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What are the best content strategies for influencer outreach? It’s a question many ask themselves, but it really all depends. Sometimes, the best strategy to go for is the one that will be the most successful with the influencer you’re working with. Other times, the best strategy means going with what works best for your product! It can work in many different ways. Nevertheless, continue reading to learn 10 of the most common content strategies for influencer outreach as well as how you can put these strategies to use.

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Part 1. Most Helpful 10 Content Strategies for Influencer Outreach

To start, let’s take a look at 10 content strategy ideas that you can use as a framework to launch your influencer outreach. You’ve probably heard or seen many of these strategies being put into practice all over the internet — and no wonder. These are some of the most common (but nonetheless most effective) methods of collaborating with an influencer to make the most out of a collaboration.

Top 10 Content Strategies for Influencer Outreach

1. Sponsor a Post

Of course, one of the most common content strategies ideas is the ‘simplest.’ In effect, a sponsored post is the standard for most brand and influencer collaborations. In the example below, a brand called SugarBearHair (who are known for manufacturing vitamins for promoting better hair), reached out to a micro-influencer named @mahlaghhajaberi for a sponsored post. In this post, she shared a photo holding up the product and sharing a link to where her audience can get the product for themselves.


  • Sponsored posts increase brand and product awareness.
  • It increases sales and informs people where they can purchase the product.
  • Depending on the type of content, these are the easiest and simplest types of brand x influencer collaborations.

Content Strategies for Influencer Marketing - Sponsor a Post

2. Brand Mentions

In some cases, the star of the post is not the product but the brand. Brand mentions are relatively cheaper and can be a great way of increasing brand awareness. The sample below shows an ad on a brand for cat food, and although there is no link aimed at the sale of an actual product, the influencer does a great job promoting both the brand’s name and what their products are about.


  • Increases interests in the brand and the brand’s products.
  • Should bring traffic over to a brand’s social network.
  • Cheaper and great for collaborating with micro-influencers.

Content Strategies for Influencer Marketing - Brand Mentions

3. Product Giveaway

In the sample below, Twenties Girl Style reached out to an influencer called @goodnightmacaroon to increase sales for their new leopard print cardigans. However, rather than do this through a regular sponsored post, they decided to push up the content quality a bit by offering a giveaway. Giveaways are great content strategies as they can increase engagement, and thus result in more promotion.


  • Increases the percentage of engagement on a sponsored post.
  • Makes the post more shareable.
  • Increases brand popularity and leads towards a better overall image.

Content Strategies for Influencer Marketing - Produce Giveaway

4. Share Profits with a Promo Code

Another common method of collaborating with a known influencer is through the use of PROMO CODES. Promo codes are great in that it benefits everyone. It benefits the brand as it drives up sales and brand awareness, it benefits the influencer as they are promised a cut of the profit, and it benefits consumers by being able to support their favorite influencers and through promised discounts or promo deals.


  • Mutually beneficial to all parties involved.
  • Promises only profit for you as the brand.
  • Splits the profit earned cleanly (which makes it unnecessary to come up with a flat fee.)

Content Strategies for Influencer Marketing - Share Profits with a Promo Code

5. Hire an Ambassador (Long-Term Partner)

This is a rare content strategy method. However, it does promise a lot of success in the long run. It will take a lot of effort to find an influencer to work with you in a way that will justify the long-term contract that you’ll be getting into, but once you find that influencer, you can expect to keep growing from that point on.


  • Promises to be mutually beneficial.
  • Results in long term growth for both parties.
  • Constant exposure is ensured for both brand and influencer.

Content Strategies for Influencer Marketing - Hire an Ambassador

6. Send a Free Product

For companies who are looking for influencers to collaborate with but are lacking of fund to go through with it, sending a FREE sample of a product can go a long way. There is no expectation from the influencer to speak positively about your product. However, that doesn’t mean they won’t be speaking of your product at all — and that’s what you need to get going sometimes.


  • Increase awareness of the product.
  • Especially helpful for a new product debut.
  • Make the influencers learn about the details of your product.

