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Collaboration Pitch Email Templates

Social Networks are becoming bigger and bigger — to the point that at least 74% of consumers are relying on what they see on social media in order to decide what they will be purchasing. The biggest part of this is influencer marketing, wherein marketers connect to certain influencers in the form of a collaboration pitch email to promote their product or service to the influencer’s social media (be it on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)

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Top 10 Most Helpful Collaboration Email Templates

If you’re a marketer looking to venture into the world of influencer marketing, then you’re going to need to know about collaboration emails and how you can write them. If you’re concerned about messing up your pitch email, then continue reading to be introduced to my personal top 10 favorite collaboration emails that you can use in order to reach out to influencers to work with on an influencer marketing campaign for your product.

1. The Mutual Relationship Pitch


This first template is one meant for a very specific type of pitch. There’s no cash offers here, just an offer to start an ongoing relationship. Perhaps one that you can both mutually benefit from, either in the form of reposting or promoting each other’s content or a potentially larger collaboration in the future.


  • No offers necessary — the pitch is free of any commitments.
  • The template is fairly relaxed and perfect for starting a conversation.
  • Opens avenues for potential collaborations in the future.


  • Not a business-oriented collaboration email template.
  • No guarantees when it comes to actual collaboration.
  • Limited to very specific types of marketing.

Most Helpful Collaboration Pitch Email Templates - The Metual Relationship Pitch

2. The Giveaway Pitch


This template was created by the same person that created the previous template, and just like the one before it has a very specific purpose. Although, an actual offer is being made in this template. This time, in the form of a ‘giveaway.’ This is a great pitch to throw because you’re not only giving them a way of celebrating with their audience, you are also giving them content to post.


  • No cash-offers, just samples of whatever product you are selling.
  • The template is short-and-to the point.
  • Content is provided with the offer for ‘giveaway’ items for the influencer’s audience.


  • It will require that you have samples of your product to give away.
  • There is also no guarantee that the influencer will agree with just the free sample.
  • The offer is very open-ended and may not be categorized as high-priority.

Most Helpful Collaboration Pitch Email Templates - The Giveaway Pitch

3. The Event Invite Pitch


This collaboration pitch email template is once again very specific when it comes to its intentions. It’s better suited for companies or businesses who have the budget to invite a bunch of influencers over to a party that’s celebrating a product launch or something else along those lines. In this case, you won’t have to worry about paying influencers specifically, they’re definitely going to announce to their audience that they went to the event and that’s enough publicity to get people interested in what you’re selling.


  • No cash offers required — the benefit is the invite itself.
  • Great for massive publicity for product launches and the like.
  • Having multiple influencers over means that the hype will be larger.


  • It will require that you have enough klout for a big event.
  • You’ll also have to be able to plan for a time where most people are not busy.
  • The template is very event-specific and cannot be used for much else.

Most Helpful Collaboration Pitch Email Templates - The Event Invite Pitch

4. The Affiliate Program Pitch


This pitch email template is specifically structured to introduce an influencer to your affiliate program pitch. Affiliate programs are one of the ways most influencers seek to ‘collaborate’ with businesses and companies anyway, and in this way both sides of the party are promised continuous benefits and no expectations.


  • Introduces your affiliate program to influencers that have fit your niche.
  • No expectations for the influencer, just an open offer.
  • Opens opportunities for future collaborations.


  • This will require that you have an affiliate program set up.
  • Limits potential influencers that you can reach out to.
  • It’s not the most eye-catching or high-priority pitch.

Most Helpful Collaboration Pitch Email Templates - The Affiliate Program Pitch

5. The First-Look Pitch


This particular collaboration pitch email template is everywhere, and the example that we show below is just one of the many versions out there. The premise of these ‘first-look’ pitches are always the same. The offer here is a first-look at the product or service that you’re selling — which influencers (who like to keep up to date on the most relevant news on their niche to report to their audience) will definitely appreciate.


  • No cash offer, the ‘pitch’ focuses on providing information.
  • The template shown is very relaxed and easy to read.
  • No expectations on the influencer.


