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Are you struggling to find the best influencer for your brand? If you have already sorted out the product, then there is only one problem left— promotion. And, as you have already guessed influencer marketing is the key solution to achieve it efficiently. However, do note, that even the most popular influencers can't bring you success if they don't have the right audience. These days: the better the audience, the bigger the income.

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Therefore, to obtain better results you will need an influencer who is in the same niche as your brand. No one would check out a health care product while watching gameplay, would they? But let's return back to our main concern, where and how can we find the right influencer? For this, we have gathered a bunch of helpful tips that you can use in order to find the right influencer for your product!

Part 1. Find Influencers for Your Brand with InflueNex

First of all, we will be introducing InflueNex. It’s currently the biggest YouTube influencer search engine with a database with thousands of creators. With one keyword you can discover the influencer you're looking for. Not to mention, you can easily reach out to the YouTube creator within InflueNex and save yourself from unwanted research.

How to Reach Out to Influencers by Searching

Step 1. Enter Keywords Related to Your Brand

As you open InflueNex, you'll face a conveniently designed interface of the said website including the search tool and listed filters to play with. Now to find the creator you will simply need to type in related keywords or a specific channel.

Find Influencers for Your Brand - Enter Keywords

Step 2. Pick a Related Categories

Don't have any keywords in mind? Don't worry! The advanced filters can get the job done jut as well. The most important of which is the Category filter; Which will give you a wide range of niches to e from -- depending on your brand. Whether it be general Entertainment or Pets & Animals, pick your fitting topic and look through thousands of popular YouTube creators.


Find Influencers for Your Brand - Pick a Related Categories

Step 3. Choose Specific Filters

Now if you are content with your selected filters all you have to do is click on the search icon or just press enter and let InflueNex list you all the YouTubers that will match your requirements! This is quite an easy way to find your desired influencer.

Find Influencers for Your Brand - Choose Specific Filters

Step 4. Sort Your Results

Now when InflueNex lists you the fitting influencers, it might be quite a challenge to pick between them or at least spot the most successful one for your brand. Therefore, this tool also has a special feature to sort out your list by either InflueNex score, Subscribers, Video views and Active Rate.

Find Influencers for Your Brand - Sort Your Results

Step 5. Reach Out to Influencer

Once you choose an influencer, you will see the main analytic of their YouTube data containing much information about their view count, price range, subscriber count, etc. Though if you scroll down, you can also spot many tags which are related to the videos the creator has already published. You can use this Video Tags section in order to see what kind of content these YouTubers are posting and whether they suit your business’s brand or product.

Find Influencers for Your Brand - Reach Out to Influencer

Step 6. Send Invite

Now you can click on the Send Invite button on the top right corner of the screen. This will lead you to a built-in email composer which you can use in order to send a message to your chosen YouTuber Influencer.

Find Influencers for Your Brand - Send Invite

Part 2. How Do Brands Find Micro Influencers Manually

Additionally, to get a better understanding of what people may be looking for the influencers, you will have to track micro-influencers on social platforms to see their progress. Now, this may require a little bit of research, but the more you know about which kind of influencers people trust, the easier it can get to spot the best influencer to work with. It isn't too hard either, check their online account, see the success of their posts, go through their followers to see which kind of audience they've gathered and engage with them via email or directly from that platform, etc. More information on that listed below.

How Do Brands Find Micro Influencers Manually

Step 1. Create an Account

Creaating an Instagaram account isn't a must, but if you manage an active account for your brand, people will learn about you better. Especially on Instagram you can now create a business profile and link your contact information right on your bio for people to see.

Find Influencers for Your Brand - Create an Account

Step 2. Check Your Followers

Now, this is the easy part, if you've introduced your product on Instagram with the related tags it will attract Influencers, bloggers and even regular people to start following you. Take this opportunity to check their accounts and see if they maintain quality content, whether it be the number of likes or daily posts.

Find Influencers for Your Brand - Check Your Followers

Step 3. Contact Influencers

Contacting an influencer who already follows should prove much easier than the alternative. For this, you will have to manually check their profile and send them an email (if they have one linked on their bio) or you can also contact them via direct message.

Find Influencers for Your Brand - Contact Influencers

Step 4. Check Competitors' Followers Too

Checking your competitors' followers might also be a good idea. These are people who have shown interest in a brand similar to yours, after all.

Find Influencers for Your Brand - Check Competitors' Followers

Part 3. Helpful Tips & Tricks about Brand Looking for Influencers

Apart from those we introduced earlier, let's go through some more tips to understand the influencer market better. For this, we’re going to be using InflueNex as our sample. However, these methods will apply whether you’re looking for an influencer manually or with another tool. So, check them out and learn the best way to find an influencer that suits your brand.

Tips & Tricks about Brand Looking for Influencers

Tip 1. Stay in The Same Niche

In order to reach out to the right audience, you will need an influencer with a fitting niche. For this, InflueNex offers a specific filter tool. However, the general tip applies whether you’re looking manually or with another tool – there’s just no point in hiring a beauty blogger, for example, to talk about a gaming product. You need to find an influencer with an audience that is interested in what you are selling. That’s what makes influencer marketing so effective.

Tip 2. Look at The Influencer’s Stats

In addition, InflueNex allows its users to have a better understanding of an Influencer's stats along with their Subscriber count, Engagements, Price range and other useful information. This is something that you should definitely look into when you’re trying to decide which influencer is better for your business. As it will give you insight on how the influencer’s audience is already interacting.

Tip 3. Look at Their Video Tags

Also, on the Creator's account analytics, if you scroll down you can spot additional tags and keywords which are related to the videos they have already published. Having a tool that provides this kind of information is great because you can see what kind of tags the influencer is already ranking for (which makes it easier for you to decide whether they suit your brand.)

Tip 4. How Do They Rank?

It may not be easy to check every account between thousands of given results and find the suitable one for your brand. Which is why this engine provides a Sort By feature where you can list the Influencer according to their InflueNex Score. This is how the tool ranks its influencers, which is a good way of authenticating the kind of mileage these influencers have.

Tip 5. Similar / Related YouTube Channels

Don’t settle for just one influencer. It’s important to always have a list, as we mentioned previously. Because there are some YouTubers that are not going to be up for a collaboration. In this case, checking out Similar or Related Channels is your best bet when it comes to finding a YouTuber on part with the one you already had in mind.


These were the tips you can use in order to find the right influencer for your brand. In the end, if you want to simplify the process as much as possible, we recommend that you check out InflueNex. It is absolutely free to use, just click here and create an account to take advantage of the advanced features InflueNex provides and find endless results of high rated influencers for your brand!

Written by Christine Smith on the May 28,2020 10:38 am
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