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YouTube is currently one of the most effective platforms for influencer marketing due to the fact that there is a very large and active audience on the platform. Brands often try to lure in the best influencers on YouTube to collaborate with them for influencer marketing campaign. In past, a lot of brands have become successful after multiple influencer marketing campaigns on YouTube. There are a lot of ways to contact a YouTuber for influencer marketing purposes. You can send them a business email, contact them on social media and perhaps the most effective way is to use tools like InflueNex that offer specialized YouTube influencer outreach program to users.

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Part 1. Easiest Way to Contact YouTube Influencers

One of the biggest problems that brands face when trying to get in touch with a YouTube Influencer is that they can’t find the contact details. If you are also willing to contact YouTube influencers, InflueNex is one of the most reliable and accurate tool to do so. InflueNex is specifically made for brands and YouTube influencers so that you can contact them and even evaluate their performances. InflueNex has a very vast list of tools that will help you to make informed decisions about your influencer marketing campaign.

Key Features

  • It has a very vast list of top YouTube Influencers that can be directly contacted from within the tool.
  • This tool allows you to see ranking of several YouTube Influencers so that you can compare their performance and choose the most suitable one for your requirements.
  • You can view insights of the influencers like their viewer base, average views, number of subscribers and a lot more.
  • InflueNex allows you to create centralized groups so that you can keep in touch with multiple influencers at once and manage them all without hassle.
  • It also allows you to keep track of your ongoing influencer marketing campaigns with all the insights and details on your dashboard.

How to Contact YouTube Influencers with InflueNex

Step 1. Search for the YouTube influencer

Once you have searched and launched the tool, you will notice a rectangular search box on the screen, use that to search for any YouTube influencer that you wish to contact with. You can search them using their names or you can even paste their channel URL.

How to Contact YouTube Influencers - Search for YouTube Influencer

Step 2. Use the advanced filters to get more refined search results

Once you are on the home screen, you will also notice some advanced search filters given under the search box. These filters can be used to get more refined results that are accurate to your description.

How to Contact YouTube Influencers - Use advanced filters

Step 3. Select the right influencer

Once you search for the influencers, you will be given a long list of different influencers on YouTube that match with your keywords. Use the InflueNex ratings to determine the one you want to collaborate with and click on their name.

How to Contact YouTube Influencers - Select the right influencer

Step 4. Click on the Send Invite button

Once you have selected the right YouTube influencer, you will notice a send invite button on the right side of the influencer dashboard that will be on your screen. Click on that to continue.

How to Contact YouTube Influencers - Click Send Invitation Button

Step 5. Fill the necessary details

Once you have sent the invite, you will be redirected to a new page that will have an email template. You will need to fill in the required details about your plans regarding the influencer marketing campaign along with contact details and the return that the influencer will get by working with your brand. Once done, send the mail and it’s done, the YouTube influencer will automatically contact you if they are interested in your offer.

How to Contact YouTube Influencers - Finish Contact Email

Part 2. How to Contact YouTube Influencers with Helpful Templates

Internet is filled with some of the best templates for contacting YouTube influencers. These templates are highly customizable so that you can modify bit according to your requirements and preferences. You can easily download and use these templates for your own purpose without any issues. These templates are written by professionals in the field of influencer marketing hence you can be assured that they will do their task perfectly.

The following are some of the most commonly used templates for contacting YouTube influencers-

1. We have featured you template

When you share the post of a YouTube influencer on your own social media account as a brand, these templates are used to inform the influencer and to propose your plans to them. Under this template, brands send an Email with the link to a post that they have made in which the influencer is featured. These templates are great as everyone like to get some free publicity and when you share a post as a brand, it will surely please the influencer who will then love to work for your brand as well.


  • These templates showcase the respect and appreciation you have for the work that the influencer has been doing.
  • These are very well written and also have the link to the post you have made in which the influencer is featured.
  • These templates can also feature your own website or applications.

How to Contact YouTube Influencers - We have featured you  template

2. Free sample template

In these Email templates for YouTube influencer outreach, the main objective is to send free samples of your product to the influencer. You can send out a package that contains your products along with some extra free goods like a t-shirt or something that showcases your brand. The email contains the details about the product and will have contact details about your brand.


  • These templates contain all the necessary contact details about your brand and makes the influencers easier to understand your product.
  • Due to the fact that these templates also have the business proposal within them, the usability of this template is very efficient.
  • The free goods that are sent with these emails are a great way to impress the influencer you wish to partner up with.

How to Contact YouTube Influencers - Free Sample template

3. Let us start a relationship template

This template is most suitable if you are willing to partner up with the YouTube influencer for a very long time. In these templates, the influencer is first given subtle compliments about the work that they have been doing with their channel and then they are invited to work with your brand for an influencer marketing campaign. You can easily find these templates on various websites for free.


