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SnapChat is one of the most popular social media websites among the youngsters. Almost more than 70% of American youngsters make use of SnapChat. Moreover, SnapChat has thousands of social media stars as well as audience. This is the best way for brands to engage with existing SnapChat users in an effective way.

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Snapchat is indeed one of the greatest ways to connect with friends and pals. Known as the fastest way to share a moment, SnapChat is indeed a social media platform used for marketing the products and services too. May be this can be a very daunting and tedious task to fetch a good amount of leads. Nevertheless, it is a platform to market your products. Moreover, you can even have a strong network with targeted audience. Additionally, you can even connect with a plethora of influencers for display and promotions of products.

Part 1: How to Contact a SnapChat Influencer Easily

Connecting with people has become extremely easy today. Connecting with SnapChat influencers is definitely not a big deal if you follow proper steps on the SnapChat App. SnapChat App is easy to use to find influencers with followers. Let’s see how to contact SnapChat influencers using the below steps.

How to Contact a SnapChat Influencer Easily

Step 1: Take Screenshot of the snapcode

Every influencer has a snapcode. Ensure to take the code and other relevant details with the use of screenshots. These influencers have a number of followers and ensure that they are all covered in this campaign.

Step 2: Open your SnapChat

All you need to do is open the SnapChat app, register your brand. Also, identify interest categories for the brand. This can be done before selecting the influencers for your business or a brand. Evaluate customers’ choice, demand, fitness, fashion, travel interests and lots more. This will simplify the influencer finding process.

Step 3: Swipe down on the screen

Scroll down the screen and add as many followers as you can. Moreover, target social media influencers from various sources like YouTube, Viners, Instagram, Facebook, vloggers, bloggers and lots more. Influencers from various categories will be covered and brand recognition will be expanded.

Step 4: Add the SnapCode

After adding significant amount of followers and friends, add the snapcode of the influencer. Moreover, try to market the campaign viral. In this way, there are chances to gain more such influencers and marketers for the brand.

Last but not least, click the snapchat code from the camera roll and your campaign is all set to go live actively. Make sure to select the influencers with higher followers and fans because they can surely make the campaign reach high through creativity.

Part 2: Helpful Tools to Help You Contact SnapChat Influencers

SnapChat is indeed a great platform to make friends and sharing all the classy and elegant snaps with respective filters. SnapChat is also used for marketing and promotional purposes. Besides, you can also use the same for connecting with influencers with strong following base. You can also use some of the exciting tools to find and manage influencers.

10 Helpful Tools to Contact SnapChat Influencers

1. influence

URL: is an excellent tool that helps you to connect with influencers who have strong followers and who wish to work with the brands for promotion and marketing purposes. This tool has enormous database for all the business and product niches. Moreover, it is absolutely free to use where you get a chance to contact more than 30 influencers a month. Easy to use and has several categories to explore. Just search our business category and click on the Search button.


  • Grow the genuine network.
  • Better chance to collaborate with influencers.
  • 150K+ influencer members.


  • Lack of secrecy.
  • Building a following list can be a challenge.
  • Keeping integrity is tough.

2. Social Blade


Just like the Social Blade is also the platform for connecting with the followers and finding potential influencers for your brand. After a brand finds out potential partner on the, it can vet them indeed with the use of free influencer data tool for reporting. This is used to check if they have natural following or not. Also, ranking is important in terms of influencer following.


  • Simplified analytics report at your fingertips.
  • 7 million+ visitors monthly.
  • Identifies the fake account immediately.


  • Limited store functionalities.
  • Limited promotions.
  • Live streaming is rare.

3. Zoho Social


Zoho Social has plethora tools to automate and promote your business, but one of the unique one is the Zoho Social. This tool manages the social media platforms of the company and simplifies the tagging and interaction with influencers on different social media platforms. It is affordable and can be bought by anyone. Setting up your account is easy and extremely simple. Sign up and sync all the social media platforms. Just click Connect and you will have to log into your social media accounts.


