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and Best Alternatives to It

Are you an influencer looking to manage your content? Then, you might be interested in learning about Hootsuite! It’s an influencer tool prized for its ‘content scheduling’ capabilities. It’s also well-known for providing in-depth insights and analytics to an influencer’s audience demographics, content performance, and general account performance. Of course, Hootsuite isn’t the only available tool for this purpose. And, right after we’ve broken down all you need to know about it, we’re going to be introducing a couple of alternatives and competitors that you might want to try out as well. So, make sure to stick around until the end.

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Part 1. Hootsuite Review

Hootsuite is a social media account manager meant to be used by influencers that are looking to optimize their content! It does come with a FREE version that you can use to manage up to three social media accounts. However, if you want to be able to use it for the long term (with advanced features included, you’re going to have to subscribe to one of their premium plans.)

Key Features of HootSuite

  • This influencer marketing platform is primarily a content manager.
  • It provides really in-depth insights on an influencer’s performance.
  • With one of their premium plans, influencers are given the ability to receive unlimited reports on what type of content their followers are engaging.
  • It can also help you track trends that can be used in order to optimize content and grow your social media presence.

Pros and Cons of HootSuite


  • The FREE version offers the management of 3 different social media accounts, around 30 different social ‘messages’ or posts, and basic analytics.
  • Unlocking the Professional Plan (which costs $19 per month) can give you access to deeper insights -- growth trends and overall channel performance.
  • Unlocked the Team Plan offers even more insights -- this time on how your audience engages with your posts.


  • As described, a lot of the key features can only be unlocked after having paid for one of their FREE plans.
  • Analytics of other influencers or competitors is very limited (insights are provided mainly for accounts owned.)
  • This is not to be used for discovering social media influencers (a feature other influencers tools offer.)

A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Use HootSuite

Step 1. Go to the Hootsuite Website

To start, you will need to go to the Hootsuite website! On their click the Start Your FREE 30-Day Trial button so that you can experience Hootsuite’s Professional Plan straight off the bat!

HootSuite Review and Its Best Alternatives - Go to HootSuite Website

Step 2. Start with the FREE Trial

Some information will be required in order for you to continue with the FREE trial. This includes personal information, business information, and billing information. Complete the form and Submit it in order to continue.

HootSuite Review and Its Best Alternatives - Start Free Trial

Step 3. Connect Your Social Profiles to Hootsuite

As part of the setup process, you will need to connect your Hootsuite account with your social profiles! At the moment, Hootsuite supports Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

HootSuite Review and Its Best Alternatives - Connect Your Social Profile

Step 4. Enter Information to Start

Once you’ve set up your social profiles, you have one more form to fill out (this time in regard to your company information.) Click All Done! when you’re finished in order to proceed to the actual Hootsuite management interface.

HootSuite Review and Its Best Alternatives - Enter Information to Start

Step 5. Explore the Interface

Immediately after finishing up the signup process, you’ll be able to access your Hootsuite Dashboard. The interface is very reminiscent of other influencer tools. You have the tabs on the left-hand side, tools for posting content at the top, and profile settings at the upper right-hand corner.

HootSuite Review and Its Best Alternatives - Explore the Interface

Step 6. Explore Other Available Features

As you can see from the tabs provided, Hootsuite offers content management, message management, analytics, and more. ( A tutorial on how each feature works has been provided in on each tab.)

HootSuite Review and Its Best Alternatives - Explore Other Available Features

Conclusion of HootSuite Review:

Hootsuite is a great tool for influencers or brands looking to manage their social media profiles. It provides great analytics, amazing content management tools, and more! However, that doesn’t mean that it’s going to work for everyone! Continue reading if you want to learn what some of Hootsuite’s main competitors have in store for you!

Part 2. The Best Alternative to Hootsuite

InflueNex is regarded as the best alternative to HootSuite. It’s a great tool for those who are looking to find YouTube influencers for their campaigns. It’s not quite the same as Hootsuite, but it’s a great tool for influencers and marketers. Plus, unlike with Hootsuite, you can view the analytics of your competitors. In this part, we're going to introduce how to use InflueNex in detail, but firstly, let's take a look at the key features of InflueNex.

