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Facebook has got the largest active users among the other social media platform and this has made it a great place for influencer marketing campaigns. Brands spend a lot of time in finding the perfect Facebook influencer for their requirement so that their campaigns can be successful. A lot of people struggle to get the contact details of these influencers so that they can get in touch with them. Facebook influencer contacts can be availed using multiple methods quite easily.

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Part 1. How to Contact Facebook Influencers with Social Listening

When you are getting ready for an influencer marketing campaign, the first thing that comes to mind is that, how to contact sphere of influence on Facebook. Well there are a lot of social listening tools that can help you do so. These tools allow you to easily get Facebook influencer contacts in no time. These tools are specially made to provide details about influencers from various platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter etc. If you are wondering about how to contact Facebook influencers, check the following guide out.

How to Contact Facebook Influencers with Awario

Step 1. Research keywords and set them on monitoring

The first step towards getting Facebook influencer contacts is to research for most suitable keywords related to your niche. You can let your imagination loose or use relevant methods to get the best keywords. Now open Awario and set up all those keywords in their keyword monitoring feature. This will allow you to track any Facebook influencers that use those keywords. Set the source to Facebook and also use other filters for better results.

How to Contact Facebook Influencers - Research keywords and set them on monitoring

Step 2. Check the results

Now you will be shown a list of influencers from Facebook that are using the keywords you have entered. Now go through the insights of their Facebook accounts, this will allow you to get acquainted with the influencer and their audience and you will have a better understanding of their work and reach.

How to Contact Facebook Influencers - Click the results

Step 3. Select the right influencer

Now the main question isn’t how to contact Facebook influencers but the accurate question is that which influencer will be more suitable for you. Go through the insights of the top Facebook influencers and check if the quality of their content, their keywords, their image and their audience to make sure that everything is suited to your marketing campaign. Once done select a YouTuber and you will see their contact details on their profile.

How to Contact Facebook Influencers - Select the right influencer

Part 2. How to Contact Facebook Influencers with Influencer Discovery Tool

There are a lot of influencer discovery tools available on the internet that can help you to find some of the top Facebook influencers. These tools are mostly paid, but with a thorough research on the topic, you will be able to find unpaid tools as well. These tools have a very large database of Facebook influencers and you can search for any of them easily with their help. The best thing about such tools is that they are extremely easy to use and have simple user interface hence, there are no additional skills required to be able to use them. The following is a guide that will help you to contact influencers on Facebook for your influencer marketing campaign.

How to Contact Influencers on Facebook with Victory Clash

Story clash is an extremely simple tool that is dedicated to searching the topmost Facebook influencers. Visit their website and fill in the country where you want the influencer to be from and enter the category. Now click on search and you will receive the list of best influencer in that category. Click on their name to see their contact details.

How to Contact Facebook Influencers - Use Victory Clash to Find Facebook Influencers

Part 3. How to Contact Facebook Influencers on Facebook Directly

Facebook is a very versatile social media platform that allows you to share media and exchange text messages. It is a great platform for influencer marketing and if you constantly ask yourself that how to contact influencers on Facebook, you can do it directly on Facebook without needing to pay for any other tool. All the major celebrities have their active Facebook accounts which they use for influencer marketing campaigns. In short, when you are looking for answer of how to contact sphere of influence on Facebook, the best way is by using Facebook’s features only. The following tutorial will show you how to contact Facebook influencers directly.

How to Contact Facebook Influencers Directly

Step 1. Open Facebook

The first step is to open Facebook. Login to your account and you will notice a search bar on the top of your screen. Use it to enter the name of the influencer you wish to find and press enter to continue.

How to Contact Facebook Influencers - Open Facebook

Step 2. Select the right influencer

After you search for the influencer, you will receive a long list of similar Facebook influencers. Usually the influencer that you are looking for will be on the top of the screen. Click on their name to open the page.

How to Contact Facebook Influencers - Select the Right Influencer

Step 3. Browse on their profile

After you open the page, you will see all their posts and other details on your screen. If the influencer allows it, you will be able to send them a message if not, post on their timeline regarding your plans and ask them for their contact detail. If they seem interested they will revert back to you as soon as they can.

How to Contact Facebook Influencers - Browse on their Profile

Part 4. Helpful Tips & Tricks about Contacting Facebook Influencers

Availing the contact details of the Facebook influencer that you wish to collaborate with isn’t an easy job. People often inquire influencer marketing experts as to how to contact Facebook influencers. If you have managed to get the contact details of the Facebook influencer, your work is only half done. Now you will have to send them a message which can easily convince them to work with you. There are a few things that you need to keep in mind as they will help you to earn the trust of the influencer and will ultimately motivate them to participate in your influencer marketing campaign. Carefully planning your message will allow you to establish long term relationship with the Facebook influencer and will also increase your goodwill in the market among other influencers as well. If you want to know how to contact sphere of influence on Facebook to get positive response from them, you can follow the following are 5 helpful tips.

5 Most Helpful Tips about Contacting Facebook Influencers

1. Be active on their page

Before sending your business proposal, it is better to introduce yourself as amid follower beforehand. Make sure you actively participate on their posts by liking, sharing and commenting regularly. This will make you known to them and you will earn their respect. Make sure that you complement them on their achievements whenever they do something commendable. This will motivate them when you finally send them the proposal to work for you and they won’t be able to reject your offer. Also make sure that you constantly participate on their other social media accounts as well. Influencers nowadays aren’t limited to a single platform and it is a great way to show good gesture towards them.

2. Share their posts with your own audience

This is a great way to earn the trust of any Facebook influencer. Experienced influencer often keep track of the shares that their posts get, they do this in order to understand the sources of their views and followers. By sharing their posts, you will easily be getting into their good books. Make sure that you share their posts on multiple major platforms so that they can get more audiences and better engagements on their posts. Once you are noticed by the influencer, there is no way that they will reject your proposal for collaboration in influencer marketing campaign.

3. Send them gifts

When contacting a Facebook influencer, it will be a great idea to send them a few gifts as a token of respect for the work that they have been doing. This will help you to maintain good relations with them and their audience will also get to know about you. You can send them a copy of your product and you can also send multiple pieces and ask them to give it away to their followers. This will not only impress the audience and the influencer, but will also establish you as a credible brand and more Facebook influencers will also want to work with your brand.

4. Make your offer worth it

Facebook influencers aren’t easy to convince and even if you have done all the things mentioned before, there are still chances that they may reject your offer. In order to avoid that, you need to give them fair returns for their service. Make sure that the financial return that you offer them is good enough against what you will be getting. Tell them that you will be creating traceable links so that they can have a deep look into the result of their campaigns as this will allow them to make their content better. You can also give them extra funds for arrangement of materials that they might need for their content. If your offer is considerable, you will have a better chance at convincing them.

5. Make your email interesting

One of the first things to keep in mind while initiating contact with a Facebook influencer is that you should always make the subject of the email appealing and interesting. You can start with a subtle compliment about their work in the field of influencer marketing. Show them that you have been following them for a long time and clearly explain your plans. Never forget to inform them all the important details about your brand and provide proper contact details for maximum impact. You should also end with a compliment so that they continue having interest. You can also use online email templates for better impact.


Facebook is one of the most popular platforms for influencer marketing. Facebook influencers have a large fan following on their pages and have been heavily involved in influencer marketing in past few years. If you do not know how to contact influencers on Facebook, there are a lot of different methods that can be used to contact them for your brand’s influencer marketing campaign. Make sure you follow the tips for a proper contact given above for the best possible impression so that you can convince the influencers easily and make your campaign successful.

Written by Christine Smith on the Jan 06,2020 9:31 am
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