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How to Achieve Twitch Influencer Outreach

with Helpful Tools in 2019

Twitch has slowly become the number 1 platform for game streaming. This has flooded twitch streamers with a lot of influencer marketing opportunities. If your brand is related to gaming in anyway, Twitch is a great platform for your brand to perform influencer marketing campaigns. Twitch streamers have a large following that watches their streams on the daily basis, which makes it suitable for you as the audience will also understand your products easily. There are a lot of tools that offer twitch influencer outreach for brands. These tools are must have in order to find the right twitch influencers and to contact them for your influencer marketing campaign.

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Part 1. Top 10 Helpful Tools for Twitch Influencer Outreach

There are a lot of tools available on the internet that provide twitch influencer outreach, so that you can easily reach out to your preferred streamers so start your new influencer marketing campaigns. These types of tools have special features to help you in finding suitable influencers, contacting them and in the end managing your influencer marketing campaign easily. You should surely try them out during your next campaign to get the best results. The following are 10 top tools that provide twitch influencer outreach for brands:

10 Most Helpful Tools for Twitch Influencer Outreach

1. Upfluence


Upfluence is one of the leaders in the field of influencer marketing. They allow you to find the right influencers for your requirements from all the major platforms like Instagram, twitch, YouTube etc. This tool is specifically made to help brands and influencers to connect with each other and manage the influencer marketing campaigns. It also allows you to have a look into the insights of the top channels to make sure that they are suitable for your requirements.


  • It has a dedicated customer care unit for new users so that they can be assisted whenever they are confused and they are active 24x7.
  • You can check the complete details about any influencer so that you can understand their channel’s content and audience that they interact with.
  • Upfluence has a library of over a million top influencers from all the major influencer marketing platforms.


  • The subscription fee of this tool can be an issue for a lot of brands.
  • There is no free trial or demo account provided for this tool and you have to pay the full amount to start using it.
  • The user interface of this tool is confusing at times.

Twitch Influencer Outreach - Upfluence

2. Modash


Modash is one of the latest tools in this field and their special features have quickly raised them among the top market players. Modash is a simple tool that lets you find and connect with top twitch and Instagram influencers. You can simply search for any influencer and look into their account to check information like, engagements, total number of subscribers or followers, average reach and a lot more. This tool provides a free demo account so that the new users can get acquainted with the features, which is a great thing for new users.


  • The biggest advantage is that they provide a free demo account to all the new users.
  • Using this tool is pretty easy and doesn’t require a lot of experience.
  • There are a lot of search filters which can be used to get better and quicker search results.


  • This tool only focuses on Instagram and twitch, which makes it limited to specific brands.
  • They do not have 24x7 customer support which can be a problem for many people.
  • The influencer outreach program is a bit slower than other tools.

Twitch Influencer Outreach - Modash

3. Powerspike


Powerspike is a great influencer marketing campaign manager which allows you to connect with top twitch streamers. This is a relatively new tool and is all set to slowly come to the top of the market. It allows you to search for any influencers and then connect with them. You can also look into details about their channels and check for things like their audience, the locality and languages they publish content in. This is a great tool for those brands that are new to influencer marketing.


  • This tool can be said to be the best for small scale influencer marketing needs of the brands.
  • They have a large library of famous influencer, which you can easily connect with.
  • They provide a free account to new users so that they can get acquainted with the features.


  • There are limited features when it comes to influencer outreach.
  • They are not affiliated by some of the best influencers as of now hence you will not be able to connect with them.
  • The options given on the dashboard of this tool can be confusing for people who haven’t used similar tools before.

Twitch Influencer Outreach - Powerspike

4. Twinge


Twinge or twinge TV is a great tool for finding the right influencers from twitch. This tool also records highlights of the streams with over 11k viewers so that you can have a look at the content that a specific influencer is showcasing. It also provides rating to every influencer based on their humor, skill level and interaction. This is a great tool to analyze the realtime performance of any twitch streamer and to understand how they interact with their audience and how their audience reacts to their words.


  • You can have a look at the highlights of the latest streams of any influencer to get a better understanding of their work.
  • It is one of the easiest tools to use for influencer marketing campaigns.
  • It allows you to check for twitch influencers for free, which is a plus point for many.


  • It only focuses on twitch hence the usability of this tool is a bit lower and on the lower side.
  • There are not a lot of options when it comes to interacting with the influencers.
  • The insights about a channel aren’t very deep.

Twitch Influencer Outreach - Twinge

5. Grin


Grin is a popular influencer marketing tool that allows you to find any top influencer from all the major influencer marketing platforms. This is a very simple to use tool that has over a million influencer’s details in their library. You can use this information to decide about which influencer you should choose and can even compare them with one another to find the most suitable candidates. After deciding on the right influencer, you can contact them as well.


  • The influencer outreach feature of this tool is among the best in the business.
  • This tool has a very interactive user interface that makes things easier for you to understand.
  • Grin has a very wide list of top influencers from various platforms which enhances its usability.


  • The reports generated on this tool can be a bit slow to get updated.
  • There are a few bugs in the tool that can be hurdles in your work.
  • The pricing of this tool is a bit on the higher side hence it is not suitable for everyone.

