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YouTube has become the number 1 platform for influencer marketing and brands are often trying to get in touch with the best YouTubers. The question of how to contact a famous YouTuber often comes up to trouble these brands as they struggle to find relevant contact details of these influencers. There are a lot of ways that can be used in order to get in touch with these YouTube influencers. Tools like InflueNex have dedicated outreach programs that will help you to directly connect with them and to communicate your plans with them.

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Part 1. Contact Famous YouTubers with Easiest Way

If you also ask people about how to get in contact with a famous YouTuber, InflueNex might just be the most reliable solution for your needs. InflueNex has an active influencer outreach program that will help you to get in touch and exchange messages with a large number of YouTubers from all around the world for your influencer marketing campaigns. It also has a plethora of other features that are related to influencer marketing and will help you to manage your campaign as well. This is a great tool that is currently being used by top brands and YouTubers for various influencer marketing purposes.

Key Features

  • Allow you to contact famous YouTubers with the help of a dedicated influencer outreach program.
  • Compare the top YouTube influencers with one another to find the most suitable one for your requirements.
  • It gives ranking to YouTube influencers on the basis of their past performances and statistics.
  • You can view insights of any YouTube channel you want using this tool.
  • Enalbe you to search influencers and use advanced filters to make your search more accurate.

How to use InflueNex to find YouTubers and interact with them

Contacting YouTubers using InflueNex is a very easy task. Have a look at the following steps to easily get in touch with some of the best YouTube influencers using InflueNex-

Step 1. Search for YouTuber using the search box

For the first step, you will need to visit the website for this tool and log in. Now you will notice a search box in front of you, enter the name of the YouTube channel you want to connect with or directly paste the channel URL and press search.

How to Contact Famous YouTubers - Search for YouTubers

Step 2. Use the advanced options

InflueNex also has a lot of advanced options for search so that you can narrow down the number of results. By using these filters, you will find more YouTubers that suit your requirements. There are filters like price range, locality, subscribers, views etc.

How to Contact Famous YouTubers - Use advanced filters

Step 3. Select the right YouTuber

Once you click on search, you will see a list of YouTubers that match your keywords. Make sure you thoroughly go through all of them and select the correct one to continue the process.

How to Contact Famous YouTubers - Select the right YouTuber

Step 4. Send invites

Now that you have selected the YouTuber from the list, you will see their details and insights about their YouTube channel. Go through all of that to better understand the audience that they have and whether or not they will be suitable for your campaign. You will also notice a send invite button on the right hand side of their names, click on it to continue.

How to Contact Famous YouTubers - Send invites

Step 5. Fill out the emails template

Once you have sent the invite, you will be redirected to an email template. Fill in the details asked in the form like your address, contact details name of the brand etc. and click on send. If the influencer is interested in your offer, they will contact you.

How to Contact Famous YouTubers - Finish Your email and send

Part 2. Contact Famous YouTubers with Most Helpful Tips & Tricks

It isn’t easy to convince YouTubers for your influencer marketing campaign due to the fact that it all comes down to personal preference of the YouTuber. In order to make sure that they will agree to help you out, you will have to take a few measures that will lead you to success. These tips and tricks have helped a lot of brands to convince some of the top YouTube influencers into doing their campaigns. The following are some expert tips and tricks for contacting the influencer-

Most Helpful Tips about Contacting YouTubers

1. Offer competitive price

While trying to contact and convince a YouTuber for influencer marketing campaigns, make sure that you give them due credits beforehand along with a considerable amount of returns for their services. One of the main element of the influencer marketing is the influencer itself and you have to make sure that they are happy with your offer. While writing the mail or the message, make sure you make them feel good and also complement their work every now and then.

2. Share their videos on your social media accounts

As the influencer you will be partnering up with be related to your niche, you can share their posts on your brand’s social media accounts. This will help them in engaging with more audience and they will surely be thankful to you. When do these things without any demand, they will surely agree to your influencer marketing proposal when you approach them.

3. Be active on their comment sections

YouTubers often go through their comment sections to see what their followers think about their content. Make sure you are active on their comment sections and regularly complement them on their efforts. This will make you standout of other brands and will keep you in the good books of the influencers. If you do this, there will be higher chances of an agreement when you approach them for influencer marketing campaigns.

