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How to Contact YouTube Video Uploader

for Promotion in 2019

Nowadays, YouTube has turned out to be the biggest platform for influencer marketing. Brands have been doing aggressive influencer marketing campaigns in recent years and have been getting good returns from it. So the question arises, how to contact YouTube uploader? Well there are a lot of ways to do so and you can use various influencer marketing tools to get in touch with them. You can also make use of other social media platforms, business emails etc. to initiate conversation with them and can eventually propose the deal to them. By using the specialized influencer marketing tools, you will be saving a lot of time and efforts.

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Part 1. Easiest Way to Contact YouTube Video Uploader

There are a lot of influencer marketing management tools available on the internet. Among them, Influenex is one of the most popular and widely used tool for influencer marketing. This is a great tool that helps you to directly contact YouTube uploader for various influencer marketing proposals. This tool allows you to search for any YouTuber by simply entering their channel name or pasting their channel URL. It also provides you with deep insights about their audience and channel which you can use to make a better decision when selecting the right influencer.

Key Features

  • Influenex allows you to create a centralized dashboard from where you can handle your campaign.
  • You can use this tool to search for any relevant YouTuber using their search feature.
  • • Have a working influencer outreach program to help you contact influencers with easy steps.
  • InflueNex Score is used for judging the overall performance of an influencer which helps you choose the best one.
  • InflueNex provides detailed statistics of an influencer so that you cna know more about the influencer.

How to Contact YouTube Video Uploader using InflueNex

The following is a step by step guide, which you can follow to contact any YouTuber using Influenex-

Step 1. Type the name of the channel in search box

Open your browser and search for Influenex. Open the website, you will notice a search option on the home screen. Enter the name of the channel you wish to contact to and press search button.

How to Contact YouTube Video Uploader for Promotion - Type the channel name in search box

Step 2. Use the advanced search options

You will also notice a lot of filters under the search bar, and you can use them to further enhance the results and to narrow it down to most suitable channels for your requirements.

How to Contact YouTube Video Uploader for Promotion - Use advanced filters

Step 3. Select the influencer you wish to connect

Once you get the search results, you will see a lot of similar channels. Make sure you have a look at their ratings and choose the right one to avoid any issues.

How to Contact YouTube Video Uploader for Promotion - Select influencer to contact

Step 4. Invite the influencer

When you select an influencer, you will be taken to their dashboard where you will be able to go through their channel’s insights and statistics. After you go through all that, you will see a send invite button on the right side of the area where the name of influencer is written, click on it and continue.

How to Contact YouTube Video Uploader for Promotion - Invite the influencer

Step 5. Send the Email

Once you send the invite to the influencer, you will be taken to another page where you will notice various fields that you have to fill. Enter all the necessary details like the name of your brand, contact details, address and your plans regarding the campaign and press the Send button. If the influencer is interested in your proposal, they’ll reply to your email address directly.

How to Contact YouTube Video Uploader for Promotion - Send Invitation Email

Part 2. Helpful Tips & Tricks about Contacting YouTube Video Uploaders

Often brands ignore the simple formats of communication and miss their chances of availing the services of an influencer. It is better to follow certain aspects when trying to communicate with an influencer, but it’s still difficult for you to succeed with one email. Therefore, you should make sure you take all the appropriate steps while contacting a YouTuber so that you can have a better chance of successfully convincing them to work with you. The following are some tips and tricks that you should follow while contacting a YouTube influencer-

TIps and Tricks about Contacting YouTube Video Uploaders

1. Find the right influencers

The first thing to do is to find an authentic influencer from your niche as the most important part of an influencer marketing is the influencer and their reach. You can make use of Influencer search tools like Influenex to do so. Try to reach them by emailing them with your proposals and to give them a considerable offer in return of their assistance in the marketing campaign. It is important to hire the influencer that is more related to your product even if some other influencer has more followers.

2. Share their posts and be active on their comment box

YouTube has a very large viewer base, yet influencers try to respond to maximum number of followers, make sure that you are active in their comment sections on YouTube along with other social media accounts that they may have. You should also share their posts on your own profile to earn their respect and trust. Make sure that your engagements are noticed by them.

3. Track the response from the links

Make sure you create custom tracking links for every influencer you work it so that you can track the effectiveness of the campaigns they have started. This will help you to decide which campaign has given you the best result so that you can quantify the results properly.

4. Offer free samples or coupon codes

You can offer free samples to the influencers and to some of their selected followers to further enhance your relationship with the influencers. If you have made software, make sure that you send a free copy to the influencer along with discounts coupons for their fans. This will create a better image for your brands in front of the fan following of the influencer, further enhancing your tie-ups.

