How to Find LinkedIn Influencers

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Want to hire a couple of professional LinkedIn Influencers to endorse your brand or product? Well, then we have a couple of tips and tricks to help you find LinkedIn influencers to do just that! Unfortunately, no tool has yet been created for this purpose. However, that doesn’t mean that you cannot use the features LinkedIn has already made available in order to find the influencer for you. More information is written on that below!

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Part 1. Easy Steps to Find a LinkedIn Influencer

There are two ways that you can go about finding yourself a LinkedIn Influencer. You either use the tool that LinkedIn offers (to a very select few, might I add), or you can manually search for influencers yourself. We’re going to introduce both ways to you very quickly down below. Starting with the tool and then ending with a brief look at the manual search options.

How to Find LinkedIn Influencers

Step 1. LinkedIn Influencers

LinkedIn offers an invite-only tool that can be used by what they dub as the world’s best ‘thinkers, leaders, and innovators.’ These are primarily individuals, rather than companies, and they are given direct access to any and all Linked in Influencers. They do not accept invites, but they do regularly analyze their own influencers in order to match their list of influencers to everyone else.

How to Find LinkedIn Influencers - LinkedIn Influencers

Step 2. Search Tool

As for the manual options, LinkedIn offers a fairly sophisticated search system much like most Influencer search engines that will allow you to:

  • Type in a Keyword or Tag of Choice,
  • Select filters on Connections, Locations, Current Companies, etc.

That should be able to narrow down your research somewhat and will provide you almost immediate access to what could be hundreds or even thousands of influencers that you can choose from (depending on your location and niche.)

How to Find LinkedIn Influencers - Search Tool

Part 2. Help Tips & Tricks about Finding LinkedIn Influencers

We introduce the basic of the basic just now. However, there’s definitely more to learn about LinkedIn and how you can go about using it for finding influencers that will best suit your brand. For that, we have five unique tips and tricks to introduce to you that will allow you to really microfocus on the things that matter and will make it easier for you to connect with those that have the same interest as your company.

1. Follow Hashtags

One of the things people who use LinkedIn might not know about is the Hashtag feature. This feature will allow you to search for relevant hashtags that you can follow. Once followed, you should be able to receive frequent notification on those hashtags, which will make it easier for you to find influencers in the community that is already talking about things relevant to you and your brand.

How to Find LinkedIn Influencers - Follow Hashtags

2. Searching Through Biographies


FWhen using the search bar for LinkedIn, what is being searched through are the member’s biographies. So, try to type down key phrases or pick filters that you think those people will have on their main bios. Be it their specialties, their current location, number of connections, etc. It’s important to narrow your search, but if you find your search so narrow that you can’t find anything? Then check on a random bio and get an idea for the things that people have up on theirs.

How to Find LinkedIn Influencers - Searching Through Biographies

3. Search Through ‘People Also Viewed’


If you want a quick tip, there’s a handy little widget stuck on the sidebar when you’re searching through LinkedIn. This has a list of people who Also Viewed that person’s profile or post. It’s not the most efficient way of looking for influencers, but it should give you an idea on who’s actively browsing through other people’s Linked in and making connections with the people that you’re already interested in.

How to Find LinkedIn Influencers - Search People Also Viewed

4. Look Through My Network

Another underutilized feature is the My Network tab offered at the very top of the LinkedIn interface. Of course, this one is primarily meant for businesses or companies that already have a LinkedIn, so it might not apply to everyone. However, it is one of the best ways to find other members in the community that are already interested in your brand. People will find your LinkedIn profile no matter what, so it doesn’t hurt to set one up just for this purpose.

How to Find LinkedIn Influencers - Look Through My Network

5. Search Through Groups

Much like how we recommended that you follow a couple of hashtags related to your brand, there’s another feature - the Group feature, that you can use in order to connect and be notified of when people are posting or talking about matters of relevance to your product or service. You can even interact with influencers on here directly and get to see their audience from a very close-up view, allowing you to authenticate it yourself. Of course, just like we mentioned before, this is a rather slow way of doing things, but it can get the job done.

How to Find LinkedIn Influencers - Search Through Groups


That’s it for all our recommended ways of finding Facebook influencers for your business! Strangely enough, there isn’t as many available out there for FREE -- a characteristic you might have noticed yourself when we broke down a bunch of different Facebook influencer tools all at once. However, what we did show you was the general process on how you can go about applying for these Facebook influencer search tools -- sending you on your way to what could be the best marketing move for your business! So, don’t be afraid to try it today, and check out one of the programs that we recommended! Any of these should be available for your use instantly, it’s just finding the one that suits your budget and needs the most!

Written by Christine Smith on the Aug 07,2019 14:27 pm
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