  • It does not guarantee any coverage for your product.
  • Although there is an unperceived ‘deadline’ it will not rank very high-priority.
  • The benefits for the influencer to talk positively about your product is lacking.

Most Helpful Collaboration Pitch Email Templates - The First-Look Pitch

6. The Beta-Testing Pitch


This next pitch template belongs on the same vein as the one previous, but it does introduce slightly more benefits than the previous sample. If only because with this, you’re promising that the influencer will be provided complete access to your product or service — as well as some sway on how it will look in the future.


  • Mutually beneficial for both influencer and marketer.
  • Great way for getting reviews for improving your product or service.
  • The template is very to-the-point and professional.


  • Some influencers don’t have the time to ‘test’ out products.
  • No guarantee of any promotion for your product.
  • Very limiting when it comes to influencer targets.

Most Helpful Collaboration Pitch Email Templates - The Beta-Testing Pitch

7. The Curating Pitch


If you’re looking to enrich your content with the words of another influencer, then you may want to try out this curating pitch template. It was produced in order to reach out to an influencer who you might want to work with when it comes to helping you produce written content. There are very little benefits for the influencer you’re reaching out to, but you can always promise a symbiotic relationship that will allow you to curry favors from each other.


  • Great for building long-term relationships with known-influencers.
  • The template is very flattering and courteous.
  • Perfect for getting quality content to use.


  • Offers very little benefits to the influencer you’re reaching out to.
  • The template is not very high-priority.
  • The collaboration does not involve any promises of promotion.

Most Helpful Collaboration Pitch Email Templates - The Curating Pitch

8. The Follow-Up Pitch


If you’ve already tried reaching out to an influencer but haven't heard back from them, you may be interested in the ‘follow-up’ pitch. The purpose of this pitch is to provide more information on the project that you want to collaborate on and perhaps offer other benefits to the influencer as incentives for them to be more likely to agree.


  • The template is very informative whilst still being very prompt.
  • A date is specified for further communications where more information can be gleaned.
  • Ensures that no opportunity is missed because of an accidentally missed email.


  • If done improperly, follow-up emails may seem annoying.
  • Unless the email was missed by accident, it is unlikely the influencer will agree.
  • The pitch template doesn’t offer much when it comes to benefits.

Most Helpful Collaboration Pitch Email Templates - The Follow-Up Pitch

9. The Expert Opinion Pitch!


This is very similar to the curator pitch, at least, in that, you’re asking for another influencer to write or produce content for your own use — be it for a blog or an editorial about your product. The premise of this type of pitch template is to be complimentary and let the influencer know that their opinion is priceless and essential enough to warrant being shared.


  • No cash offers involved.
  • Respectful and encourages further communications.
  • Great for obtaining positive reviews.


  • There are no guarantees that the influencer will agree.
  • It is imited when it comes to benefits for both sides.
  • The pool of influencers is smaller and thus harder to locate.

Most Helpful Collaboration Pitch Email Templates - The Expert Opinion Pitch

10. The Promo Code Pitch


The promo code pitch is very similar to the affiliate-marketing ball, at least, in that, you’re promising to give the influencer a share of the profits of any units they may potentially sell through their promoting. It’s beneficial as it promises residual earnings on both sides — not just a once-and-done deal.


  • Residuals for the influencers, which will increase their promotions.
  • It does not require any pre-planning when it comes to offers.
  • Every unit sold is the profit earned on both sides.


  • Potentially more expensive than promising a flat-fee.
  • Will require promotional codes that customers will want to use.
  • Very inelegant in email form — will require further planning.

Most Helpful Collaboration Pitch Email Templates - The Promo Code Pitch


There’s a lot of potentials when it comes to influencer marketing, and the best way to contact an influencer is undoubtedly through email. It’s inartful, but that’s exactly what it needs to be to make it appear sincere and unpretentious. So, if you’re looking to promote products, services, or content, look into sending a couple of collaboration pitch emails now! You’ll never know how much it may benefit you and your business!

Written by Christine Smith on the Apr 16,2020 9:54 am
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