration - Template for Brand Ambassador

Part 3. Tips & Tricks about Contacting Other YouTubers for Collaboration

Before starting your first online product advertisement all you might want to know is how do i contact another YouTuber. The answer lies in the trick with which you write your formal email to a collaborator. It is very essential to make your emails precise, professional and engaging. Writing dull and lack-luster emails will eventually make a collaborator turn you down. Over the internet, there are many strategies with which you can learn how to convince YouTubers just by sending one mail.

5 helpful tips and tricks about contacting other YouTubers for collaboration

1. Engaging subject

When you are contacting other youtubers then it is very easy to make them open your email just by writing catchy and tempting subject lines. Opening a business email is like getting one step closer to your chosen YouTuber. This way you can get revert email from them in a short time span which help you to establish a healthy business relationship. By writing engaging subject you can also make them aware about your side of business dealing.

How to Contact Other YouTubers for Collaboration - Engaing Subject

2. Complete information

It is very essential that you write complete address of your company when you are making a contact with a collaborator of the first time. This is so because it will help you to earn their confidence and they will also be able to send back their answer as quickly as possible. Writing complete address also gives professional look to your message.

How to Contact Other YouTubers for Collaboration - Complete Information

3. Clear message

While you are contacting other YouTubers, it is essential that you should jot down crisp message which saves crucial time of your collaborators. Most of the influencers do not prefer to read lengthy emails and it is even a possibility that they will mark you as spam. Thus it is very essential that you highlight the business proposal viz. the duties which you plan to acquire and remunerations or rewards which you are willing to offer. Written business dealing will make the email legitimate and it will even make collaborators feel more engaged.

4. Use of bullet points

While you are writing your first collaboration email then make sure to use bullet points. Through this method YouTube influencers will be able to look at the information easily and you also get a chance to highlight main proposal of your business deal. Thus in the long run it will give more engaging look to the email and you will get fruitful results even during the initial contact. Writing content in a long paragraph form will give it dull experience and there is a possibility that your collaborators might stop reading it altogether.

5. Fonts

Last but not the least you also get to write professional emails in fonts which are accepted in business industry. It is very essential to use fonts like Tahoma, Verdana etc. as it will give great look to your message. Moreover, mails written in these fonts will also open properly on the system of your collaborator.


In case you are a novice in the field of internet marketing it is very essential to learn how I can contact another YouTube member for collaboration purpose. There are several ways to do so, but above all InflueNex is considered as most effective means. This is so because the online tool is very easy to use and it has great deal of influencer base viz. near about 2 million. You also get an advantage to write collaboration email in a professional and engaging manner. Thu more YouTubers will get attracted to collaborate for you.

Written by Christine Smith on the Nov 08,2019 15:32 pm
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