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How to Contact Influencers on Twitter

with Helpful Tips & Tricks

For your startup business it is very essential to take your organization to people over the internet this process helps you to gain large market share. Though this process is very crucial in modern times but it requires great deal of technical skills. Anyway, if you want to learn how to contact influencers on twitter, then there are several helpful tricks and strategies which you can learn easily. These tricks will give you ease in making contact over Twitter and for that you do not even need to have in-depth knowledge about online marketing.

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Part 1. How to Contact Influencers on Twitter with Helpful Tips & Tricks

Twitter will give you access to large number of influencers which will help you in proper brand promotional activities. Through these tricks it will be more than easy for you to make an initial contact and can make great impression on collaborators so that they feel willing to advertise your products to their followers.

5 Tips and Tricks about Contacting Influencers on Twitter

1. Search them on Twitter

It is considered easy and cost effective to find influencers right on the Twitter. This process also saves much of your time as you can also outreach to them while you are commuting. You need to undertake few initial steps and get refined results of collaborators on Twitter. Here you also get a chance to make influencers know that you are their ardent follower and want them to collaborate for your organization’s brand promotional event.

Key Features:

  • Through this tip you can even write positive review about collaborators of your choice which will help you in making formal connection with them.
  • You can even re-tweet them which will aid proper flow of conversation between you two.
  • This strategy also give you a chance to ask them provide you brainstorming session about particular product of your company.

How to Contact Influencers on Twitter - Search Influencers on Twitter

2. Offer them proper format

You can even make your collaborators aware about how you need them to write reviews about your product or market them to their followers. This process makes it easier for your collaborators to engage in brand advertising right away. Thus, they do not even have to do lots of research work on their part and you will also get results as per expected.

Key Features:

  • You make them aware about the ideologies which your company wants to follow during online brand promotional event.
  • This tip also helps you to save lots on time as collaborators do not have to redesign the pattern for online brand promotion again.
  • You can even ask collaborators if they come up with some other innovative ideas for product advertisement like the format provided by you.

How to Contact Influencers on Twitter - Offer them proper format

3. Write compelling subject line

When you are making initial contact with collaborators then you are required to send them email which has compelling subject line. This will make your collaborators to open and go through your mail once which is considered as first step to make excellent formal relationship. You are required subject line so compelling that they won’t be able to say no.

Key Features:

  • This tip will provide you an aid to make your collaborator aware about what you will offer them in return.
  • You also get a genuine formal look to the email.
  • Through this strategy you also get confidence of your collaborator and he or she will be more than willing to work for you.

How to Contact Influencers on Twitter - Write compelling subject line

4. Make great first impression

In the initial stage, to woo a collaborator of your choice you need to have a friendly tone while writing them direct message on Twitter. You are required to call them with their first name; this will make them aware that you value them as an individual. This will eventually help them to gain your confidence and you also get a chance to make an informal approach to them.

Key Features:

  • Through this tip you can praise collaborators for their previous work.
  • You can even make them aware about the products and work culture in which your company is dealing.
  • This trick also provide you an opportunity to make your collaborators learn little bit about your organization.

How to Contact Influencers on Twitter - Make great first impression

5. Use collaborator finding tools

Before approach collaborators it is very essential to use influencer finding tool to acknowledge about their analytics. This will give you a chance to judge whether it would be prospective to contact them in the first place or not. The trick is very promising as all of these tools are user interactive and very easy to use. By using this trick you also acquire email and other contact info of influencer on Twitter with relative ease. You can even get these tools for free of cost on trial basis, thus it will also considered as cost effective.

Key Features:

  • By using this trick you can easily save money and time as you will only contact genuine influencers only.
  • You also get a chance to contact several influencers at a time through batch processing method.
  • This trick will also offer you refined and automated search results to find influencers.

How to Contact Influencers on Twitter - Use collaborator finding tools

Part 2. Use Helpful Tools to Contact Influencers on Twitter

Nowadays, it is very easy for you to get several online tools with the help of which it gets very easy for you to contact influencers. These tools have great UX and UI features which will provide you genuine aid even if you are operating them for the very first time. Various online tools are considered very effective for startup and well established companies looking for how to contact influencers on twitter. You also get an opportunity to use these tools on a free trial, thus you get to acknowledge how to use them without making any payments.

