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Are you looking to get a head start on your competitors? Then, the best method of doing so right now is to expose your brand through social media. In order to do that, you will need to first learn all the different ways available for contacting media influencers. Continue reading to do just that for YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and even LinkedIn.

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Part 1. Easiest Way to Contact YouTube Influencers

Video-based influencer marketing campaigns are one of the best and most effective ways of marketing to a variety of different consumers — and there’s no better place to do it than through YouTube. Millions of people are tuning in to watch their favorite YouTubers every day, and a lot of them are relying on those same influencers to guide their purchase decisions. InflueNex, the tool we’re going to be introducing below, is the best equipped for this purpose. After all, it provides the following tools.

Key Features of InflueNex:

  • Influencer search engine equipped with a smart search bar and advanced filters.
  • Influencer analytics tool for deep insights and analytics.
  • Outreach tool for contacting YouTube influencers.
  • Outreach management tools for keeping track of sent and received messages.

How to Contact YouTube Influencers with InflueNex

Step 1. Use the Search Engine

Firstly, go to, and create an InflueNex account by clicking the Sign Up button at the upper right corner. After creating the account, you'll be able to use the search engine. Ener the keywords and click the Search button to start searching.

How to Contact Media Influencers - Use Search Engine

Step 2. Select Chosen Influencer

After specifying what kind of influencer you’re looking for, InflueNex will draw up a list of all the influencers that match your chosen parameters. Choose the influencer you want to contact by selecting their name or YouTube Channel icon.

How to Contact Media Influencers - Select Chosen Influencer

Step 3. Use the Send Invitation Button

To actually contact the YouTube influencer, click the Send Invitation button on their InflueNex dashboard.

How to Contact Media Influencers - Use Send Invitation Button

Step 4. Write Your Message

InflueNex will automatically plug in the influencer’s contact information on the contact email form (which is shown in the image below.) So, all you have to do is draft your message and click SEND to send it to the YouTube influencer you want to contact.

How to Contact Media Influencers - Write Your Message

Part 2. Contact Instagram Influencers with Ease

For the next tutorial, we’re going to be looking into a tool called SocialBakers and using it for contacting Instagram influencers. It was designed primarily for finding influencers, but it does also offer functions that will allow you, as an individual or brand, to connect with the influencer that you end up discovering for a potential collaboration

How to Find Instagram Influencers with SocialBakers

Step 1. Select Region and Interest

In order to use Social Bakers, you must access the platform through the internet. Upon doing so, much like with InflueNex, you’ll have to use the front-end influencer search engine to find influencers to work with. Select a region or select an interest of your target influencer, and then click the Find Influencers button to move to next step.

How to Contact Media Influencers - Select Region and Ineterest

Step 2. Fill in Your Information

In order to access the results based on the parameters you chose in the first step, you will need to fill in your information. This includes your name, work email, phone number, and company name. After that, click Submit button.

How to Contact Media Influencers - Fill in Your Information

Step 3. Select Influencer and Contact

From their database of Instagram influencers, Social Bakers will compile a list that matches the parameters you chose in the first step. Select one of these influencers in order to view their Social Bakers analytics page — you should be able to access their contact information from there as well. Please note that unlike InflueNex, the contact message will be sent outside the platform.

How to Contact Media Influencers - Select Influencer and Contact

Part 3. How to Contact Facebook Influencers Easily

For the next tutorial, we’re going to be going with Facebook. Technically, the tool that we’re using for this portion, Heepsy, is better known as an Instagram influencer search engine. However, it does offer a way of finding and contacting Facebook influencers as well — which is what we’re going to be demonstrating below.

How to Contact Facebook Influencers Easily

Step 1. Go to Heepsy Website

Much like with the tools we introduced previously, Heepsy is a web-based platform. So, you’ll have to access its website to use it.

How to Contact Media Influencers - Go to Heepsy Website

Step 2. Create a Heepsy Account

Much like with Social Bakers, you will need to provide some information on yourself before you can actually use the tools that it offers. Do so and confirm the account to continue.

How to Contact Media Influencers - Create a Heepsy Account

Step 3. Turn on Facebook Filter

Once you have access to the tool, all you need to do is select the More Filters option and make sure that the “Facebook” filter is turned on. Doing this will allow you to find Facebook influencers to work with.

How to Contact Media Influencers - Turn on Facebook Filter

Step 4. Select Influencer

Select a Facebook influencer in order to view their statistics and their contact information (in the case of Heepsy, you will need to upgrade to a premium account before proceeding.)

How to Contact Media Influencers - Select Influencer

Part 4. Contact Twitter Influencers with Easy Steps

For this next tutorial, we’re going to be using Follower Wonk. It’s not all that different from the other tools we’ve introduced. However, Followerwonk is definitely twitter-based, and it also gives off a less premium feel than some of the other platforms we’ve used thus far (even though it provides a lot of the same functions and features.)

How to Contact Twitter Influencers with Easy Steps

Step 1. Search Bios

In order to use Followerwonk to contact media influencers, you must first find an influencer that you want to work with. Do so by selecting the Search Bios tab.

How to Contact Media Influencers - Search Bios

Step 2. Keyword Search

Next, use relevant keywords or Twitter account names in order to find the influencers you want to work with.

How to Contact Media Influencers - Keyword Search

Step 3. Other Search Factors

Instead of offering filters, like all the other tools we’ve seen thus far, there are other search factors that you can unlock and use to narrow down the results by clicking the “...more options” button under the main search bar.

How to Contact Media Influencers - Other Search Factors

Step 4. Perform Search

The orange DO IT button is the one that you need to click in order to begin the search.

How to Contact Media Influencers - Perform Search

Step 5. Select Influencer

Finally, find the influencer that you want to work with from the results provided (selecting their twitter handle will send you to their profile, where you should be able to find their contact information.)

How to Contact Media Influencers - Select Influencer

Part 5. How to Contact LinkedIn Influencers

Last of all, is the tutorial for how to contact LinkedIn influencers. LinkedIn makes this especially easy by offering a lot of the features that you would have had to use a tool for (like the other tools we introduced earlier.) So, rather than downloading a program or using an online platform like Heepsy or Followerwonk, we’re going straight to LinkedIn for this one.

How to Contact LinkedIn Influencers

Step 1. Use the LinkedIn Influencers Collective

LinkedIn actually offers its own ‘collective’ for connecting brands to popular influencers. However, this is by invite-only.

How to Contact Media Influencers - Use LinkedIn Influencers Collective

Step 2. Use the Search Bar

Instead, in order to find an influencer manually through LinkedIn, you’ll probably have to stick with the LinkedIn search bar (where you can enter keywords or phrases relevant to the influencer that you are looking for.)

How to Contact Media Influencers - Use the Search Bar

Step 3. Contact or Connect

Fortunately, LinkedIn provides all that you need in order to start connecting with Influencers. You can either use the Connect / Message features or press the “Contact Info” option in the LinkedIn influencer’s bio. Either way, contacting media influencers with LinkedIn is surprisingly very easy.

How to Contact Media Influencers - Contact or Connect


That’s that for all the easy ways of finding and contacting social media influencers online. Contacting an influencer is pretty easy if you know what tool to use. So, don’t worry about things too much and do what you have to do. Pick whichever tool works for you — be it InflueNex for YouTube or Heepsy for Instagram/Twitter.

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