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Are you planning to advertise your product, but don't know where to start? We have a solution just for you! Online marketing has been growing abnormally fast. And, recently, influencer marketing has gone up 22% and has become the most effective marketing tactic! That aside there is only one problem left, where can you find the best influencer for your brand? We’ve prepared several helpful solutions for you to grasp which influencer is the best for you! Just continue reading to learn more!

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Part 1. How to Find Influencers on Social Media by Location

As for our very first solution, we are going to introduce InflueNex, which is currently one of the biggest influencer search engines online! It has a large database that contains over 100 million YouTube creators. Which is great for brands who are looking for a way of breaking into the YouTube community – which has one of the most active audiences online with over 5 billion views each day. For this, the InflueNex influencer search tool can help you out for absolutely free! We’ve also compiled a couple of tips you might find useful while searching for the best YouTube influencer for your brand.

How to Find Influencers by Location with InflueNex

Step 1. Open InflueNex

Firstly, open InflueNex. This will lead you to their main interface. No log in or sign up is required for basic general use.

All Solutions to Find Influencers on Social Media - Open InflueNex

Step 2. Select Desired Country

Now let's take a look at which filters InflueNex provides. To modify your searching, there are many tags for you to pick from. If you want to find an influencer based on their location, then InflueNex has an advanced filter that will allow you to do so. Choose the United States if you want an influencer based in the US, etc.

All Solutions to Find Influencers on Social Media - Select Desired Country

Step 3. Pick a Language

If you have a specific audience in mind, picking not just their location but their language as well, could be helpful in your search. To achieve this, repeat the same process and choose whichever tag works for you.

All Solutions to Find Influencers on Social Media - Pick a Language

Step 4. Manage Filters

Now, when you've picked your tags, it should look a little bit like this. Starting from category to subscribers, if you pick each tag it should be easier for InflueNex to provide you the best YouTube influencer.

All Solutions to Find Influencers on Social Media - Manage Filters

Step 5. Click on Search Icon

Apart from playing with the filters, you can also type in related keywords which match your niche or enter a specific channel you'd like to work with. Once done, just click on the search icon and let InflueNex start listing you the best influencers according to your chosen characteristics.

All Solutions to Find Influencers on Social Media - Click on Search Icon

Step 6. Sort by Influencers

Between all the content creators it could be a little tricky to find the best influencer for your brand. So, rather than checking each channel one by one, click on the Sort By tool on the top right corner and select which feature you'd like to sort your list with.

All Solutions to Find Influencers on Social Media - Sort by Influencers

Part 2. How to Find Influencers on Social Media Manually

Additionally, there are a couple more tricks to help you engage with the right influencers for your brand. Apart from YouTube, there are many more social media platforms which contain an enormous number of users. Instagram, for instance, is also filled with popular influencers with thousands of active supporters. Check out our 5 simple steps and start manually connecting with social media influencers now!

How to Find Influencers on Social Media Manually

Step 1. Make an Instagram Account for Your Brand

For this to work, you will need to either have an Instagram account already set up or you will need to create one. Either way, once you’ve built your Instagram account up enough, you can begin outreaching to the people that follow you and thus the people that follow them.

All Solutions to Find Influencers on Social Media - Make an Instagram Account

Step 2. Check Out Your Followers

Your follower section is a good place to start looking for influencers who might be interested in your brand. In this case, you already have a mutual connection. Which provides a great icebreaker if you’d like to contact them later on.

All Solutions to Find Influencers on Social Media - Check Out Your Followers

Step 3. Search by Hashtags

The best way to find active influencers is by searching through related hashtags on Instagram. You can see the recently made posts or the ones who got the most attention, check out their account and look through their feed to see their daily progress.

All Solutions to Find Influencers on Social Media - Search by Hashtags

Step 4. Look Through Suggested Accounts

There is also another feature in which Instagram will suggest you accounts that are related to yours or other similar contents. These suggested accounts tend to be in the same niche, which is helpful in growing your list of potentially brandable influencers.

All Solutions to Find Influencers on Social Media - Look Through Suggested Accounts

Step 5. Contact Influencers

Found a fitting influencer? Why not contact them! All you have to do is go on their profile and contact them through the email on their bio, and if they do not have one just direct message them within Instagram, it's completely free.

All Solutions to Find Influencers on Social Media - Cotnact Influencers

Part 3. Find Social Media Influencers in Your Niche

Finding social media influencers isn't that hard, but finding the right one? It may get challenging since you will need a content creator who shares the same niche with your brand. Also, to keep in mind not all popular influencers may be interested in having a partnership. That’s why it’s always better to keep a list. So how do you find the best influencer for your brand who shares the same niche? Easy, look through our helpful tips and try it out for yourself!

How to Find Social Media Influencers in Your Niche

Step 1. Search Your Niche

Just like our previous tips, go on Instagram and use the search tool up above. On this platform, there are plenty of active influencers that could be found by searching the right hashtag that is related to your brand. Type it in and check out the posts that are mainly based on the niche you're interested in.

All Solutions to Find Influencers on Social Media - Search Your Niche

Step 2. Look Through Posts

What's next? Now when Instagram gave you the posts that share the same hashtag you searched for, surf through them and look for a popular influencer. There is a high chance most of them do have the same niche with your product, all you have to do is visit their profile and see how much of an audience they have.

All Solutions to Find Influencers on Social Media - Look Through Posts

Step 3. Check Out Their Profiles

Once you've found an interesting post, check out the influencer's account to see how many followers they have or how many likes they get per post. All these details will show the activeness of the audience they have gathered. If their success is acceptably good, contact them via email or direct message through Instagram!

All Solutions to Find Influencers on Social Media - Check Out Their Profiles

Part 4. How to Find Influencers in Your Industry

Last but not least, there is also one more tip which is pretty helpful to find influencers in your industry. For this, we recommend Google Alert. This is a social media monitor which will show you real-time mentions of every keyword/topic online. They could be associated with your product or industry in general. Why not give it a try and check out current feedback of every and each niche online.

How to Fidn Influencers in Your Industry

Step 1. Enter Keyword

Once you opened Google Alerts, you will see a search bar on the top corner. Go ahead and enter a specific keyword that is relevant to your niche.

All Solutions to Find Influencers on Social Media - Enter Keyword

Step 2. Set Filters

After you enter the keyword, Google Alerts will ask you for some further information to specify your alert. Pick the options that are most suitable for you depending on the source, language, etc.

All Solutions to Find Influencers on Social Media - Set Filters

Step 3. Pick Region/Country

Also, don't forget to specify the region you want the alerts to be coming from. This should help limit your notifications based on the location that matters to you.

All Solutions to Find Influencers on Social Media - Pick Region/Country

Step 4. Enter Your Email

Just so Google Alerts could send you the found information via email, type in your business contact info besides the Deliver option.

All Solutions to Find Influencers on Social Media - Enter Your Email

Step 5. Create Alert

And as for our last step, click Create Alert when you have filled in all the requested information. Now all there is left to do is wait for Google Alerts to send you an email notification of the monitored topic you've searched for!

All Solutions to Find Influencers on Social Media - Create Alert


As the influencer marketing rises above other marketing industries, it can get harder for you to find the right influencer for your brand between all the popular creators online. Though luckily with the tips we have prepared you can start searching for the said influencers all over the internet. But to save yourself from extra research, you can also use InflueNex's advanced influencer search engine to find the best YouTube creator to connect with! This free tool can offer many filters along with channel analytics for you to pick the best possible option! Try out all of our tips and gain further experience in finding the right influencer for your business!

Written by Christine Smith on the Sep 03,2019 15:28 pm
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