Key Features of InflueNex

  • Full analytics report of an influencer is provided (ranking, engagement rates, content performance, growth tendencies, and more.)
  • Find the right influencers for your campaign with easy seawrching featrues and advanced filters.
  • ‘Send Invite’ feature for connecting with other influencers for collaborative content or campaigns.
  • Manage influencers with fully-customized groups.
  • Track effects of your collaboration video with every detail.

A Detailed Guide on How to Use InflueNex

Step 1. Sign Up for InflueNex

Pay a visit to, and you'll see the I'm a Creator and I'm a Brand button at the upper right corner of the homepage. Click the one you match, and you can sign up for InflueNex easily.

HootSuite Review and Its Best Alternatives - Sign Up for InflueNex

Step 2. Enter Your Keywords and Use Avanced Filters

Enter the keywords in the searching column. You can also use the advanced filters below the searching column to make your search more specific. There're 8 filters in total, such as category, country, language, etc. After making up the settings, you can click the Search button at the right side.

HootSuite Review and Its Best Alternatives - Enter Keywords and Use Advanced Filters

Step 3. View Matched Searching Results

InflueNex will search the matched influencers in its influencer database. The searching results will be displayed below the searching column, and it provides the basic information of the influencers. You can use the Sort by feature at the upper right corner to arrange the order of the searching results in accordance with your needs.

HootSuite Review and Its Best Alternatives - View Matched Searching Results

Step 4. Detailed Information of an Influencer

If you find an influencer that meets your needs, you can click the name of the influencer to view the detailed information of the influencer. The subscribers history, channel performance, and more data will be displayed. These statistics will help you to judge whether the influencer is right for you.

HootSuite Review and Its Best Alternatives - View Detailed Information of an Influencer

Step 5. Contact Influencer

If you think the influencer is right for your campaign, you can click the Send Invitation button at the upper right corner to send a collaboration email to the influencer. You'll be navigated to the Message Center, and you can write the email and click the Send button at the lower-right bottom to send the collaboration eamil.

HootSuite Review and Its Best Alternatives - Contact Influencers

Step 6. Track Effects of Collaboration Video

Tracking effects of your campaign is easy to be done on InflueNex. You can click the Tracking words in the drop-down menu of Key Features, and then you'll enter the tracking page. Click the Add Campaign Video button at the upper right corner to add the information. After that, you'll be able to track the effects of your campaign video.

HootSuite Review and Its Best Alternatives - Track Effects

Part 3. Other Helpful Alternatives to Hootsuite

For this next portion, we’re going to breeze through 10 other alternatives that you might be interested in trying out. Now, much like with InflueNex, some of these alternatives will be a little unique in their own way. Be it the interface, available features, pricing, etc. We’ll try to cover as much of that as possible with the description on how the program works, as well as the pros and cons that we’ve included in order to make it easier to compare one form the other.

1. Instagram Insights


First up on our list is Instagram Insights! It’s a tool that was generated by Instagram themselves, and they’ve made it so that it would be available for everyone! All you need to do in order to use it is to turn your Instagram account into a business one (which you can do very easily through the settings menu provided. Of course, as a Hootsuite alternative, you can expect for it to provide you a lot of insights on ways that you can tailor your content based on the audience that you already have. Be it on their gender demographics, country demographics, their age range, the time they are the most active, etc.


  • Instagram Insights is completely FREE for all Business Instagram’s
  • Deep Insights are provided on your audience -- age, location, the time most active, etc.
  • Insights are also provided on the performance of your posts (which received the greatest number of likes, engagements, etc.)


  • Instagram Insights has a relatively plain view whichb
  • Deep Insights are provided on your audience -- age, location, the time most active, etc.
  • Insights are also provided on the performance of your posts (which received the greatest number of likes, engagements, etc.)

HootSuite Review and Its Best Alternatives - Instagram Insights

2. Social Blade


Next is Social Blade, another YouTube-based influencer tool! Now, much like InflueNex, it does offer a search bar that you can use in order to search for content-creators based on their username. However, it won’t give you the ability to discover new influencers -- just find known-ones. So, this is only really helpful if you have a YouTuber in mind that you want to check the analytics out for. For the actual analytics section, you can expect general statistics, channel performance, and growth tendencies.


