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How to Do Influencer Effect Tracking

Efficiently with Helpful Tools

If you’re planning to promote your brand with the help of influencer marketing, it is essential to track the creator’s social media campaign beforehand. This is an excellent method to find the best influencer with a higher authority and a fitting field of content. Though accessing each one of their data isn’t quite simple if you’re not using the right tool. For this there are several successful influencer tracking engines that will help you access any online influencer’s engagements as well as their current activity with ease. To help you choose, here we have gathered several tracking tools to save you from an unwanted research.

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10 Best Tools to Help You Track Influencer Effects

Which tracking tool is the best one for your business? As the influencer marketing grows, it gets harder to find the audience that is right for you. However, for this exact reason, now there are many influencer tracking tools to help you out with your search. Though to understand which one of these tools are worth a try, you will need to select the ones that fit the platform you’re planning to advertise your market in. Additionally, make sure the features as well as the budget are affordably accurate for your business.

All sorted? Now, let’s take a look at our top 10 influencer tracking tools that could match your expectations and help you track any content creator you’re interested in.

1. InflueNex


First off, we recommend InflueNex as one of the easiest ways to track any YouTube influencer for absolutely free. This is currently one of the leading search/tracking tools to help you reach out to the right creator of your choice. By millions we mean 100 million active YouTube influencers from 16 different categories. You can not only find the said creators, but also see their analytics and contact them within the site itself. There are also many filters that you can use to sort through thousands of influencers all at once.


  • Tracks influencers from over 100 million creators and will allow you to find the perfect match for you and your brand.
  • InflueNex offers a Send Invite feature, so you won’t need to find the influencer’s email to communicate with them
  • The best part of it all is that you can use all of its advanced features and track any influencer for no cost whatsoever.


  • You'll have to pay for the full features on this platform.

How to Do Influencer Effect Tracking Efficiently - InflueNex

2. Hype Auditor


Hype Auditor is an Instagram based tracking tool that gives you data and statistics from 3 million of the active influencers in their database. These reports are updated in real-time to provide you accurate analytics. As for how it works, you will need to pay for every influencer report rather than buying a subscription. However, this is quite convenient if you have a specific name in mind. It also comes with honest scores for each influencer, ignoring the spam followers as well as likes.


  • You can search between 3 million potential influencers that might match your niche.
  • Audience Quality Score helps you determine each influencer’s active engagements and understand how many of them are spam.
  • Provides analytics on engagement rate, follower demographics, and rate of authentic interactions.


  • You have to pay $1.99 for each action you take, limiting your access to explore.
  • If you buy less than 100 tokens for influencer report, it might decrease the rate every time you purchase.
  • Available for only Instagram influencers.

How to Do Influencer Effect Tracking Efficiently - Hype Auditor

3. Crowdfire


As for Crowdfire, you can use this tool to manage all your social media accounts. Just like standard tracking tools, this one also provides social analytics and the demographics of many influencers you might be interested in. Despite having a free plan, however, you are restricted to use the data for only one day. Fortunately, Crowdfire has many plans with affordable prices that might suit your budget.


  • To test out the tool itself, you can just try the free plan and see how convenient the tool is for you.
  • Allows you to check each posts’ analytic as well as any influencer’s general performance on a specific platform.
  • Contains more than one social media network for you to try out, this way you can find different creators from multiple platforms.


  • Despite offering a free plan, you will most probably need to sign up for a subscription to access the needed features to help you track influencers.
  • You can only access the free data for only one day, after that you will need to request a demo for a 30-day trial.
  • Also, you might not be able to discover a wide range of related content.

How to Do Influencer Effect Tracking Efficiently - Crowdfire

4. Social Rank


Social Rank, on the other hand, is a tool for both Twitter and Instagram. It helps you segment your audience according to their values, most engaged posts, comments, tags, active followers and likes. There are various options to help you filter your followers and keep track of the performance of your account. You can also check the success of your posts manually to gain further insight of every interaction. As for the pricing, they haven’t displayed any specific amount, though there are still several tiers to choose from. Furthermore, if you're popular on social media, Social Rank might even give you a discount.


  • Track your social media audience from multiple platforms and gain further insight of their activity.
  • There are various discounts that might help you out with your purchase.
  • Track manual interactions of every post you have and compare their engagements.


  • It’s a paid app, you will need to sign up for a subscription to access the said tools and features.
  • You have to maintain a popularity on social media to take advantage of their discounts.
  • You can’t track any other influencer’s engagements or audience, only your own account.

How to Do Influencer Effect Tracking Efficiently - Social Rank

5. HootSuite Analytics


HootSuite is a social media scheduling tool that allows you to access basic features with its free plan and also 3 social media profiles along with their analytics. This tool will help you track the growth of your account and pinpoint which posts attract the most attention. Though if you sign up for their paid tiers, you can access more advanced tools to operate your research. Their Professional plan, for example, costs $19 per month and provides an overview of your account’s key metrics. Apparently, the developers are also planning to add unlimited reports and customizable dashboards to sort your analytics much smoother.


  • Has a free plan that comes with basic tools and 3 social media accounts for you to manage.
  • Contains several platforms to track your social engagements and check out the analytics of your audience.
  • Provides many packages with affordable prices for solo bloggers.


