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How to Contact YouTubers through Email

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Online advertising of product is considered very essential part for your startup endeavor as it will help you to increase revenue in short time duration. You can contact influencers on YouTube through different means which in return will fetch you large customers which will increase profit of your business. One of the best ways is to contact YouTube through email with the help of great templates.

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Part 1. How to Contact YouTubers through Email with Easiest Way

InflueNex is considered as one of the best online portal which will help you to get in touch with several influencers. The Graphical User Interface of the website makes it very easy even for a beginner to handle. Moreover, you will also get access to several templates which will make it more than easy to convince influencer of your choice. You can access the site on your laptop and mobile device thus you can even find influencers while you are commuting. On the other hand there is no requirement to download any software on your computer system; this will save you time and hard disc space.

Key Features

  • InflueNex provide you large base of influencers to choose from based on region, language and area of interest.
  • You can even have a look at the performance of the influencer whom you are planning to choose for collaboration.
  • This web portal also provides you engagement with influencers through its application.
  • It is very easy to contact the influencer with just one initial click.
  • Through InflueNex you can also acquire a suggestive search.

How to Contact YouTubers through Emails with InflueNex

Step 1. Enter the keywords

In the initial step you are required to enter keywords which include name of the channel and influencer.

How to Contact YouTubers through Email - Enter keywords

Step 2. Make your search more precisely

To get more precise search you can acquire tag search facility this will ultimately narrow down your search. Through this facility, you can undertake search based on region and niche.

How to Contact YouTubers through Email - Make your search more precisely

Step 3. Choose the YouTuber

After filling your preferences you can go through wide range of YouTubers, this provides you an upper hand in picking the one which suits your specific requirements.

How to Contact YouTubers through Email - choose the YouTuber

Step 4. Dashboard Analytics

In this step you can have a look at the dashboard of a specific YouTuber and have a look at their views, followers, subscriptions etc. You can send invitation by clicking on send invite menu button.

How to Contact YouTubers through Email - Dahboard Analytics

Step 5. Fill out the email form

In the last step you just have to fill out an email form. The template will help you to create well versed email without much of a hassle. In the form you can even fill out important information like company’s URL, subject, and so on.

How to Contact YouTubers through Email - Fill out the email form

Part 2. How to Contact YouTubers through Email on YouTube Directly

You can even directly contact YouTube through email and get prospective influencers right away. This technique is very cost effective and saves lots of your precious time. YouTube provides the contact information of influencers. Moreover, you will also find it very easy to search an influencer who has same area of interest and have large number of followers as you can clearly see total subscriptions, likes and comments.

How to contact YouTubers through email on YouTube

Step 1. Search YouTuber

Firstly, you are supposed to open YouTube and start to search for the influencers whom you want to collaborate with.

How to Contact YouTubers through Email - Search YouTuber

Step 2. Go to the profile page

In the second step, you can take a look at the profile of the YouTuber, and also check his channel performance by viewing the comments and followers.

How to Contact YouTubers through Email - Go to the profile page

Step 3: Click on View Email Address

Lastly you are required to click on the email address of an influencer whom you want to collaborate. Then you are required to write a compelling email with catchy subject and send it to them.

How to Contact YouTubers through Email - Click on View Email Address

Part 3. Tips & Tricks about Contacting YouTubers through Email

It is very essential that you keep few tricks and tips in mind while you are trying to make your first YouTube email address contact. These strategies will help you to reach out and collaborate with influencer of your choice quickly as it will portray your organization as professional. Moreover these tricks will make your emails look more compelling and your influencers will open them right away.

1. Contact Information

When you are writing collaboration email to a YouTuber then it is very essential to provide them complete information about the company. Moreover, you also have to provide them correct contact information which includes phone number, fax, email address. Thus, influencers will find it easy to contact you and send revert mail back as quickly as possible.


  • This will give a professional look to your organization which will help you to make great first impression.
  • Influencers will also be able to go through the site of your company and can gather information about the niche and products in which you deal.
  • Complete information will provide help to willing influencers and they will contact you right away, thus you can start advertising in small time duration.

How to Contact YouTubers through Email - Contact Information

2. Clear Message

When you write a collaboration email to targeted influencers on YouTube then it is very essential to be specific about the dealing. While you contact YouTube through email you are required to make YouTubers aware of your offer within first couple of lines. This will give you an opportunity to make the aware that you mean business. Influencers do not want to read lengthy emails. If possible then you can even provide links to your products and company which influencers can check out if they want to.


  • With this trick, your influencers will not lose interest in the mail.
  • Here you can save your as well as time of your readers which is considered as one of the most crucial aspect in the world of business.
  • Through this trick you can even make your influencers aware about the proposal straight away.

3. Compelling Subject

Proper acknowledgement about how to contact YouTuber for products email does wonders for startup companies. Emails with compelling subjects are read more by influencers, when you write emails with catchy lines then influencers will open them and go through the content. This is considered very important as it is the first step towards the collaboration. With this trick you can make your to-be collaborators that they are important for your business.


  • This trick will help you to speak about business right away.
  • Through compelling subject line your influencers will open and go through the email at least for once.
  • It will make your formal email more attractive and you can make aware your influencers what you are offering before they even open the mail.

How to Contact YouTubers through Email - Compelling Subject

4. Appropriate Greeting

Greeting your prospective influencers will get you in the good books right away. How to contact YouTube user by email with appropriate greeting is considered as one of the most important aspect. Moreover, appropriate greeting is considered as very essential element in the world of business. Through this feature you can also establish a formal relationship with influencer.


  • You will get an added advantage to show the ethics and work culture of your organization.
  • This attribute will give more subtle and professional look to your formal email.
  • Through this attribute you can even send a message to all of your influencers that you value their individual efforts and provide them equal respect.

5. Use of Appropriate Fonts

It is very essential to know how to contact a YouTube user by email which has proper formal format. While writing an email it is very important to use perfect fonts along with size. It is very essential to use fonts like Arial, Tahoma, Verdana etc. as they provide authentic professional look to your email. When you use appropriate fonts then your influencer will receive the message in a well presented format. This in return will give you a professional look.


  • Writing email in appropriate format will help you to establish great image in front of your influencers.
  • This trick is accepted in most of the professional emails and help companies to maintain formal dignity.
  • With appropriate fonts the message becomes legible and easy to understand by your influencer.


Nowadays, it is very easy to contact influencers of your choice by writing compelling emails to them. If you are new to the task and want to learn how to contact a YouTube user by email, you can simply log into InflueNex. The site will guide you thoroughly about writing compelling and professional emails to your influencers. These emails will help you to get into their good books and you will also be able to maintain the professional dignity.

Written by Christine Smith on the Nov 06,2019 15:02 pm
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