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Facebook is one of the biggest influencer marketing networks for spreading brand awareness for your product. But which Facebook influencer would be the best for your product? Now, this is an issue since you can't just track down any ol’ popular creator, they should at least be able to maintain a sizeable audience and an active engagement rate with that audience. Fortunately for you, we have prepared several helpful methods to find Facebook influencer score and ensure that your creator of choice is the right one for your business.

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Part 1. What is Facebook Influencer Score

What is Facebook influencer score? And how does it help you? Now, to keep it short, a Facebook influencer score is an update of their daily growing audience. Depending on the niche they represent, they will all have different audiences who are interested in different products. It is also quite a successful way to reach out to the right audience if you know the performance of an influencer by checking their score. But from where exactly are you able to check it? Well, unfortunately, Facebook doesn't provide a special feature for this issue, but there are many other tools which can help you out.

FullContact, for instance, is a good method for finding out influencer engagement. To elaborate the process, take a look at these 4 simple steps and try it out for yourself.

How to Check Facebook Influencer Score

Step 1. Try it Out

First off, click on Try It Out. Before you proceed and start managing online influencers, this tool may ask you to create an account. But It will at least make stuff more convenient if you have personal data.

How to Find Facebook Score - Try FullContact Out

Step 2. Choose a Location

Secondly, select your country. As it's shown above, you will also need to check each box to confirm Privacy Policy and Terms of Use of this tool. Once done, click on Continue to jump into our next step.

How to Find Facebook Score - Choose a Location

Step 3. Sign Up for Full Contact

Now you will need to either Create an Account or simply Sign Up with Google to shorten the process. When you've typed in the required information, click on Create Account.

How to Find Facebook Score - Sign Up for Full Contact

Step 4. Verify Your Account

This tool has a strict privacy policy, so to confirm your account you will need to enter your phone number. And by clicking on Send Me A Code, FullContact will send a text message with the needed digits, type it in and finally access your account.

After this, all you need to do is wait for the confirmation email and you should be able to access FullContact’s tools for getting you a Facebook influencer’s social media score.

How to Find Facebook Score - Verify Your Account

Part 2. Helpful Software to Find Facebook Influencer Score

Now, let's take a look at other softwares. It’s also a good way to understand which software provides the best service by looking through more than one possibility. Although they might require a paid subscription, some of them really are worth the price. So, without stretching it any longer, check out these 7 helpful tools to determine which influencer has the highest score.

1. BuzzStream


Let's start with BuzzStream. This is a tool mostly focusing on improving your marketing by keeping track of each step of your journey. Also, it is quite easy to find influencers or popular blogs related to your niche by typing in keywords. And additionally, you can add the ones who caught your eye into a personal list and categorize them by authority or who you've engaged with before. For the price, BuzzStream offers one of the cheapest plans starting at only $24 per month.

How to Find Facebook Score - BuzzStream

2. Dovetale


As for Dovetale, this tool updates you with real-time analytics of each influencer as well as helps you find different creators online. Just like standard search tools, this one also provides a search tool along with filters to find the best influencer for your brand from many platforms. Additionally, it has a monitor tool to give you a statistic of with whom your influencer engages with. Add them to your list and pick the ones who can bring you a higher success. This tool requires quite a high price starting at $199 per month, but if you have the budget, why don’t you give it a try?

How to Find Facebook Score - Dovetale

3. Upfluence


Next up on our list, we have Upfluence. This tool, in particular, has a fairly small database with only 1 million influencers. However, this database is constantly updated and personally curated -- along with their constantly updated analytics. Also, apart from Facebook, you can check out Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and other popular networks. All you have to do is type in related keywords and sort your list according to the main topics you're searching for. Upfluence is one of the most advanced tools on this list. However, the cheapest monthly subscription that it offers costs $795.

How to Find Facebook Score - Upfluence

4. Awario


With Awario you can monitor influencers depending on the niche you are marketing. For this, you will only have to enter keywords (which is relevant to your brand) and leave the rest to the tool. It will list you the most popular blogs as well as influencers from many networks including Facebook. And additionally, Awario lets you keep track of the performance of your own business for only $29 per month.

How to Find Facebook Score - Awario

5. Scrunch


Scrunch helps brands connect with influencers who fit their field from many different networks including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. It gives detailed information on the engagement the Influencers have with their audience. Also, if you're willing to pay for the paid plan, you can even contact the said creators through Scrunch. It is quite a convenient way to keep in touch with popular influencers who might not get back to you if you were to attempt sending an email from a different network.

How to Find Facebook Score - Scrunch


URL:, just like our other recommended influencer search tools, helps you with marketing your business. You can connect with many influencers from Facebook and LinkedIn, and get notified if you have mutual friends from each one of those platforms. The main use of this tool is to see which one of your contacts are engaged with influencers of a specific niche. This is a simple way to get introduced to the said influencer by the help of an individual you're already familiar with.

How to Find Facebook Score -



And lastly, we are going to introduce you to HYPR, which is one of the older influencer search engines in the industry. Though like many other typical tools this one comes with info about an audience's demographic depending on their age, location, and gender. It also has one of the biggest databases with over 10 million influencers from 35 different categories. This is a great side note if you're not only looking for influencers from the US. It also offers a FREE month-long trial if you’re interested in trying it out.

How to Find Facebook Score - HYPR


Since the Facebook community is fairly big, you'll most probably need the help of the tools we have gathered to have easy access to an influencer's engagement score. Luckily there is more than one option to choose from. With their unique features, you can determine which one would suit your business and start browsing through potential creators that will help you spread your name across Facebook. Try them out and pick the one that is ideal to track your favorite influencers.

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