Content Strategies for Influencer Marketing - Send a Free Product

7. Social Media Hashtags

Another way of capitalizing on the way social networks work is to use “Social Media Hashtags.” Hashtags, if they get enough traction, are more likely to get in the ‘front page’ of social networks. And even if that is not your intention, they’re still great to include in your campaigns — if only for the fact that people will have an easier time sharing and talking about it online.


  • Hashtags are both shareable and post-able.
  • They also make campaigns a lot easier to remember.
  • If you’re lucky, you can occupy the #1 spot and increase awareness.

Content Strategies for Influencer Marketing - Social Media Hashtags

8. Influencer Takeover

If you have a social network account that you want to grow, one of the best ways to do it is through an “influencer takeover.” These are very rare, and it will require a high-ranking influencer to pull off. However, with the right influencer, you can increase your own numbers and promote your product while you’re at it!


  • Takeovers can increase your number of followers.
  • It will also bring more general awareness of your brand.
  • Great for initial product launches.

Content Strategies for Influencer Marketing - Influencer Takeover

9. Make it a Challenge

Challenges are a fun and easy way of increasing the hype over the releasing of a product. You see a lot of brands doing it these days, and when done correctly, it can generate so much buzz that you won’t even have to hire your own influencers to spread the message! Challenges like these can spread like wildfire and take on the life of their own. However, they also rely a lot on luck and timing.


  • Great for generating a lot of buzz over a long period.
  • Increases engagement on sponsored content.
  • Will be effective in increasing brand awareness.

Content Strategies for Influencer Marketing - Make it a Challenge

10. Setting up an Event

Another way of generating a lot of buzz is through events. Influencers love events, and they can’t help but want to go to them! If not for the prestige, then for the sake of making their own connections! For brands, however, events are a great way of promoting big launches — as influencers like posting about events that occur in their life.


  • Great for generating a lot of attention.
  • The more influencers that are invited, the more traction the event gets.
  • Influencers are more likely to talk about this product.

Content Strategies for Influencer Marketing - Setting up an Event

Part 2. Practice Content Strategy in Influencer Outreach

Alright, now that we’ve gone over a couple of content strategies that you can use in your influencer outreach, it’s time we teach you how to put them into practice. In the tutorial below, we’re going to be introducing a product called InflueNex. InflueNex is an influencer marketing tool that doubles as an influencer outreach tool. You can use it both for discovering influencers to work with and contacting said influencers.

Key Features:

  • InflueNex works as an influencer search engine.
  • It will also allow you to contact influencers directly.
  • Contact with influencers can also be managed on-site.

How to Use InflueNex to Practice Content Strategy

Step 1. Go to InflueNex Website

Go to, and click the I'm a Brand button at the upper right corner to create an account for using InflueNex.

Content Strategies for Influencer Marketing - Go to InflueNex Website

Step 2. Use Keywords to Find Influencer

Now you can use the search engine of InflueNex to search for the target influencer you'd like to cooperate with.

Content Strategies for Influencer Marketing - Use Keywords to Find Influencer

Step 3. Make Your Search More Specific

If you already have a certain type of influencer in mind, you can use the advanced filters provided to narrow down your search through their average video views count, number of subscribers, content niche, etc.

Content Strategies for Influencer Marketing - Make Your Search More Specific

Step 4. Send Invitation to Influencer

As mentioned, you can send an invitation to an influencer directly on InflueNex. All you have to do is click the Send Invitation button at the top of their InflueNex dashboard.

Content Strategies for Influencer Marketing - Send Invitation to Influencer

Step 5. Choose Your Content Strategy

The only thing left to do is to make use of your chosen content strategy for influencer outreach by sending the influencer you offer for a collaboration.

Content Strategies for Influencer Marketing - Choose Your Content Strategy


There is more than one approach available for influencer outreach! Hopefully, the 10 content strategies that we introduced were enough to get your juices flowing. If they were, take a stab at it now by using the tool that we introduced at the very end. With InflueNex and your choice in content strategy, we’re certain that you can succeed.

Written by Christine Smith on the Apr 14,2020 14:00 pm
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