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How do sales contact influencers for promotion? Each company should have a managing force behind their brand that handles the task of reaching out to influencers to promote the sales of a product. But, how do they actually do it? Continue reading to be introduced to some of the most popular methods of contacting influencers for marketing reasons to date.

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Part 1. How Does Sales Contact YouTube Influencers for Promotion

For the first method of contacting YouTube influencers for product promotion, we’re going with InflueNex. This is the tool to try if you’re thinking of entering the YouTube influencer marketing industry. It’s been outfitted with an influencer search engine for finding influencers, as well as some of the most intuitive outreach functions for easing the way for a brand x influencer collaboration. Among its many features are the following:

Key Features of InflueNex:

  • Deep insights and analytics provided for every YouTuber in its databanks.
  • Email-service that works on-site — allowing you to send emails on the platform.
  • Bulk email outreach for establishing easy and quick connections.
  • Outreach management tools for tracking the progress of promotional campaigns.

How Does Sales Contact YouTube Influencers for Promotion

Step 1. Search for Influencer

The best way to use InflueNex is to start out by searching for an influencer that will be able to properly promote your product. Do this by using the following search tools: Enter the keywords in relation with the target influencer channel, name or others; and use the advanced filters to make your serach more specific.

How Sales Contact Influencers for Promotion - Search for Influencers

Step 2. Select Influencer You Want to Collaborate

InflueNex will pull up a list of all the potential influencers you can work with. Select one from the list in order to view their InflueNex dashboard (where you can see their stats and analytics.)

How Sales Contact Influencers for Promotion - Select Influencer

Step 3. Contact Influencers for Promotion

On their InflueNex Dashboard is another hidden feature — the Send Invitation button, which is what allows sales personnel to contact influencers directly for a promotion.

How Sales Contact Influencers for Promotion - Contact Influencers for Promotion

Step 4. Write Your Sales Pitch

As mentioned, InflueNex has its own on-site email service that you can use in order to send messages to influencers (all sent/received emails will be kept in an InflueNex inbox that you can manage and monitor freely.)

How Sales Contact Influencers for Promotion - Write Your Collaboration Email

Part 2. How Sales Contact Instagram Influencers for Promotion Easily

Next, take a look at how sales personnel may want to contact Instagram influencers for promotion. For this, we’re going to be using another online platform. This time, by the name Social Bakers. It’s a lot more curated than InflueNex (which has an incredibly large database), but that just may be what you’re looking for in an Instagram tool for finding and contacting influencers worth paying a promotional fee.)

How Sales Contact Instagram Influencers for Promotion

Step 1. Use Filters

Because of its curated and limited database, there are only two filters offered by Social Bakers — the Region and Interest filters. Use these in order to specify what kind of influencer you’re looking to hire for promotional marketing.

How Sales Contact Influencers for Promotion - Use Filters

Step 2. Sign Up for Social Bakers

You will have to sign up in order to use Social Bakers properly. Do so in order to proceed.

How Sales Contact Influencers for Promotion - Sign Up for Social Bakers

Step 3. Select Influencer to Contact

The only thing left after that is to find an influencer you want to contact from their database. Afterward, you’ll be led to an influencer dashboard much like the one shown by InflueNex — where you can find their stats and analytics, as well as their contact information.

How Sales Contact Influencers for Promotion - Select Influencer to Contact

Part 3. How Does Sales Contact Facebook Influencers for Promotion

Another tool that you can use, this time for Facebook influencers, is Heepsy. Much like with Social Bakers, you get the benefit of a curated database — which, again, may or may not be what you want. If you don’t have an influencer in mind for your Facebook promotions just yet, then this is the tool to try (it’s best known as another Instagram influencer tool, but it offers functions for Facebook as well.)

How Does Sales Contact Facebook Influencers for Promotion

Step 1. Create an Account with Heepsy

Much like with Social Bakers, you will need to create an account with Heepsy first.

How Sales Contact Influencers for Promotion - Create and Account with Heepsy

Step 2. Fill in the Required Fields

Fill in the account sign-up sheet in order to proceed to the next step.

How Sales Contact Influencers for Promotion - Fill in the Required Fields

Step 3. Use the Facebook Filter

In order to use Heepsy for locating Facebook influencers, make sure that the Facebook filter is turned on (it’s a function only offered on the premium version of the tool.)

How Sales Contact Influencers for Promotion - Use the Facebook Filter

Step 4. Upgrade to See Contact Information

Josephine Alexandra is another known music influencer. Although unlike the previous influencers, she’s better known for her covers. She plays around with a lot of music genres for her covers and can play several instruments to back up her already beautiful vocals. At the time of writing this article, she has over 660K subscribers on YouTube. After getting the contact information of the influencer, you can use a third-party email service to send email to the influencer.

How Sales Contact Influencers for Promotion - Upgrade to See Contact Information

Part 4. Tips & Tricks about Sales Contacting Influencers for Promotion

Now that we’ve discussed the methodology behind the ‘how’ of how to contact influencers, let’s discuss the tips and tricks that are required when it comes to the actual ‘contact portion’ of the process. For this, we’ve listed some of the best examples of sales outreach to influencers as well as broken down how and why each tip allows for a successful promotion.

Tips about Sales Contacting Influencers for Promotion

1. The Right One for the Job

No matter what kind of promotion you’re looking for, you have to tell the influencer that you are the right person for a collaboration. In order to achieve this, you must provide all the necessary details that you believe will persuade them to promote your work. Of course, for this, a personalized introduction to who you are as well as your abilities will be required.

How Sales Contact Influencers for Promotion - The RIght One for the Job

2. Fluff up that Introduction

Referring back to our previous tip, a large part of persuading an influencer to promote your work or product is to make a strong introduction. Don’t bore them by being too detailed, but don’t sell yourself short either. Remember, you’re trying to persuade the influencer that your work deserves to be shared. So, take pride in yourself.

How Sales Contact Influencers for Promotion - Fluff up that Introduction

3. Promote Your Expertise

Another way of making sure that you are chosen for the job is to market yourself as an expert on the subject. Make the influencer understand how valuable your knowledge is so that they are actually persuaded to collaborate with you. Show off a little, if you must. Just remember to not overdo it so as to come off too conceited.

How Sales Contact Influencers for Promotion - Promote Your Expertise

4. Make a Research

If you want to be successful when contacting influencers for promotional purposes, then you need to do your research. In fact, no matter what your goal is, research is a must in marketing. It’s a great way of showing that you know what you’re talking about, and it also makes you come off as incredibly professional. Which should, hopefully, persuade the influencer of your work ethics.

How Sales Contact Influencers for Promotion - Make a Research about the Influencer

5. Keep Things Light

Just now, we described that it would give you bonus points to come off as ‘professional.’ But that doesn’t mean that you should speak that way all the time. Sometimes, it takes knowing when to have a little fun to get the prize. So, don’t forget to tone things down a bit sometimes and make sure that you keep things light and friendly when appropriate.

How Sales Contact Influencers for Promotion - Keep Things Light


Depending on the kind of promotion you’re looking for, the method in which you contact an influencer may be completely different. Even so, there are always ways of going about things in a smarter and more efficient manner. Using InflueNex when you’re targeting YouTube influencers, for example, is fairly common sense. Don’t let yourself be overtaken by the people handling your company’s sales and take advantage of all the helpful tools and tricks that are available right there — ripe for the taking.

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