  • Social Blade offers support for YouTube (and has recently included Twitch, Twitter, and Daily Motion influencers on their database.)
  • Rankings are provided for easy comparisons between one YouTube and another.
  • You can also view detailed analytics on overall channel performance and grown in the past couple of months.


  • This cannot be used to discover new influencers.
  • Projected earnings (one of the provided stats), is not always accurate.
  • Not meant for viewing deep insights (just general stats.)

HootSuite Review and Its Best Alternatives - Social Blade

3. Crowdfire


So far, Crowdfire has got to be one of the closest to Hootsuite -- as far as competitors go. Much like, it’s a social profile manager that can help you schedule posts and optimize your content based on your audience demographics. It is a little pricier than Hootsuite, but it does also provide more insights as to content performance. Certain features, like mention monitoring, are also provided by Crowdfire (which is not always found in other influencer tools.)


  • A FREE trial is available in order to test out its features (limited run.)
  • Content Management features will allow you to schedule posts and see the performance of said posts (with detailed insights on engagement, audience interaction, etc.)
  • General profile insights are also provided in order to support channel growth.


  • So far, Crowdfire has been the most expensive tool on this list.
  • Slightly confused user interface.
  • Mainly used for influencer management, and can't be used for searching influencers.

HootSuite Review and Its Best Alternatives - Crowdfire

4. Hype Auditor


Next up on our list is Hype Auditor, Instagram-based analytics reporting tool that you can use in order to get the full report on any Instagram influencer. Now, when we say the full report, we do mean full. HypeAuditor has amazing Artificial Intelligence that runs on algorithms that cannot only discover fake followers and engagement but also provide insights on growth, tendencies, demographics, etc. By using HypeAuditor, it’s almost impossible not to know everything there is to know about an influencer -- and it’s all pay-per-use (no subscriptions needed.)


  • Amazingly detailed insights on Instagram Influencers.
  • Pay-Per-Use feature enables users to buy tokens in batch and then use those tokens in order to get a full report on a single Instagram influencer.
  • As mentioned, one of Hype Auditor’s key features is its ability to authenticate followers and engagements.


  • In order to save up on each report, you will need to buy bigger batches of tokens.
  • This is purely Instagram based as of right now -- it does not support any other platform.
  • It’s also not meant to discover new influencers -- just view analytics on known ones.

HootSuite Review and Its Best Alternatives - Hype Auditor

5. Keyhole


Next is Keyhole, another account management tool (much like Hootsuite and Crowdfire.) However, the cost of this one is probably beyond most influencers, although its ‘Going Solo’ plan is a lot cheaper than Crowd fire’s ‘Professional’ plan. All in all, however, the features between both programs are about the same. Be it personal analytics, content optimizing insights, mentions monitoring, etc.


  • Provides personal analytics and insights meant to help you grow your profile.
  • Extra features like mentions monitoring, hashtag generators, etc. are offered to make it easier to manage content.
  • Detailed post analytics are also provided (up to your last 99 posts.)


  • This is a paid program -- the ‘Going Solo’ plan costs $26 (billed annually.)
  • Again, it is not a tool that you can use to set up marketing campaigns -- just manage your own brand’s account.
  • It’s also not meant to be used for discovering new influencers.

HootSuite Review and Its Best Alternatives - Keyhole

6. Iconosquare


Next up is Iconosquare, another social profile management tool meant to be used by influencers or brands who are looking to grow their social media presence. Much like all the other tools we’ve covered thus far, it does this by providing insights on account engagement, audience demographics, post, performance, etc. It describes itself as an ‘Audit’ tool for Instagram, by monitoring all these analytics and providing as much information as possible to enhance your content.


  • Personal account analytics are available at the lowest tier plans.
  • Higher tier plans offer insight on a couple of competitors as well (three is the limit.)
  • Posts performance monitoring is available for seeing how your audience engages with your content.


  • This, much like Hootsuite, is not meant to be used for setting up marketing campaigns.
  • Certain features are locked and unavailable even for those who pay for some of their plans (like competitor insights)
  • Iconosquare is a PAID program -- with the lowest tier priced at $29 per month (billed annually.)

