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It is obvious that you might be searching for a professional vloggers for the sake of your startup business as they provide aid in product advertising. In case you need to know how to contact YouTube vloggers then you can take help of several online tools. Here you will get a long list of collaborators who would help you to get several loyal customers over the internet in small time duration. Thus, you can get large market share in comparison to other companies. The GUI features of these tools give you exceptional ease to use them even if you are a beginner.

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Part 1. Easiest Way to Contact Minecraft YouTubers

Minecraft has a very large viewerbase on YouTube, which makes minecraft YouTubers a safe bet for influencer marketing campaigns. If you are new to influencer marketing and have no idea how to contact these YouTubers you can use tools like InflueNex. InflueNex is a specially designed tool that will help you in searching for any YouTuber and to directly contact them. You can also view detailed insights about their channel to have a better understanding about the likes and dislikes of their audience. Apart from that InflueNex has a plenty of other features that are aimed to help you with your influencer marketing campaigns.

Key Features of InflueNex:

  • InflueNex allows you to search for and reach out to any YouTuber you wish to collaborate with.
  • Create a centralized dashboard that will help you to keep tracking the effects of your campaigns.
  • It has a lot of influencer marketing campaign management tool that make it a lot easier for new brands.
  • Offers sevearl advanced filters that can help you to find influencers more precisely with easy clicks.
  • InflueNex provides InflueNex Score to help you to learn which influencer is better for your business.

How to Contcat Minecraft YouTubers with InflueNex

The following is a step-by-step guide which will help you to contact any Minecraft YouTuber using InflueNex-

Step 1. Search for the Minecraft YouTuber you want to connect with

Open your browser and search for InflueNex. Open their website and you will see a search box on the screen. Enter the name of the channel you want to connect with in the search box.

How to Contact Minecraft YouTubers - Search for the Minecraft YouTuber

Step 2. Use the advanced filters

Right below the search box you will notice various filters. Use them to further provide more details about the YouTuber you are trying to connect with and to get better and more suitable results. This will narrow down your search to the most appropriate channels according to your requirement.

How to Contact Minecraft YouTubers - Use advanced filters

Step 3. Select the right YouTuber

Even after providing all the details you will get a lot of results. Make sure you choose the right channel by looking at the influencer ranking provided by InflueNex. Click on their channel name to continue.

How to Contact Minecraft YouTubers - Select the right YouTuber

Step 4. Send them invitation

After selecting the YouTuber and opening their profile, make sure you go through all the channel insights provided by InflueNex to get a better understanding about the audience of the channel and their current YouTube stats. If everything is according to your requirements, click on the Send invite button on the right hand side of the name of YouTuber to continue.

How to Contact Minecraft YouTubers - Send Invitation

Step 5. Fill up the email

Once you send an invite to the YouTuber, you will be taken to the email sending webpage. Fill the email with proper content and clear goals. Once done, click on Send option and if the influencer find your offer interesting, they will surely reach back to you.

How to Contact Minecraft YouTubers - Fill up the email

Part 2. How to Contact Minecraft YouTubers Directly

YouTubers can also be contacted directly from YouTube. It is a great way to contact few influencers as you can get the email address of the influencer on YouTube directly. But you'll need to take time into consideration, because mannually finding a Minecraft YouTuber's email address will take you a while, as you'll need to verify you're not a robot before getting each email address. In this part, we're going to introduce how to contact Minecraft YouTubers directly.

How to Contact Minecraft YouTubers Directly

Step 1. Open YouTube and search for Minecraft YouTuber

The first step is going to YouTube and searching for the influencer channel you're in interested in. You can enter the name of the channel, and then click the Search button beside the searching column.

How to Contact Minecraft YouTubers - Open YouTube and search for Minecraft YouTuber

Step 2. Select the channel

After searching for the YouTube channels you want, you'll need to choose the right channel you want. Click the name of the channel and enter this Minecraft YouTuber's channel page.

How to Contact Minecraft YouTubers - Select channel

Step 3. Go to the About section

After entering the YouTuber's channel page, you can choose the About tab, and then check View Email Address option. You'll have to verify you're not a robot before getting the email address of the influencer.

How to Contact Minecraft YouTubers - Go to About section and view email address

Helpful Tips & Tricks about Contacting Minecraft YouTubers for Collaboration

Minecraft YouTubers are some of the highest viewed gaming YouTubers on YouTube. When you contact Minecraft YouTubers, you'll have to give them attractive offer and clear goal. And you'll also need to make sure that the content this influencer create has something related to your product or brand so that the Minecraft YouTubers can understand your goal easier. With a better understanding of your product or brand, the Minecraft YouTuber will be able to create high-quality videos easily. The following part will introduce several helpful tips and tricks about contacting Minecraft YouTubers for collaboration.

5 Tips about Contacting Minecraft YouTubers for Collaboration

1. Make the YouTubers feel special

While trying to convince someone about agreeing to work with you, it is important to show them that their presence matters to you. You can do this by complementing on their work and providing the credits properly. Also make sure that the return you are planning on offering them is considerable and good enough for their services. You can also send them some free gifts or some samples of your products so that they can feel properly rewarded and develop respect for your brand. This is very important if you are looking to build a strong relationship with them.

2. Use professional email templates

If you are new to influencer marketing, make sure that you utilize one of the many email templates on the internet that are specifically written for influencer outreach. These templates provide compliments to the YouTuber in a proper way and have spaces so that you can fill in details about your company and your plans for influencer marketing campaign. These templates are written in proper format and generally have an interesting subject so that the influencer can get interested in reading the mail. They can be changed according to your needs and will create a good first impression on the influencer for your brand.

3. Actively participate in their comment section on YouTube

If you are willing to start a long term tie up with any YouTuber, it is advised that you should be active on their comment box on YouTube. Minecraft YouTubers mostly check their comment box to reply to their followers and if you are consistent, they will surely notice your efforts. Regularly compliment their work and if possible sometime seven share their videos with your own audience. This will prove to them that you are an active follower of their content and when you approach them with proposal for the influencer marketing campaign, they won’t reject you because of your loyalty towards them as a fan.

4. Be active on their other social media accounts

Minecraft YouTubers often create social media accounts on all the major platforms like Instagram, Facebook etc. so that they can make their reach wider. If you are trying to contact a certain YouTuber, you should be active on their social media accounts as well. Regularly share their posts, comment on it and like it so that they can notice your efforts. This will help you to get noticed and once you reach out to them for partnership for a campaign, they will already know about you and will most likely agree for it.

5. Send them Minecraft goodies or other gifts

As a minecraft YouTuber, they surely love the game. You can send them merchandize related to the game or even some other gaming related peripherals that they can use. Make sure that you clarify what brand you represent while sending out the gifts as it will help them to distinguish you from others as a brand. By doing so, you will not only gain their trust and establish your credibility as a brand, but you will also be able to gain the admiration of their followers.


At present there are many simple ways and online tools which will provide you genuine aid in contacting Vloggers on YouTube. In case you are an entrepreneur who for the first time wants to learn how to contact YouTubeVloggers then InflueNex is the tool you should vouch for. This online tool has easy to learn dashboard thus you can surf it without any professional guidance. Moreover, you also get to access profiles of 2 million Vloggers on YouTube and can choose them by placing different filters. InflueNex is considered as best tool present over the internet as it provides you aid in bookmarking your vloggers and you can even access their analytics.

Written by Christine Smith on the Jan 06,2020 9:32 am
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