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How to Contact Micro Influencers

with Helpful Methods

Micro influencers are influencers known to have high engagement rates but have a comparably low number of subscribers or followers (around 1,000 to 100,000.) The high engagement rates and their tendency to focus on niche-specific content makes them very easy to work with in terms of collaborative work on brand or product promotion. Learn more about how to contact micro influencers with the methods described down below.

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Part 1. Easiest Method to Contact Micro Influencers

One way of finding micro influencers is to use a search engine tool like InflueNex. With this tool, you can discover the right influencers for your brand and reach out to them in hopes of collaborating on a specific marketing campaign. The focus of this particular influencer marketing tool is YouTube, and it offers the following functions in order to help you contact micro influencers:

Key Features

  • Advanced filters that can help you specify desired engagement rates and follower count.
  • Filters are also available for niche categories, language, availability, and more.
  • Contact feature that will allow you to connect to influencers on-site.
  • Outreach management tools for keeping track of your campaigns.
  • In-depth analytics on influencer performance and growth.

How to Contact Micro Influencers with InflueNex

Step 1. Create an InflueNex Account

Firstly, you'll need to enter, and create an account by clicking the I'm a Brand button at the upper right corner. After that, you'll need to fill in the information in the pop-up dialog to cerate your account.

How to Contact Micro Influencers - Create an InflueNex Account

Step 2. Use Advanced Search Functions

As mentioned, InflueNex offers advanced filters that you can use in order to specify subscriber count, category, location, engagement rate, etc. Use these filters to narrow down the results.

How to Contact Micro Influencers - Use Advanced Search Functions

Step 3. Select Micro Influencer

InflueNex will then pull up a list (that you can sort based on different categories) of influencers that suit your parameters. Choose one in order to view their InflueNex stats and analytics dashboard.

How to Contact Micro Influencers - Select Micro Influencer

Step 4. Contact Micro Influencer

The last thing for you to do now is to use the Send Invitation button at the top of the influencer’s InflueNex dashboard. That will lead you to an email composer (with the Influencer’s contact information automatically plugged in) where you can pitch your idea for a collaboration.

How to Contact Micro Influencers - Contact Micro Influencer

Part 2. Traditional Method to Contact a Micro Influencer

Just for comparative purposes, let’s also take a brief look at the traditional methods available for contacting a micro influencer. If you’re going to choose to do it this way, then you’re going to have to take advantage of the availability of features offered by the social network that you want to promote your brand or product on. For example, on Instagram, this is one method of locating and contacting a known micro-influencer.

How to Contact Micro Influecers with Traditional Method

Step 1. Use Niche-Related Hashtags

Start off your search by taking advantage of the search function on the social media. In the case of Instagram, we preview this by using the search bar and the hashtag #beauty in hopes of finding a micro-influencer in the beauty niche.

How to Contact Micro Influencers - Use Niche-Related Hashtags

Step 2. Check Their Bio

Once you’ve found a micro influencer of interest, the first place to look for contact information is in their bio. In most cases, an email address, a website, or another channel will be linked here.

How to Contact Micro Influencers - Check Their Bio

Step 3. Search for Contact Information

In the case of the influencer we chose from Instagram, their bio linked to their YouTube account. There, under the ABOUT page of their channel, their business email is provided.

How to Contact Micro Influencers - Search for Contact Information

Step 4. Use Contact Information

The only thing left for you to do is to use the contact information that you found in order to send them a request for a collaboration (using a platform like Google Mail or Yahoo Mail.)

How to Contact Micro Influencers - Use Contact Information

Part 3. Tips & Tricks about Contacting Micro Influencer

To wrap up this article on how to contact micro influencers, let’s go over a couple of tips and tricks that you can try out next time you’re planning on starting up an influencer campaign. These tips will cover various stages of the outreach as well mentioned a couple of industry-standard alternatives that you can try if you’re hesitant about starting up your first campaigns.

Helpful Tips and Tricks about Contacting Micro Influencers

1. Get to Know the Influencer

One of the first things that you have to do before performing any outreach is doing an research. You can learn about the influencers' channel performance and their engagement. After all, the more you know the influencer that you want to work with, the better you can estimate the effects of the campaign.


  • Great for strategizing campaign goals and expected results.
  • Will ease some of the coldness of initial outreach attempts.
  • Estimate the potential of the collaboration and the benefits.

How to Contact Micro Influencers - Get to Know the Influencer

2. Establish Early Connections

If brands already have popularity on social media, establishing early connections with micro influencers is a good choice. This can come in the form of features, comments, sharing their content, etc. Establishing early connections with micro influencers who you may want to collaborate with will help you maintain the relationship between you and the influencer and learn about how the campaign goes.


  • It’s an outreach of its own, but one with no expectations.
  • Add benefit of raising public awareness of your brand.
  • Give you content to post about your social media channels.

How to Contact Micro Influencers - Establish Early Connections

3. Use a Tool to Find Contact Information

If you’re still struggling to find contact information (by going through with the traditional method), you may want to try out another tool that can help you with that. In the case of contacting micro blog influencers, for example, one of the best ways of discovering their contact information is through the use of a tool called With this plugin, you can quickly find the connected business email address connected to the blog you’re looking into.


  • Erases the need to manually search the influencer’s social networks.
  • It simplifies the initial outreach process.
  • There are many different similar tools available for a variety of platforms.

How to Contact Micro Influencers - Use a Tool to Find Contact Information

4. Try Out an Influencer Marketing Agency

If you’re not sure how to go about your micro influencer marketing campaign, then the next thing that you can consider is a marketing agency. This is the industry-standard alternative that we mentioned earlier. Marketing agencies, like Viral Nation or even MediaKix, connect brands with known influencers and help them with the creation of successful marketing campaigns. They do most of the work for you in exchange for monetary compensation.

Try Out an Influencer Marketing Agency

  • Marketing Agencies can connect you with known micro influencers.
  • Outreach towards micro influencers will also be handled by said agency.
  • The agency can handle the content of a campaign.

How to Contact Micro Influencers - Try Out an Influencer Marketing Agency

5. Use an Email Template

If you don’t want to worry about the content of your outreach message, then you can always use an email template. There is a variety of them available online, and using email templates is a great option for those who are beginners of micro influencer marketing.


  • There are a variety of different templates available out there.
  • The templates can be used for bulk outreach to micro influencers.
  • Saves your time when it comes to writing outreach emails.

How to Contact Micro Influencers - Use an Email Template


Despite being less-known, micro influencers do not actually have less ‘influence.’ In fact, micro influencers tend to have higher engagement rates than some of the bigger influencers out there — which makes them perfect for promoting your brand and product. Take advantage of tools like InflueNex today in order to begin doing exactly that.

Written by Christine Smith on the Nov 13,2019 11:56 am
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