  • Easy to use as well as highly integrated.
  • Smart monitoring.
  • Insightful reports.


  • Affordable alternative tools.
  • Only fit for small businesses.
  • Zoho customer support can be challenging.

4. Kolsquare


Kolsquare tool can be used for almost everything from a daily task to long-term project management or conducting training for the employees. It is one of the best tools for managing influencers over social media platforms. The free version can be used for daily tasks like accessing the social media and lots more. Trello-style board is used to assign and manage the work effectively. Also multiple tasks can be handled, managed and assigned. Add details and description on tasks by clicking Description field. Moreover, team members can comment and discuss their work.


  • Great features.
  • Tons of functionalities and features.
  • Free plans.


  • Limited tasks.
  • Projects are complex.
  • Complex functionalities.

5. Upfluence


One of the most popular influencer platforms for SnapChat, Upfluence offers a well-blended set of features. One of the best influencer marketing tools as it has an enormous database of more than 3 million influencers’ details. Moreover, the tool algorithm analyses content, posts, reaches, engagement and so much more.


  • It saves much time
  • It's data-driven platform
  • It offers speedy campaigns


  • Difficult to understand
  • Supported only to Windows desktop
  • Difficult to track results

6. Hype Auditor


Hype Auditor known as one of the top Instagram and SnapChat influencers ranking, Hype Auditor is determined to have the best quality followers and engagement. The tool makes a proper analysis and gives rank to the bloggers and sort quality bloggers and also analyze the authentic engagement of the same. Also, it provides the following info like Current ranking, followers, authentic engagement on the followers.


  • Accurate and authentic audience demographics.
  • Open data and AI based tool.
  • Fraud detection system.


  • Lack of privacy.
  • No application inside developed.

7. Post for Rent


Post for Rent is one of the best and most preferable SnapChat influencer tools used extensively for branding as well as marketing the products. The platform indeed helps you to design and manage customized stories on different devices. It scrutinizes the stories that drive reaches, engagement, enhance the awareness and it promises to take the branding at very next level.


  • Create awesome Instagram and SnapChat stories.
  • Share the stories faster.
  • Lots of filters.


  • Limited free version.
  • Costly for regular use.
  • Difficult to understand some features.

8. Discover


Discover is one of the most useful and convenient tool as it gives in depth analysis as well as reports of the social media content on different channels. Advanced features help you to channelize and streamline your marketing campaign. Automates the campaign reports and saves time as well as efforts.


  • Automate campaign reports.
  • Audience insights and content tagging.
  • Cross channel social posts and video analysis.


  • Extensive competition.
  • Large database drags down
  • Difficult to operate some unique features.

9. Social Crawlytics


Social Crawlytics is a technical web SnapChat tool that provides in depth management as well as analysis dashboard. It allows creating and uploading Snapchat posts, content, a set of profiling tools and also scheduling all the content. You can capture the screenshot automatically and add them into the story section to other social media networks.


  • Authentic metrics and results in 2.5 minutes.
  • Smarter work.
  • 4x more CTR.


  • High competition of the other tools.
  • Limited free plans.
  • Difficult to choose the best influencer.

10. SnapChat Ads


Snapchat Ads manager is one of the prominent tools that assist you to reach the Snapchat influencers within fraction of seconds. Also, the tool helps to design, manage advertising campaigns and run effective advertising campaigns. It helps a brand to connect with customers or targeted audience in interesting ways. It is possible to measure the results too.


  • Has a high engagement rate of audience.
  • Easy to optimize for the campaigns.
  • The connection of this platform is fast.


  • Limited free plan and features.
  • Skipping the ads is tough sometimes.
  • This is a very expensive tool.


These were some of the tools that can really help you find the most suitable SnapChat influencers for your business. Moreover, a brand must keep on updating the SnapChat as well as different types of social media channels.

Written by Christine Smith on the Apr 15,2020 16:42 pm
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