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According to a survey conducted on companies, over 7% of them are planning to spend over a million dollars for influencer marketing during 2019. That’s not including the 20% or so of companies looking to spend around 1,000 to 10,000 dollars on the same thing — or even, the 19% of companies that are looking to spend over 100,000. As more and more companies are looking to partner up with influencers, it becomes ever more crucial to learn how to properly contact influencers to partner with you.

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Part 1. Easiest Way to Contact Influencers to Partner with You

As an example of an easy way of contacting influencers for a partnership, we’re going to demonstrate one of our favorite methods — which is to use a tool called InflueNex. InflueNex is many things, but, most importantly, it can be used as an influencer outreach tool for contacting influencers to partner with. For its outreach functions alone, you can expect the following:

Key Features of InflueNex:

  • Intuitive email-composer interface for drafting outreach letters.
  • Automatic discovery of influencer contact information.
  • Outreach management functions for keeping track of transactions in a single inbox.
  • ‘Save as Template’ function for saving outreach letter drafts to be used for mass outreach.

How to Contact Influencers to Partner with You

Step 1. Use the Influencer Search Engine

First, use the search tool provided at the front-end of the InflueNex website to find the influencer you want to work with. Once you’ve found one, select them to be moved to their InflueNex dashboard.

How to Contact Influencers to Partner with You - Use the Search Engine

Step 2. The InflueNex Dashboard

After finding the influencer you want to collaborate with, you can enter dashboard of this influencer, and click the Send Invitation button at the upper right corner to send the invitation.

How to Contact Influencers to Partner with You - Click Send Invitation Button

Step 3. The Outreach Interface

The outreach interface is where you can draft the outreach letter that you want to send to the influencer you want to partner with. Once you’re done drafting your letter, you can click SAVE to work on it some more later, or, click SEND to send it immediately.

How to Contact Influencers to Partner with You - Edit Your Outreach Email

Step 4. Save as Template

InflueNex also offers a “Save As Template” option for saving your drafts as a template to be used for mass outreach (the template can be accessed under “Email Body”)

How to Contact Influencers to Partner with You - Save as Template

Part 2. How to Contact Influencers to Partner with You in Traditional Way

For comparative reasons, here’s another tutorial. This time, on how to contact influencers to partner with you in the traditional way. This method will require that you go about your influencer search and contact manually — which is what we’re going to be demonstrating below. It will also require that you have a business email account available for easily managing your outreach transactions.

How to Contact Influencers to Partner with You

Step 1. Search for Influencer Manually

It starts by manually searching your chosen social network for an influencer to partner up with. The best place to do this is either through the platform’s trending page or with the use of the search bar.

How to Contact Influencers to Partner with You - Search for Influencer Manually

Step 2. Search for Influencer’s Contact Information

Once you found an influencer you want to work with, the next step is finding their contact information. If you’re lucky, then you’ll be able to find it on the ABOUT page of their account (or under their bio for networks like Twitter or Instagram.) If you can’t find their email address there, you may have to use another tool to find it for you.

How to Contact Influencers to Partner with You - Search for Influencer's Contact Information

Step 3. Compose Your Outreach Letter

Now’s the time to convince the influencer to partner with you. Of course, the outreach will have to be outside of the social network (to maintain some level of professionalism), so have a business email prepared to be able to send your outreach offer as soon as possible.

How to Contact Influencers to Partner with You - Compose Your Outreach Letter

Part 3. Helpful Templates to Help You Contact Influencers

As part of teaching you how to contact influencers, we’ve included a list of some of the most helpful templates available for contacting influencers to partner with you. We chose these templates specifically in order to provide some of the best examples of the variety involved in influencer outreach. So, make sure to go through each template carefully.

Helpful Templates to Help You Contact Influencers

1. General Content Marketing Template

A great way of partnering with an influencer without actually ‘sponsoring’ them is through outreach like the one shown in the template below. In the template, the offer is not a partnership, but if the influencer agrees, it will be as close to one as you can get without actually contracting the influencer. Be forewarned, these kinds of deals do not promise a positive review, but they are great for general publicity — as you’ll be giving the influencer samples that they can try out and share with their audience.


  • Initiates a pseudo-partnership.
  • Boosts public awareness of a product.
  • Establishes a relationship between you and the influencer.

