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Influencer marketing is a growing industry, and every year more and more marketers are seeing its true potential! In fact, according to MediaKix, the influencer marketing industry will be worth $10 billion and will grow up to $1.7 billion to $3 billion in the next following years. So, if you want to into the market now, it’s about time that you get started! And for that, you’re going to need to find a way to contact influencers easily! Continue reading if you want to learn our favorite methods of contacting influencers and a couple of tips and tricks to get you started.

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Part 1. Easiest Way to Contact Influencers

For our first and most recommended method of contacting influencers, we have InflueNex. This is a YouTube-based influencer search-engine/influencer outreach tool that you can use in order to breeze through your influencer marketing campaigns! The platform has millions of influencers on its database and is capable of providing live-analytics and stats for each one.

Key Features

  • Capable of acting as a central inbox for all influencer campaign transactions.
  • Email management features for simplifying the initial outreach process.
  • Useful for locating influencers to collaborate with.

How to Contact Influencers with InflueNex

Step 1. Go to InflueNex Website

To start contacting influencers with InflueNex, go to the URL You should be faced directly with InflueNex’s influencer search toolbox. You can create an account on InflueNex and start using the searching engine.

All Ways to Contact Influencers - GO to InflueNex Homepage

Step 2. Use the Search Bar

Type down channel names, video titles or keywords that are related to the influencer you'd like to find.

All Ways to Contact Influencers - Enter Keywords

Step 3. Use the Advanced Filters

There are also advanced filters for niche, location, language, subscriber count, engagement rate, view count, etc. that you can use to narrow down your search results.

All Ways to Contact Influencers - Use Advanced Filters

Step 4. Use the Send Invitation Button

Once you have found the influencer for you, you will be led to their InflueNex Stats and Analytics Dashboard. At the top of that, you will find a pink Send Invitation button that you can use in order to contact said influencer.

All Ways to Contact Influencers - Use Send Invitation Button

Step 5. Compose Your Message

InflueNex will act as your one-stop inbox for business transactions. With InflueNex you can compose messages, save messages as templates, and manage all communications without ever leaving the website.

All Ways to Contact Influencers - Compose Your Message

Part 2. Traditional Way to Contact an Influencer

For comparison (and as another option) you can also go about contacting an influencer using traditional methods. These methods will differ based on the platform that you’re searching the influencer from, but the concept stays the same — you’ll have to manually locate the influencer and find their contact information on their page. This method is not always effective, as not all influencers will have their business contact information available for the public, but it’s an option for those on a tight budget.

Step-by-Step Guide about Contacting an Influencer

Step 1. Locate Your Chosen Influencer

As mentioned, you will have to find the influencer you want to work with first. Most platforms (like YouTube) has a search bar that you can use for this purpose.

All Ways to Contact Influencers - Locate Your Chosen Influencer

Step 2. Search Their Profile

Next, look for their contact information! The placing will be different depending on the social media network, but for YouTube, it is usually under the ABOUT page.

All Ways to Contact Influencers - Search Their Profile

Step 3. Compose Your Email

Unlike with InflueNex, you won’t have a central inbox just for influencer marketing purposes. However, there is still always the option of using an email composer like Google Mail or Yahoo Mail to send your message to the right influencer.

All Ways to Contact Influencers - Compose Your Email

Part 3. How to Contact Influencers with Helpful Tips & Tricks

As promised, we’re going to go through a couple of tips and tricks that you can use to get started. It’s difficult to balance everything, especially when you’re just starting out. However, if you keep the following tricks in mind, you might find that contacting influencers has never been easier!

Tips & Tricks about Contacting Influencers

1. Influencer Contact Email Form

For our first tip, we recommend that you use an influencer contact email form or template. You can find plenty of them to use online and all for different purposes! There’s nothing wrong with using one of these forms, it’s just a matter of making sure that you make the form your own (either by adding your spin to it or changing up some of the tone/language to make it fully yours.)

All Ways to Contact Influencers - Influencer Contact Email Form

2. Engage with the Influencer on Social Media

You should always make it a goal to continuously communicate with the influencers that you want to (or are) collaborating with on social media. Not only will this increase your public awareness, but it will also allow you to set up a relationship with the influencer early on — which will make it harder for them to ignore your initial outreach.

All Ways to Contact Influencers - Engage with Influencer on Social Media

3. Use an Email Finding Tool

If you’re really struggling when it comes to finding an influencer’s contact information, try out (or any other email address finding tool.) These will help you out in a pinch, especially if you’ve done all your research and set up all your entire campaign. After all, without the influencer’s contact information, it’s difficult to get anywhere!

All Ways to Contact Influencers - Use an Email Finding Tool

4. Contact Influencers who Love Your Brand

As a basic and general tip, you should always try to collaborate with influencers who already love and talk about your brand. It’s far easier to find and contact influencers that way. It also increases your chances of getting a positive or glowing review! Plus, we can’t forget that it will look organic, and thus more attractive, to the eyes of their audience.

All Ways to Contact Influencers - Contact Influencers who Love Your Brand

5. Consider an Influencer Agency

As a last-ditch-effort for those who don’t want anything to do with the work required for influencer marketing, you can always consider an influencer agency. These agencies, like Viral Nation, can connect you directly to an influencer that suits your needs — erasing the need for you to personally locate or reach out to influencers who may not even give you the time of day.

All Ways to Contact Influencers - Consider an Influencer Agency


Influencer marketing is big, and it’s only going to get bigger from here. If you want to get started now, we recommend that you try out InflueNex. As was demonstrated in the first part of this article, it’s the best outreach tool out there for locating and connecting to YouTube influencers who may be interested in cooperating with your brand.

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