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Many people have taken the rise in influencer marketing as an excellent opportunity to promote their brand. Especially on popular social media platforms such as Twitter. But, how can you find the right influencer for your industry? For this, we have prepared several helpful ways for you to pick the best content creator on Twitter. We’ve also gathered 9 different influencer search tools for you to choose from. Pick your favorite and start promoting your product in no time.

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Part 1. Most Efficient Way to Find Twitter Influencer

Which influencer search tool is the best for you? Now, this is another commonly asked question from people who plan to choose a creator who fits their brand. Though, to save you from unwanted research, we have picked the ones which stood out to us the most between countless possibilities. Followerwonk, for instance, is a great way to start analyzing every and each influencer who fits your niche for free. With its considerably convenient features you can categorize and define your targets easily. How? Here we have prepared a quick overview of Followerwonk to give you a better understanding of this tool.

Most Efficient Way to Find Twitter Influencer

Step 1. Click Search Bios

If you go to Followerwonk's website, you'll see a couple of menus on the top part of the interface. To start our mission, click on Search Bios.

All Ways to Find Twitter Influencers - Click Search Bios

Step 2. Search Twitter Profiles

On this menu, you'll see a search tool in which you can type in a keyword that is related to your brand. If you want to have bigger access to categorize your search, just click More Options underneath the search bar.

All Ways to Find Twitter Influencers - Search Twitter Profiles

Step 3. Filter Your Search

Next, start adding tags to your search, including the location, name, URL or specific number of followers/tweets that you want your Twitter influencer to have. This will help you discover only the influencers who fit your ideal range.

All Ways to Find Twitter Influencers - Filter Your Search

Step 4. Click Do It Button

When you're done selecting and specifying your desired influencer's details, click on the Do It button beside the search bar to allow Followerwonk to list the available profiles that match your specified parameters. This can be hundreds or thousands of accounts depending on the content.

All Ways to Find Twitter Influencers - Click Do It Button

Step 5. Look through Influencers

Once you receive a list of the potential influencers, take your time and look. Followerwonk offers a general analysis that shows the most recent follower count, tweets, age, etc.

Why is this helpful? Well, the follower and tweet count show how active they are on this social media platform. And, the more they engage with their fans, the higher virtue they have, which is needed to gain an active audience.

All Ways to Find Twitter Influencers - Look through Influencers

Step 6. Check Their Twitter Profiles

Last but not least, in order to find out more about your influencer of choice, go to their Twitter page and check their recent activity for yourself. Doing this should give you a better idea on whether they're the right influencer for you or not.

All Ways to Find Twitter Influencers - Check Profiles

Part 2. How to Find Twitter Influencers with Other Influencer Searching Tools

Apart from Followerwonk, there are so many additional tools that are more than enough to help you find the best Twitter influencer. Although they do have different price ranges depending on how advanced the software is, there is still a chance to find a convenient one among them all. To make your job simpler, we have gathered 9 amazing Influencer search tools which have their own limitations and qualities. Take a look and try out the ones that suit your budget and convenience.

1. Buzzsumo


As for our first tool on the list, we have Buzzsumo which is not only a Twitter Influencer search engine but can also allow you to outreach popular blogs on the web. This may help you get inspired by your competitors’ content or different blogs which could also educate you about a specific niche. Though it mainly focuses on Twitter influencers that are relevant to your brand. You can research by entering bios or select filters that determine their profession including bloggers, companies, influencers, journalists or a random individual. About the price, it offers a free version with limited features or a pro plan which costs $99 per month. It's quite high, but worth the price, nonetheless.

All Ways to Find Twitter Influencers - Buzzsumo

2. TweetDeck


The second tool on our list is TweetDeck. Now with this one, you can manage your current Twitter account and gain a bigger audience by the help of its advanced features. This tool also helps you analyze your own tweets and how well it is performing by checking the interactions. Apart from that, you can have full information of every user on this platform by simply entering their name or content that should be listed on every page. Not the most advanced, but still helpful to track sources specifically on Twitter.

All Ways to Find Twitter Influencers - TweetDeck

3. GroupHigh


There is also GroupHigh which is another Twitter influencer search tool. You can just search the niche of your brand and look through the influencers who are also associated with the same content. It is an excellent way to find an ideal audience for your product. If interested, GroupHigh offers a 7-day free trial which you can cancel at any time without needing to pay beforehand.

All Ways to Find Twitter Influencers - GroupHigh

4. Tweet Reach


Our next tool is Tweet Reach. This influencer search engine comes with the same standard features to identify your desired influencer on Twitter. It also provides different social media platforms to search from, but as for Twitter, you can determine your search by keywords, names, and hashtags that are related to your niche. Though, it does require $99 per month if you rather use the pro version of this tool.

All Ways to Find Twitter Influencers - Tweet Reach

5. Mention (Mobile App)


Unlike our other tools, this one has a mobile application which you can check real-time mentions of your brand from different social media platforms or sites. Mention also allows you to find Twitter influencers for you and your niche with standard search tools. To top it all off, this tool gives a statistic of your business to help you improve and keep track of each insight.

All Ways to Find Twitter Influencers - Mention

6. PeerIndex (Brandwatch)


PeerIndex is quite similar to the ones we have already mentioned. Though to give you a better idea, this tool can monitor your business' activity on social media such as Twitter. This is a great way to keep track of your current progress as well as improve by checking your competitors. Apart from that you can also find influencers and get to know how well they may affect your business by promoting your brand.

All Ways to Find Twitter Influencers - PeerIndex

7. Crowdfire


Crowdfire is another research tool to target relevant influencers on both Twitter and Instagram. Though, it doesn’t offer as many advanced features for Instagram as it does for Twitter – so, keep that in mind when you’re making your decision. For Twitter, on the other hand, it provides a tool for finding content creators who are related to your niche and it can also check which one of your tweets have an impact on your unfollower or follower rate. It is completely free for two users, though if you're planning to have three and above accounts you will need to buy a subscription.

All Ways to Find Twitter Influencers - Crowdfire

8. Klear


This tool is quite more advanced than the rest with its huge database containing over 900 million influencers along with 60k categories to choose from. Just like a typical search tool, with this one, you can track for suitable influencers for your band and take a look at all your competitors' latest performance. Apart from Twitter, you can check Instagram and Facebook users as well. Basically, it has great analytics of each influencer to determine which can provide the best service for your business.

All Ways to Find Twitter Influencers - Klear

9. SideQik


As for our last tool we recommend SideQik. It offers quite a few advanced features. It provides a category of influencers from each brand including gaming, lifestyle, sports and other types of entertainment. SideQik starts with analyzing your followers and listing them by category, country, language, etc. to your personal dashboard. This can help you get insight on how an account’s branding is doing. It’ll also allow you to send emails to select influencers of your choice.

All Ways to Find Twitter Influencers - SideQik


As you can tell there is more than one way to find Twitter influencers. Especially if your main target is their active audience, these tools can do more than just find a content creator related to your brand, but also give you a promising insight and statistics of each influencer. Start by defining your choice and let these search engines do the rest for you! All you have to do is pick one according to your budget and need, then start working with great influencers who are more than willing to help you out with your campaign.

The one that we recommended most is Followerwonk, primarily for its availability as a FREE software. However, it’s always best to pick one based on what your budget and your marketing plan needs.

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