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YouTube has become one of the best places for influencer marketing campaigns. This is why businesses are constantly trying to get in touch with some of the top YouTube influencers in the market so that they can get the most out of their campaigns. Contacting a YouTuber privately for a business proposal isn’t the easiest task as it is very tough to get their contact details due to privacy reasons. There are many ways to get contact details of these influencers but you will have to be very accurate and to the point to convince them. In the paragraphs below, you will be introduced with various methods about how to contact YouTube channel owner. You can use these methods to contact influencers from YouTube and to make your brand successful.

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Part 1. 10 Most Helpful Tools to Help You Contact YouTube Users

1. InflueNex


This is the top rated online tools where you can find the suitable YouTube influencer for your brand promotion easily within the few clicks. There are many advanced settings that you can do to find the correct one like category, language, areas, subscribers an d many more. The most important you can also check their engagement rates on their channel to decide whether the channel is worth investing or not.

Key Features

  • 10 advanced filters to find the ideal influencer
  • Easy Channel comparison and simple interface
  • Track the performance of the influencers

Contact YouTube Users with Helpful Tools - InflueNex

2. Heepsy


This is used by many people as it can not only find the YouTube influencers for you but also find the Instagram and twitter influencers. Heepsy is having a little complex interface as it contains too many functions inside. You can find the micro influencers from 5 thousand followers to million followers really quick.

Key Features

  • Fake follower analyzer
  • Easy Channel comparison and simple interface
  • Many big and small companies linked

Contact YouTube Users with Helpful Tools - Heepsy

3. InteRed


InteRed is the online tool used by many companies to find the ideal influencer for their brand promotion. With the help of the online software you can compare the performance of the youtubers in the recent 20 videos on their channels. This makes it easy to predict the profit you will be getting in investing for the particular channel.

Key Features

  • Analysis of recent videos
  • Benefit estimation
  • Allows to share management list

Contact YouTube Users with Helpful Tools - InteRed

4. Viralstat


If you are looking for the perfect influencers on YouTube, this online tool can help you a lot in this situation. From all the viral videos to the top rated influencers you can search on the viralstat. You can compare the channels and see where to run your ads so it can get the best response.

Key Features

  • Quick search and monetizing
  • Finds most relevant place to run your ads by the keywords used
  • Verified popularity of the influencers

Contact YouTube Users with Helpful Tools - VIralstat

5. Socialbook


Socialbook is a quick and easy to use online tool that helps you to get the effective and genuine influencers having great popularity among audience. You can also see the location of the influencers with the average engagement in the recent days. This software can make your tough task much easier and faster.

Key Features

  • Average view count and piece adjustments
  • Geo location of YouTube influencer
  • Active status to see last seen of the influencer

Contact YouTube Users with Helpful Tools - Socialbook

6. Upfluence


This is very commonly used platform among the people to find the effective YouTube influencer for their brand promotion. With the advanced settings and filters you can ease your task and complete it within no time. Select from the millions of creators as there is no limit and boost up your business profit with this online tool.

Key Features

  • Quick working
  • Advanced filters to make your search accurate
  • Better insights of each YouTube channel

Contact YouTube Users with Helpful Tools - Upfluence

7. NoxInfluencer


It is the globally trusted online tool to find the top rated YouTube influencers within few clicks. You can check their channel’s insights easily with the help of this tool and also check the rate of growth or downfall of the particular creator. You can get access to more than 9 million YouTube creators with the help of this online tool and contact them directly via email.

Key Features

  • 100% security of funds
  • Real-time monitor
  • Comparison with big database

Contact YouTube Users with Helpful Tools - NoxInfluencer

8. Makrwatch


This is the most simple and easy tool that you can work upon. Anyone can use it as this includes very simple steps to follow for finding and contacting the ideal influencers for your business. With the help of this tool you can also see the number of videos posted by the creator in a week to know how active they are among their audience.

Key Features

  • You can find the micro influencers easily if you want to start low
  • Get the detail of videos per week
  • Get the insights of sponsorships the creator got on their channel

Contact YouTube Users with Helpful Tools - Makrwatch

9. Crowdmedia


Crowdmedia is among the trending online tool that can make your task much easier. With the help of this tool you can find the influencers on any social platform and contact them via email. This contains hot topics and the creators looking for that topics to make video on their channel. You can simply take the advantage of all the current topics and do your brand promotion through this.

Key Features

  • Easy finding YouTube creators related to the hot topics
  • Number of big companies and influencers on this platform
  • Easy navigation through the insights

Contact YouTube Users with Helpful Tools - Crowdmedia

10. Storybacker


Storybacker is another commonly used platform where you can find the influencers for your business promotion from various social media like YouTube, instagram, etc. if you want to see the creators presence on every social platform, you can go through this online tool for this task. Proper view of insight will be given to you and you can compare the dashboard with the other influencers at the same time.

Key Features

  • Search with hashtags and keywords
  • Number of categories to choose from
  • Easy comparison on all social platform

Contact YouTube Users with Helpful Tools - Storybacker

Part 2. A Better Tool to Contact YouTube Users

There are many online tools available to contact with the YouTube influencers. Among all the influencer contacting tools, InflueNex is one of the best because this influencer marketing tool allows you to contact influencers in easy steps. Besides the influencer contacting feature, InflueNex also enables you to search influencers, manage influencers and track effects.Moreover, InflueNex allows you to save your history as template so that you can use it tfor another collaboration as well.

How to Contact YouTube Users with InflueNex

Contacting YouTube user is very simple and quick when you use InflueNex tool. Here are the complete steps to contact your ideal influencer for your brand promotions:

Step 1. Search with keywords

When you open the InflueNex site you can see the search bar at the top of the page. Here you can put the name of the YouTube channel if you are having any thoughts about any creator and check the insights of his/her channel. If you don’t know the name search for the keywords according to your niche for example beauty, sports, gaming, etc.

Contact YouTube Users with Helpful Tools - Search with Keywords

Step 2. Advanced search

With the help of advanced settings given on this tool you can get the accurate influencer for your business. you can select the categories of the creator, country, the language used in his videos, total subscribers on his channel, average views, etc. when you complete with all the advanced filters click on the search button.

Contact YouTube Users with Helpful Tools - Advanced search

Step 3. Choose the YouTube user

Once you click on the search bar you will be listed with the number of YouTubers. You can see their number of subscribers, total views and videos on their channel from the listed bar. The list will be totally based on your search settings and requirements. You can also see the InflueNex score present at the right corner of each influencer’s bar.

Contact YouTube Users with Helpful Tools - Choose the YouTube user

Step 4. Analyze YouTube user dashboards

When you click on the influencer you will be listed with the detailed dashboard which carries all the insights of that particular channel. You can do easy comparison with the detailed dashboards of every influencer and see which one will give you the best profit.

Contact YouTube Users with Helpful Tools - Analyze YouTube User Dashboard

Step 5. Finish the email to contact

When you open the dashboard you will be provided with the ‘send invite’ option on the top right corner. Choose the option to send the direct mail to the creator. Fill in the details asked in the form like product name that you want them to promote, its URL, your company name and email body. then finally click on the send button.

Contact YouTube Users with Helpful Tools - Finish the email to contact


There are several online tools to contact the ideal YouTube influencer for your brand promotion but the top rated tool that many companies use is InflueNex. This tool give you the number of advanced filters from which you can get your desired creator and also estimate the profit that you can make from that promotion with the help of detailed insights.

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