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How to Contact YouTubers for Permission

to Use Their Music

You can be penalized for using copywritten music without the consent of the copyright holder. Getting yourself into one of those battles is about as good as ending your career! After all, a lot of platforms take that seriously — and you can end up losing a lot of money because of it. That is why, before you even consider putting whatever catchy tune has caught your eye into your own content, you should learn how to contact YouTubers for permission to use their music!

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Part 1. How to Contact YouTubers for Permission to Use Their Music

An example method of doing this is through InflueNex. InflueNex has the largest database of YouTube influencers available on its databanks — which makes it the perfect place to find YouTube music influencers, as well as the perfect place to reach out to said influencers! You’ll see exactly what we mean by this in the tutorial we’ve laid out below (which will take you, step by step, through the process of using InflueNex to contact a YouTuber for permission to use their music.) Before any of that, however, here are some of InflueNex’s main features:

Key Features of InflueNex:

  • Smart and helpful influencer search feature.
  • Millions of YouTuber influencers in their databanks.
  • Live stats and analytics for said influencers.
  • Influencer contact feature for getting in touch with influencers.
  • Contact management features for managing past and current conversations.

How to Contact YouTubers for Permission to Use Their Music

Step 1. Use the Search Feature

First up, use the search feature provided by InflueNex to locate the influencer that you want to contact for permission! There are two tools that you can use for this: Enter the keywords related to the influencer's channel name, channel topic and so on; and use the advanced filters below the searching bar to make your search more specific.

How to Contact YouTubers for Permission to Use Their Music - Use the Search Engine

Step 2. Select the Influencer

Based on your set search parameters, a list of influencers will appear. Choose whatever influencer you want to contact in order to view their InflueNex dashboard.

How to Contact YouTubers for Permission to Use Their Music - Select the Influencer

Step 3. Use Features in InflueNex Dashboard

The InflueNex dashboard is packed with all sorts of helpful analytics and features. The one that you need to pay attention to, for contacting YouTubers, is the Send Invitation button. Click that in order to move to the next step.

How to Contact YouTubers for Permission to Use Their Music - Use Features in InflueNex Dashboard

Step 4. Write Your Request for Permission

InflueNex has a smart email service that will handle a lot of things for you (like automatically inputting the YouTuber’s contact information.) The only thing left for you to do is to write your request for permission to use the YouTuber’s music, and then click SEND.

How to Contact YouTubers for Permission to Use Their Music - Write Your Request for Permission

Part 2. How to Contact Music Influencers on Instagram

Just for comparative purposes, we’re also going to be teaching you how to contact music influencers on Instagram! For this, just like with the previous tutorial, we’re going to be using a third-party tool. This time, it’s called Heepsy. Unlike InflueNex, Heepsy’s database is curated, so you won’t be able to use this to find all music Instagram influencers. Nevertheless, it’s still highly effective as a way of finding and contacting music influencers.

How to Contact Music Influencers on Instagram

Step 1. Create a Heepsy Account

In order to use Heepsy, you need to create an account for it.

How to Contact YouTubers for Permission to Use Their Music - Create a Heepsy Account

Step 2. Fill in the Account Form

Finish creating your Heepsy account by filling in the account form as is shown in the image below!

How to Contact YouTubers for Permission to Use Their Music - Fill in the Account Form

Step 3. Use Filters and Search Tools

Now, it’s time to use the search tools and filters offered by Heepsy in order to find an Instagram music influencer to contact for permission to use their music!

How to Contact YouTubers for Permission to Use Their Music - Use Filters and Search Tools

Step 4. Upgrade to View Information

If you want to be able to use Heepsy to find the Instagram influencer’s contact information, you will have to get a Heepsy upgrade!

How to Contact YouTubers for Permission to Use Their Music - Upgrade to View Information

Part 3. Top 10 Music Influencers and Their Contacts

To finish this all off, here is a list of the top 10 music influencers on social media — including their contact information and general statistics (which was contrived from InflueNex.) If ever you wanted to learn more about any of the influencers on this list, just click the URL provided. You’ll be taken to their InflueNex dashboard, where you can contact them on-site (without having to manually go searching for their contact information.)

10 Music Influencers and Their Contacts

1. Baby Ariel

URL: https://www.influenex.com/youtube/channel/UCrv1Jwqqo_Xc7iJiwTGi5mg

Baby Ariel had seen explosive growth on social media through both musical.ly and TikTok by posting fun and short videos of her lip-synching to popular pop songs. Nowadays, she’s diving straight into the genre by using her new-found social media influence to leverage her original music! Despite being quite young, she had been considered one of the most influential people on the internet — and she’s bound to continue growing from here on out.