How to Contact Influencers to Partner with You - General Content Marketing Template

2. Template for Setting up a Phone Call

If you’re wondering how best to move your conversation from email to a phone call (or video call), then base your response on the template shown below. The template is great because it addresses the topic of discussion clearly before moving on to other matters. This is good for reviewing matters already discussed, and it creates expectations on what will be discussed in the future.


  • Very informational (on matters discussed and matters to discuss.)
  • Straightforward and clear — no minced words.
  • Moves the conversation to a more personal phone call.

How to Contact Influencers to Partner with You - Template for Setting up a Phone Call

3. The Warm Template

This next template is a good example of a ‘warm’ outreach message. It starts with a very friendly introduction — one that shows that you care about the influencer’s content, even if it’s limited to their recent posts. It’s not something that will work all the time, especially if you’re going to follow it up with asking for a favor each time, but it’s one to keep in your arsenal.


  • Personalized introduction to connect with the reader.
  • Straight-forward favor (no minced words.)
  • The language is very polite and courteous.

How to Contact Influencers to Partner with You - The Warm Template

4. Template for Contacting Other Influencers

If there’s an influencer that you know who is of a similar standing as you, then this template may be the one to use. It’s not as courteous as the other’s we’ve introduced thus far (which is the reason why we wouldn’t recommend that you send it to just anyone), however, if the person you want to partner with is of equal status, this should work just fine.


  • Best used for other influencers (of similar status.)
  • Very straightforward (no minced words.)
  • The introduction is very complimentary.

How to Contact Influencers to Partner with You - Template for Contacting Other Influencers

5. Straightforward Template

There’s no template that can beat this next one when it comes to ‘straightforwardness.’ It’s short, but that was purposefully done in order to make sure that no time is wasted by both parties. It’s definitely a good approach to keep in mind if you want something done immediately — there’s no real reason to write long letters anyway (those can be for later down the line when you’re discussing actual transactions.)


  • Very prompt and easy to read.
  • The language used is friendly.
  • Great for establishing relationships quickly.

How to Contact Influencers to Partner with You - Straightforward Template

Part 4. Tips & Tricks about Contacting Influencers to Partner with You

For this last part, we’re going to review some of the things that we’ve talked about by teaching you the most important tips and tricks to remember when it comes to actually contacting influencers to partner with you. Each tip is accompanied by an example of the tip in action — so that you know exactly what we mean by it.

5 Tips about Contacting Influencers to Partner with You

1. The Right One for The Job

One goal that you should always remember when writing one of these outreach letters is that you have to persuade the reader that you are the ‘right one for the job.’ This applies even when you are the one hiring someone. Which means, to put it simply, that you should always make sure that you maintain some modicum of confidence at what you’re doing. Be proud of the characteristics that make you the ‘right’ person, and don’t be afraid to tell the influencer why you’re the best person to partner up with.

2. Do Your Research

Of course, another factor that you have to remember when trying to persuade someone to partner up with you, you have to do your research. Knowing the influencer that you want to work with, and what they do, is important when it comes to establishing a connection that the two of you can ‘bond’ and talk about. Learn what this is by putting in some effort into the research stage.

3. Be Memorable and Unique

If you want to be able to catch someone’s attention, then being unique may just be the way to go. Of course, this is not a method that can be applied to just anyone. However, if you find yourself dealing with an influencer that’s a little wilder than they are ‘proper’ then this is the best way to establish that connection. Just remember, the more memorable you are, the more likely they are to keep you in mind in the future (even if they end up rejecting your initial outreach.)

4. Keep it Friendly

If you’re contacting another influencer or someone else that is of the same standing as you, it’s always better to keep things friendly as well. People often mistake outreach emails for being strictly for business purposes only, and certainly, that’s the way to go about it sometimes. However, if you’ve met this influencer before or even engaged with them on social media, then try to keep the tone light. Don’t stifle the conversation so early by being so cold.

5. Stay Kind

This is pretty much common sense, but it deserves saying anyway. Be kind in your outreach. Try to avoid coming off as rude or demanding — remember, you’re trying to get the influencer to partner up with you. So, make sure to spare a kind word here and there, and choose your words carefully so as to not make it look as if you’re just looking at the benefits of the collaboration.


If you really want to learn how to contact influencers to partner with you, then you need to practice. Do so through InflueNex, or one of the other tools that we recommend. Even if you don’t actually send the message, you can save it later. Do it just to experience what it’s like — so that you don’t worry too much when you actually have to do it later.

Written by Christine Smith on the Nov 18,2019 15:38 pm
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