5 Most Helpful Tools to Contact Influencers on Twitter

1. Brand24


With the help of Brand24 tool it gets very easy for you to properly manage advertising campaign in real time. You also get several filters with the help of which you can specifically get influencers as per your need. Before you make a contact with Twitter collaborator you can also check on his or her past performance. Thus, you can easily judge whether the influencer is worth contacting or not. This online tool also offers to total number of positive and negative reviews about a particular Twitter influencer.


  • You get to use this online tool free of cost for two weeks.
  • Through the use of this tool you can easily judge about social media reach of a collaborator.
  • With the aid of this tool you also get a chance to look at the sentiment analysis over Twitter.


  • To get added features of the tool you are required to purchase premium version.
  • The premium version of this tool is costly when compared to others.
  • When your quota get exceeded then you are liable for added cost.

How to Contact Influencers on Twitter - Brand24



Even if you are novice and in a desperate need to acknowledge how to contact influencers on twitter then is considered as a surreal answer. Through the help of this tool you can easily track down the progress of advertising campaign in real time. This tool provides you thorough demographic analysis which includes distribution of age, income, interest, ethnicity etc. also provides you a chance for unlimited search on a monthly basis. GUI feature of this tool make it exceptionally easy for you to use it.


  • This tool provides you profile photo of your collaborator.
  • You get to approach influencers in more than 130 countries around the world.
  • also provides you a chance to outreach to near about 4 billion influencers.


  • To get added features and robust service you need to purchase premium versions.
  • collects great deal information from you before you start to use it.
  • The search time is bit slower in comparison to other collaborator finding tools over the internet.

How to Contact Influencers on Twitter -

3. Klear


Through the help of Klear software you can even contact influencers of your choice and make them promote your product even through social media platform. Klear software provides you different types of filters which provide you an aid in getting refined collaborators. The Graphical interphase of this tool is user friendly thus you can easily use it without help of a professional. You also get a chance to acquire collaborators even on several other sites viz. Instagram and on Facebook.


  • Klear offers you in-depth analysis of your collaborators on Twitter.
  • You also get to manage relationship with professional collaborators.
  • Can easily be used on number of different platforms.


  • You don’t get support through email or via phone number.
  • The Basic plan of Klear is a bit costly in comparison to other tools.
  • Klear do not offer you multiple language support.

How to Contact Influencers on Twitter - Klear

4. Crowdfire


This is another tool over the internet which allows you to make a contact with professional influencers on Twitter. If you are a beginner then it is very easy to learn how to contact influencers on twitter with the proper help of this tool. Before you make payment for this tool you can download it on a free trial basis. Crowdfire is considered relevant for small, medium and large companies to promote their products over the internet. You will also be offered various types of filters to get a proper refined search initially.


  • Crowdfire offers you proper DM marketing platform, thus you get a chance to focus on large number of collaborators at a time.
  • Through this online tool you will be offered detailed statistics of collaborators before approaching to them.
  • You also get a chance to quote for the paid plan which will offer you ease in getting charges as per your pocket economy.


  • Crowdfire do not offer you detailed training, thus you need to be clear about various aspects of collaborator outreach in the first place.
  • You will get many follow-for-follow collaborators which won’t be able to provide you genuine help in online advertising.
  • Through this online tool you won’t be able to promote your own blog.

How to Contact Influencers on Twitter - Crowdfire

5. Buzzsumo


On Buzzsumo it gets too easy for you to reach out to your collaborators and see the strategies which are undertaken by your immediate competitors. You can even follow influencers of your choice and see the services which they offer as well as number of followers which they have. One of the greatest attributes of this tool is that you can personalize a dashboard as per your ease. Buzzsumo also allows to identify the market strategy which will get you access to large number of collaborators.


  • Buzzsumo offers you a chance to export the data and use high grade of collaborator filtering.
  • this turns to be very cost effective for startup companies.
  • This tool also provides you thorough notification regarding publications.


  • You don’t get to find in collaborators over LinkedIn.
  • The search process is little slower when compared to several other online tools.
  • Buzzsumo doesn’t allow you to bookmark collaborators whom you can contact in future.

How to Contact Influencers on Twitter - Buzzsumo


For companies big or startups it is very essential to learn how to contact influencers on twitter for this you can learn several tricks and strategies. They will provide you great deal of ease in contacting them in the first place. Moreover, there are several tools present over the internet with the help of which you can find prospective collaborators with whom you can promote your company’s products with ease. These online tools are very easy to use because of their effective UX and UI and you will also get a chance to analyze past performance of your collaborators.

Written by Christine Smith on the Nov 22,2019 16:40 pm
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