  • The free plan doesn’t provide many useful tools, you might have to switch to a paid plan for better access.
  • The training costs $21 per month if you rather learn the tools professionally.
  • For each extra account you use it requires a purchase from $.99 to $4.99 every month.

How to Do Influencer Effect Tracking Efficiently - HootSuite Analytics

6. Social Bakers


SocialBakers mainly assists enterprises to improve their social media presence. For this they have a special SocialBakers Instagram Analytics Tool. With the help of this feature you can view your business or personal Instagram account’s profile and learn about your audience’s current engagements. This way you can track and determine which type of content your followers are interested in. If you’d like to access more powerful features to manage your account, SocialBakers offer a Suite subscription.


  • It offers a free plan in which you can test out its main features and see how the tool works before purchasing.
  • Includes an advanced set of tools to discover statistics of your Instagram account and its posts.
  • It also has advanced packages to gain a better opportunity at tracking your social media performance.


  • It is mainly available for Instagram users; you cannot access other social media platforms through this tool.
  • It requires a subscription to unlock further insight of each and every influencer.
  • You can only track 3 influencers with above 10,000 followers within the free plan.

How to Do Influencer Effect Tracking Efficiently - Social Bakers

7. Union Metrics


There is also Union Metrics which is another great tool that focuses on improving any industry’s social media strategy with detailed analytics. By the help of this tool you access Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. It provides profile engagement metrics, influencer identification, and audience demographics. Additionally, Union Metrics has a free Instagram Account Checkup tool that can guide through which tags earn the most attention as well as the content you should ignore posting.


  • You can manage your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram account within only one place.
  • Free Instagram Account Checkup tool to help you post quality content to gain more interactivity.
  • The paid plans offer a wide range of tools to track your performance on the given platforms.


  • You will need to purchase the paid plan to access Facebook, Twitter and Instagram all at once.
  • Only allows you to track your own social media accounts rather than accessing desired influencer profile analytics.
  • Most of the tools are only available for paid plans, limiting your access to many advanced features.

How to Do Influencer Effect Tracking Efficiently - Union Metrics

8. SquareLovin


SquareLovin is a free tool that contains analytics of your Instagram insights. First, it gives you a general overview of your account and essential metrics of the audience you currently have. To add up, it also provides a metric for the growth of your account along with likes, comments, visitors etc. The same goes for your posts, you can easily access each post’s insight and compare which content your audience is mostly interested in. Basically, it is a great tool to track which tags and posts have improved the growth of your account by analyzing all the engagement history.


  • It is completely free to use!
  • Wide range of tools for segmenting your audience and gaining a strategy to lead your brand to success.
  • Informs you about which tags have attracted more attention and helps you make more advanced posts in the future.


  • It is available for only Instagram users, doesn’t include any extra networks to track your audience.
  • You cannot track any other influencer’s page to access their audience apart from your own.
  • You will have to wait for a while before accessing your account’s month-long growth and analysis.

How to Do Influencer Effect Tracking Efficiently - SquareLovin

9. Keyhole


Next up, we recommend Keyhole which is a paid tool to track and report your business’ Instagram posts. You can also track your competitors’ profiles and content on Instagram as well. This gives you access to check out each account’s performance and helps you step up your social media strategy to a higher level. The Professional plan costs $199 per month with a request-only free trial available.


  • Free trial is available of the Professional plan.
  • The free trial offers content analytics data from the last year (with a limit of 99 posts.)
  • You can access any other influencer’s analytics and track their audience apart from yours.


  • It is mainly a paid tool; you will have to purchase the Professional tier for wider accessibility.
  • The Professional plan doesn’t offer many useful tools despite the high price of $199 per month.
  • The Agency plan costs $999 if you’d like to track more than one influencer at a time.

How to Do Influencer Effect Tracking Efficiently - Keyhole

10. Iconosquare


Last but not least, there is also Iconosquare which is another paid app for advanced analytics. With this tool you can track both Instagram and Facebook accounts and schedule posts along with contents. However, to access the analytics tool, you will need to sign up for the cheapest tier, which is $29 per month. This package offers accurate statistics of your profile, audience, posts, performance and even stories. There is also an option to see three of your competitors if you sign up for a more expensive plan in the future.


  • Offers tiers that help you track not only your own social media account, but also 3 other competitors.
  • You can manage both Instagram and Facebook all at once.
  • There is a free Instagram Audit tool that provides 20 metrics relating to your account activity, audience and other engagements.


  • It is mainly a paid tool; you will have to purchase the lowest plan in order to access more features for tracking influencers.
  • You can only check out 3 other influencer’s accounts rather than having a wide range of selections.
  • There are only two social media platforms for you to track through.

How to Do Influencer Effect Tracking Efficiently - Iconosquare Conclusion:

If you pick the right tool, it is surely going to be much easier to track your own as well as other influencer’s social media accounts. Basically, the more you gain information about your audience, the better you will be at creating a potential strategy to improve your industrial performance. All you have to do is pick a suitable tracking tool and try out their free plans if they have any. Despite the high prices for some of these tools, they can be worth the price! Of course, if you would like to try one out that is FREE and efficient, we recommend that you check InflueNex now while their offer for free analytics is still available!

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