  • This is a very balanced template that can easily convince any influencer to work with you.
  • This template compliments the influencers very well which helps you in slightly increasing the chances of partnering.
  • They are easily modifiable and also save a lot of time and efforts.

How to Contact YouTube Influencers - Let us start a relationship template

4. Sneak peek template

These templates are very popular among top brands that look for influencer outreach programs. Under this template, the influencer is provided with some minor details about the plans and the product for which the brand is planning to start an influencer marketing campaign. The manager of the officer that is sending these Emails always make sure that they do not completely reveal the specification so that only the interested influencers can get complete details and the confidentiality is maintained properly.


  • These templates are very good at sparking the interest of the influencer in your offerings which makes it very suitable for YouTube influencer outreach programs.
  • These templates are very easy to find on the internet and can be easily customized as well for various purposes.
  • The best thing about these templates is that there is no risk of your product being leaked to the public.

How to Contact YouTube Influencers - Sneak Peek Template

5. Beta test email template

This template is heavily used in the technical field and developers often use these templates to invite influencers to test a new application or a new feature in an existing application. These templates do not disclose the complete details about the project and maintain the confidentiality of your project.


  • These are perfect for technical YouTube influencers as it creates interest for your project in the mind of the influencer.
  • These are short and precise templates that are mostly straight to the point.
  • You can find these templates on various website and even make your own if you want as they are very simple and easy to make.

How to Contact YouTube Influencers - Beta Test Email Template

6. Template asking for opinion about your product

These are no nonsense templates that are always exactly to the point. You can use these templates if you are planning to send out review units to influencers so that they can share their honest views and opinions about a certain product. These templates are always to the point and will clearly mention the intention behind the email, which saves your time as well as the time of the influencers.


  • These templates have well researched data in them, making them informative as well as interesting to read.
  • This kind of emails has a lot higher chance of getting you a reply from the influencer and they will surely want to work with you.
  • They are easy to modify and are very versatile, making them fit for usage in all the influencer marketing proposal scenarios.

How to Contact YouTube Influencers - Template Asking for Opinion

7. The expert template

These are considered as the best email template by experts when it comes to influencer outreach. These templates have complete details about your plans, brand as well as the product or services that you are trying to promote. These templates will also have the offer for the influencer with details about what they will be getting in return of their services.


  • These are very well written templates and are considered to be a proper proposal of initiating business relation.
  • These templates leave a very positive impact on the influencers and will provide you better results.
  • They are easy to find on internet and can be used by small modification for any purposes.

How to Contact YouTube Influencers - the Expert Template

8. The invitation template for events

Usually when any brand launches any new product or service, they hold events for media and their influencers so that they can have proper knowledge about it. Under these templates, the YouTube influencers are sent a formal invite to these events. These templates are written in formal format which showcases the professionalism of your firm and will also motivate the influencer to visit the event.


  • This type of templates make the YouTube influencers feel special and will surely motivate them to attend the event and probably partner up with your brand.
  • They can be easily written on your desktop by using formal format.
  • These templates showcase your professionalism and are suitable for multiple usages.

How to Contact YouTube Influencers - Invitation Template for Events

9. Follow up template

Influencers get a lot of emails on a daily basis and often some emails are lost and they never see them. If you haven’t received any reply to your initial emails it is great if you can send a follow up email to the influencer. One thing to note is that you shouldn’t do this constantly as the influencer may get fed up and completely block your contact. This is a great way of reminding the influencers about your offer and a lot of firms use them in their day to day proposals.


  • These are great for reminding the influencers about the offer you have previously sent out to them.
  • By using these templates you show the influencer that you care about their opinion and presence in your campaign which increases the chance of a partnership.
  • You can easily modify these templates for other influencer marketing purposes as well.

How to Contact YouTube Influencers - Follow up Template

10. The affiliate marketing template

This kind of approach can be very successful in certain fields and should be used with thorough research. Under these templates, you will be offering an affiliate program to the YouTube influencer against whom he will be receiving commissions and rewards. Make sure that the influencer has done these types of task before your proposal as these proposals aren’t preferred by a lot of influencers.


  • These templates are great to increase downloads or the number of visitor to your tools or websites.
  • It's easier to get an agreement with this template because of the high profit it offers.
  • You can easily find these templates on internet for free.

How to Contact YouTube Influencers - Affiliate Marketing Template


Influencer marketing is currently the most effective forms of marketing for brands all around the world. Tools like InflueNex can help you to contact some of the biggest YouTube influencers in the market. There are a lot of features that will help you with your campaigns like the influencer outreach programs, influencer rankings, insights, and a lot more. With InflueNex you can contact any influencer you want without any hassle.

Written by Christine Smith on the Nov 06,2019 16:30 pm
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