5. Create title that can attract them

When you are sharing the posts of the influencers, make sure you use well researched and trending hash tags and captions. This will get them more views while also growing your own follower base. The influencers will be happy to see such gestures and will surely like to work with you if you give them a chance.

Part 3. How to Contact YouTube Video Uploaders with Helpful Templates

There are a lot of templates available on the internet that you can use to get better response from the influencers. These templates are written by professionals and experienced people in the influencer market and will surely help you to convince any influencer to work with you. You can easily modify the templates according to your own preference. These templates have blank spaces in between so that you can fill out the relevant information there. These templates help you to save a lot of time and efforts and will also make a good first impression on the influencer you are interacting with.

5 Most Helpful Templates fopr Contacting YouTube Video Uploaders

1. Templates for sending out free samples

If your brand makes a certain kind of product that is related to the YouTuber you are trying to contact with, it is better to send some free samples to them. Under these templates, you will be informing the influencer that you are sending a package that contains samples of your product to them. Ask them to use it and share their opinions about it with their audience. This will help you to establish good business relations with them. Make sure you provide your proper brand name, website link and address to further make your offer seem credible to them.

Benefits of this template

  • This is a great template to target influencers along with their audience and to get a bit of mouth to mouth promotion.
  • This template will hint the YouTuber that you are willing to make an influencer marketing offer to them.
  • This template is easy to modify and will help you to start a healthy business tie up with the influencer.

How to Contact YouTube Video Uploader for Promotion - Sending Out Free Samples

2. Beta test invitation templates

If your firm makes software, this email template is the most suitable for you. Under this you will be inviting the YouTuber to join the early access to your latest software. Ask for their feedback and try to improve your product with their inputs. This will help you create a strong tie with them and after the beta program ends, they will. They will think of it as their own work and will rigorously promote it to their audience without hesitation.

Benefits of this template

  • By using this template you will get to know about shortcomings present in your software.
  • You also get useful inputs to improve the features of your tool.
  • When influencers will be helping you with beta testing, they will share it with their audience. This will give you some free publicity.

How to Contact YouTube Video Uploader for Promotion - Best test invitation template

3. Starting a relationship template

This is a commonly used template among some of the top brands that contact YouTubers. If you are willing to have a long term tie-up with a certain YouTube influencer, this template can help you. It is professionally written and contains proper complements and appreciation for their work. You have to completely open about your motives which will surely be appreciated by the influencer. These templates are mostly pre written and all you have to do is to enter the details about your firm.

Benefits of this template

  • This type of template will help you to establish long term tie-ups with the influencers.
  • These templates have a professional touch to them and are considered the go to template for most of the influencer marketing needs.
  • This template allows you to contact your preferred YouTuber in a very subtle way that will surely convince them to work with you.

How to Contact YouTube Video Uploader for Promotion - Starting a relationship template

4. Post being featured template

Most of the firms have a list of influencers they want to work with, and they are active on their social media platforms. Such brands often share the videos posted by the influencers on their own social media handles. This is a great way to earn the attention of any influencer you want to connect with for future influencer marketing campaigns. In these templates, you can inform the influencer about how much you appreciate their works and you have shared their videos with your audience. Make sure you drop hints about your own tool or product so that they can also do the same for you.

Benefits of this template

  • This showcases that you are promoting the YouTube influencer and will motivate them to work for you.
  • It will help you to earn the respect of the YouTuber and will establish your credibility in front of them.
  • It is widely regarded as one of the most attractive template for convincing YouTube influencers.

How to Contact YouTube Video Uploader for Promotion - Post being featured template

5. The overall roundup template

This is perhaps the best email template that you can send out to YouTube influencers. This template compliments the influencers, informs them about your brand, gives them promotion, showcase generosity and professionalism. These templates can be easily found on internet and can be downloaded for free. You can further modify them according to your requirements so that you can properly convey your message to them.

Benefits of this template

  • This is a very well balanced template that properly compliments influencers.
  • Under this template you will get to introduce yourself to the influencer properly.
  • This template is easy to find on the internet and modifiable according to your requirements.

How to Contact YouTube Video Uploader for Promotion - Overall roundup template


There are a lot of ways to get in touch with some of the top YouTube influencers in the market. While contacting them you can also use email templates to have a better first impression on them. Influenex is a great tool that a lot of brands and influencers are using nowadays. It allows you to search for any YouTuber and directly contact them from within the tool. It has a lot of other features like influencer rankings, channel insights etc that will help you to make an informed decision about which influencer to choose. Make sure you use Influenex next time for your influencer marketing needs.

Written by Christine Smith on the Apr 14,2020 13:41 pm
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