HootSuite Review and Its Best Alternatives - Iconosquare

7. Social Bakers


Social Bakers is closer to InflueNex than most of our other recommended alternatives. It offers a great way of discovering new influencers (based on their location and interest) and offers in-depth analytics on their engagement rates, content performance, audience demographics, etc. It’s very much liked a marketing tool -- which does put it apart from Hootsuite. But, much like with InflueNex, there’s no denying the benefit of having access to the analytics of other influencers -- especially if you’re looking to grow outside of your own demographics.


  • It is an Influencer Search Engine for discovering new influencers in your niche and preferred location.
  • Analytics are provided for each influencer -- demographics, engagement rates, etc.
  • Limited Trial is available to see its functions and interface -- which you can request before making any commitments.


  • Social Bakers is the most expensive tool on this tool as of yet (with the cheapest plan available at $240.)
  • Some of its subscription plans have undisclosed prices as well (you can only see it at request.)
  • This is strictly Instagram based and does not offer content management tools like Hootsuite.

HootSuite Review and Its Best Alternatives - Social Bakers

8. Social Rank


Social Rank is an influencer ‘score’ tool that provides very simple aggregated stats and analytics for Instagram and Twitter influencers. It breaks down all the insights in a manner that would be the most helpful -- and most understandable. The only catch is that it isn’t really meant to be used for small business (a lot of their subscription plans have its prices undisclosed -- which leaves them available for request-only.)


  • It provides analytics and statistics on an influencer in a very simple and convenient manner (very easy to understand even by the most inexperienced of marketers.)
  • The tool covers both Instagram and Twitter!
  • It also offers more than one subscription plan -- one of which might suit your budget and needs more than another.


  • Social Rank is a PAID tool - the free trial provided is very limited.
  • All of the pricing on their plans are undisclosed (if you want to see it, then you’ll need to request the information for yourself.)
  • This is not an influencer search engine, and as such, cannot be used to discover new influencers.

HootSuite Review and Its Best Alternatives - Social Rank

9. SquareLovin


Next, we have SquareLovin! It’s a FREE user-generated tool that is very much like Instagram Insights! The only difference is that it won’t require you to change your account into a business account, and it provides a lot of more aggregated analytics (in ways that even the most inexperienced marketers or influencers will be able to understand.)


  • SquareLovin is FREE to use -- thanks to the user that created it.
  • It offers a lot of the same insights that you could get from Instagram insights (and more).
  • It does not require that you turn your Instagram account into a business one.


  • As a user generated tool, it is not the most premium available in the market.
  • Neither does it offer the same amount of conveniences that a tool like Hootsuite has (for scheduling content and monitoring mentions.)
  • Lastly, it’s not an influencer search engine, so it can’t be used to discover new influencers.

HootSuite Review and Its Best Alternatives - SquareLovin

10. Union Metrics


Union Metrics is the last tool on our list. It’s actually a part of a larger program, called TrendKite -- which is meant to be an influencer/brand marketing tool. Now, there’s no denying that it just does that, but today we’re going to be talking about Union Metric specifically. Which is actually very similar to Social Rank. In that, it works very much like an ‘audit’ tool for Instagram by providing insights, analytics, and demographics.


  • Support is available for Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook (some features need to be unlocked via higher tier memberships.)
  • In-depth statistics, analytics, and insights are provided for all social media accounts connected with Union Metrics.
  • Much like Hootsuite, it does offer other features to make sharing content on Instagram easier.


  • Union Metrics is a part of a larger tool, which is accessible but rather expensive.
  • It cannot be used in order to set up campaigns.
  • Neither can it be used to look for influencers or to monitor the growth of competitors.

HootSuite Review and Its Best Alternatives - Union Metrics


Hootsuite is definitely a gamechanger as far as content scheduling goes, and it can help an influencer grow their channel or account pretty easily with the insights feature. However, it doesn’t mean that you should lock yourself out of any other alternative! InflueNex, for example, is one that we can recommend for marketers and influencers that want to learn how their competitors are doing.

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