How to Contact YouTubers for Permission to Use Their Music - Baby Ariel

2. Marc Rebillet

URL: https://www.influenex.com/youtube/channel/UCXgxNzAgZ1GExhTW4X1mUrg

Marc Rebillet is known for his flexible and fun-loving music style. It’s not the kind of music that you’re going to hear anywhere else, but that’s exactly why he has so many people following him! Without knowing it, you’ve probably even heard one of his songs through viral posts on social media — which is exactly why he ow has over 300K followers on YouTube alone!

How to Contact YouTubers for Permission to Use Their Music -

3. Kyle Beats

URL: https://www.influenex.com/youtube/channel/UCfYEdvKQekP7RiemXC0o92w

Kyle Beats (real name, Kyle Garvan) is another popular YouTube music influencer that produces incredibly fun and catchy beats. Although, unlike Rebillet, he tends to stick to the hip-hop genre. You may have heard one of his beats in the background of another YouTube influencer’s content multiple times already — and he’s been known to work with musicians as well. At the moment, he almost has 280K followers on YouTube (where he posts vlogs and other music-related content.)

How to Contact YouTubers for Permission to Use Their Music - Kyle Beats

4. Josephine Alexandra

URL: https://www.influenex.com/youtube/channel/UCyLATKbctfN_N6uq0IHvfZg

Josephine Alexandra is another known music influencer. Although unlike the previous influencers, she’s better known for her covers. She plays around with a lot of music genres for her covers and can play several instruments to back up her already beautiful vocals. At the time of writing this article, she has over 660K subscribers on YouTube.

How to Contact YouTubers for Permission to Use Their Music - Joseohine Alexandra

5. Imaginary Ambition

URL: https://www.influenex.com/youtube/channel/UCP5bYRGZUJMG93AVoMekz9g

Imaginary Ambition is a popular music influencer known for his humorous music-based YouTube videos (which are both funny and pleasing to the ears!) He posts a lot of how-to videos as well, which often end up being a lot more satirical that you’d probably expect. However, it’s definitely catching people’s attention. After all, as of now, he has grown his channel to about 400K subscribers on YouTube.

How to Contact YouTubers for Permission to Use Their Music - Imaginary Ambition

6. The Theorist

URL: https://www.influenex.com/youtube/channel/UCWBKJ1RNeKTPII34pc6UyUg

The Theorist, as you may be able to guess from the classy name, is a musician that focuses on classical music — with his skills on the Piano being his most prevalent figure. He’s best known for turning popular pop music into amazingly soothing classic renditions, but he also produces original music of his own. At the time of writing this article, he’s grown his YouTube channel to almost 1 million subscribers!

How to Contact YouTubers for Permission to Use Their Music - The Theorist

7. Landon Austin

URL: https://www.influenex.com/youtube/channel/UC5wAhiVPR3_kM5aIIj6MqJw

Landon Austin does a lot of everything on Social Media. But, he’s also quite well-known for being a very talented country singer slash songwriter. Despite only having about 275K subscribers on his YouTube channel, a lot of his country covers, and original music have been listened to millions of times on popular streaming sites, like Spotify.

How to Contact YouTubers for Permission to Use Their Music - Landon Austin

8. FrankJavCee

URL: https://www.influenex.com/youtube/channel/UCAgoEUwn-LQy0fTyUxMngag

FrankJavCee popularized a very specific type of YouTube content that mixed fun and satirical humor along with beautiful music. He hasn’t had much growth in recent times, at least when it comes to YouTube — which is at 296K subscribers currently. However, he’s a pioneer that is probably going to continue evolving from here!

How to Contact YouTubers for Permission to Use Their Music - FrankJavCee

9. AcesToAces

URL: https://www.influenex.com/youtube/channel/UCmomtZFNN-A_nB7jHM7H1bw

AcestoAces is another social media influencer that does a little bit of a lot of things. However, on the music side of the industry, he’s well known for producing his own music — which tends towards the more electronic pop kind of feel. At the moment, he has over 470K subscribers on his YouTube channel!

How to Contact YouTubers for Permission to Use Their Music - AcesToAces

10. Corey Vidal

URL: https://www.influenex.com/youtube/channel/UCzGuqFL0gdE6rqSDB5Wa23Q

The last music influencer on our list is Corey Vidal. He’s a Canadian-based YouTuber that is becoming pretty well known for his music-based content. Still, as a growing influencer, there is much left to expect from him. At the time of writing this article, he has over 217K subscribers on YouTube!


Don’t risk getting into a copyright battle — only to end up losing all the profit from the content you worked so hard to make! If you’re going to use copywritten music for your videos or posts, and expect to profit from it, then you need to contact the song-owner before you even think of sharing your content on social media! For that, we recommend tools like InflueNex (especially if you’re looking to get the permission of a YouTube influencer.)

Written by Christine Smith on the Apr 14,2020 18:00 pm
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