Twitch Influencer Outreach - Grin

6. WeHype


Wehype is a tool that has been specially built around twitch so that streamers and brands can easily get in touch with each other and collaborate for various influencer marketing campaigns. They have a collection of some the most iconic twitch streamers from all around the world. You can simply enter proper keywords to search for any influencer and you will be given a list of the most suitable twitch influencers. You can look into the statistics of their channel to understand their audience and content to make an informed decision.


  • It helps you to connect with the most suitable influencers on twitch without hassle.
  • This tool has a very advanced influencer marketing management feature that will keep you updated with the latest updates.
  • It allows you to simply type in the name of a twitch streamer to see their profile and if you like it you can easily contact them.


  • Due to being limited to twitch, this tool is only suitable if your brand is into gaming related products and services.
  • The user interface is a bit boring and confusing.
  • The tool lacks some basic features and it doesn’t allow you to contact multiple influencers in one go.

Twitch Influencer Outreach - WeHype



HYPR is one of the oldest influencer marketing tools that are used by some of the top brands and influencers from around the world. You can use this tool to search for some of the top influencers from all the major platforms like twitch, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram etc. This tool can be used for large as well as small scale influencer marketing campaign and has a lot of features that can help you in doing so. It has an active customer care unit which can be contacted easily to solve any issues that might come up. Apart from that the influencer marketing campaign management feature in this tool is very efficient.


  • This tool has over 12 million+ active influencers that can be easily contacted, whenever required.
  • It has a wide variety of tools that will help you to make the whole campaign easier to manage.
  • Top influencers from all the major platforms are listed on this tool which enhances its usage scenarios.


  • The cost of subscription of this tool is quite higher than other tools.
  • The user interface of this tool isn’t very simple and easy to understand.
  • The options can be a bit confusing for people that are using it for the first time.

Twitch Influencer Outreach - HYPR

Part 2. Tips & Tricks about Twitch Influencer Outreach

If your brand is related to gaming, twitch is the perfect platform for your brand to start a marketing campaign. You can hire the best twitch influencers to collaborate with you for an influencer marketing campaign as they have a wide following on their twitch profiles. There are a lot of things that should be kept in mind while trying to contact these influencers using twitch influencer outreach programs. These tips will be very helpful in convincing them to work with you and will help you to maintain good business relationship with them. The following are some tips that you must follow while contacting twitch influencer for collaboration:

Tips and Tricks about Twitch Influencer Outreach

1. Make a convincing offer

Due to the fact that twitch streamers have control over such a large and diverse audience, it is important that you pay them proper returns for their services. While making an offer, make sure that the rewards or the return that you are offering them is considerable when compared to the returns you will be getting from the campaign. If you are paying well, your brand’s goodwill among other twitch influencers will be greatly enhanced and you will be able to secure better deals in the future. Apart from that if your offer is good, the influencer will also do their best for your campaign.

2. Use email templates

Mostly brands use business emails to send out a formal proposal to the influencer they wish to connect with. While doing so, you can use online templates that are specifically made for influencer marketing proposals and are written in a proper format. These templates will also save a lot of time for you as you will simply have to modify certain details. These templates usually start off with subtle compliments and later on they help you to properly explain your plans. You can search for them online and they are available to be downloaded for free.

3. Explain yourself properly

In order to get positive respond, you should be able to express yourself properly first. The plans that you have for the campaign should be properly explained with all the minute details, along with the description of the product that you are trying to market through them. Also, you should provide all the necessary details related to your brand along with all the contact details. This will help you to create a good impression on the influencer and will be very helpful in establishing a long term relationship with them. Also if you have clearly mentioned everything, there are more chances that the influencer will reach back at you as he would have understood the plans properly.

4. Share their streams and be active on the chat

One of the best ways to gain the trust of twitch streamers and to get known in their community is to be active on their live chats. Another way is to share the streams of the influencers so that they can identify you as an active follower. This will help you build your credibility and if you share their streams with your audience it will be very beneficial for them. Due to this good gesture, the influencer will not be able to reject your influencer marketing proposal and will agree to your offer. Other influencers will also appreciate your efforts which will help you in future when you want to do more such campaigns.

5. Send them gifts

Another way to capture the attention of both influencers and their audience is by sending them free gifts. The timing for such gifts should be right and if they have achieved something or their birthdays are near, you can send them some gifts. Usually influencers showcase these gifts on their twitch live streams and you will be getting a lot of attention if it goes on properly. This will establish your credibility as a brand in front of the twitch influencers along with their audience and will help you to establish long term and strong business relationship with them.


Twitch is one of the biggest online streaming platforms for gamers that attract millions of viewer everyday. Some of the top names in the gaming community stream their gameplay on twitch every day. If your brand makes products related to gaming then this platform will be the best for your influencer marketing campaigns. This is because the viewerbase of this platform comprises of only gamers and you will be advertising your content to the people who will actually understand your product and will be interested in buying them. Also, it has a very vast viewerbase that belongs to different parts of the world, so your reach automatically gets maximized.

Written by Christine Smith on the Nov 22,2019 17:54 pm
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