4. Send them samples of your products

If you are making a tool that is helpful for the Influencer in question, it will be a good gesture to send them a free copy so that they can test it out for themselves. If they like it, they will most likely agree when you ask them to promote it on their channel. On the other hand if your brand is into manufacturing a product, you can send them a few samples for their personal use. This will increase your respect and credibility as a brand in their eyes.

5. Use email templates from internet

If you search on the internet, you will find a lot of email templates for contacting YouTube influencers. These templates are written by skilled professionals in the field of influencer marketing and are used by high end brands. You can also easily use it by doing minor modifications to it according to your requirement. This will showcase the professionalism of your brand and will further enhance your goodwill and credibility.

Part 3. Contact Famous YouTubers with Helpful Tools

YouTuber’s contact information isn’t very easy to find and even if you find the email address, the emails are often left ignored due to the fact they receive several thousands of emails everyday. Now the question arises that, how to get in contact with famous YouTubers? To begin with there are a lot of tools specifically made for this purpose that allow you to search and get in touch with some of the best YouTubers in the business. Using these tools you will easily find the most suitable YouTube influencer for your requirements. The following are 5 tools that are made specifically for influencer marketing purposes-

1. AspireIQ


This tool is among the flag bearers of influencer marketing and was among the first to enter the market. Using this tool, you can find any influencer from all the leading influencer marketing platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube etc. This tool has a feature called quick match under which the tool uses the data from your recent search entries and provides you the most suitable influencer based on that. This is a great tool for influencer marketing and is being used by top brands.


  • This tool provides you with fast results due to a very advanced search algorithm.
  • They have a very large database of influencers from various platforms.
  • The quick match feature helps you to target the right influencer easily.


  • Too many searching features may confuse the new users.
  • The subscription fee is not affordable for everyone.
  • There are a lot of fake influencers on this tool as well.

How to Contact Famous YouTubers - AspireIQ

2. Julius


At the initial stages, this was simply a tool that can be used to search top influencers on all the major platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and a lot other leading social media platforms. As the need began to emerge, Julius added features like influencer comparison, outreach etc. to further increase its usability. Julius uses a very high end algorithm to make sure that all the influencers on their platform are tested to be credible. A lot of brands have used their services and have got success in their marketing campaigns.


  • Julius is being used by some of the best brands hence it is very credible tool.
  • Give you deep insights of the influencers to help you understand them better.
  • Julius’s subscription fee is aggressively set-up so that it can appeal to more people.


  • This tool is often slow to give results.
  • Top influencers may not use this platform.
  • The platform doesn't offer comparing feature.

How to Contact Famous YouTubers - Julius

3. Upfluence


Upfluence is one of the most popular tools among brands and YouTube influencer due to the many features it offers to help you with influencer marketing campaigns. This is one of the best tools to find and interact with over a million influencers from all the major platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram etc. This tool lets you search for influencers by using 40 different search parameters so that you can get the perfect match for your requirements.


  • This tool allows you to customize your search.
  • There are over a million active influencers on this tool.
  • They have influencers from twitter, Linked in, YouTube, etc.


  • The pricing of this tool isn’t suitable for everyone.
  • There are no free trials for first time users.
  • The tool isn't easy to use for the new comers.

How to Contact Famous YouTubers - Upfluence



HYPR is one of the most powerful and complete influencer marketing tools that can help you in every step of influencer marketing campaigns. This is a great tool if you are planning to do a campaign on a large scale. This tool uses a very strict algorithm to find the most suitable influencer for your requirement. The search feature is one of the most advanced in this tool and is completely unbiased so that you always get the best match.


  • This tool is very easy to use and is suitable for large scale campaigns.
  • Enable you to search influencers of different platforms.
  • The user interface of this tool is very well organized.


  • The pricing of this tool isn’t very affordable.
  • Influencers of different platforms may confuse users
  • The outreach program isn’t the best in the market.

How to Contact Famous YouTubers - HYPR

5. Neoreach


Neoreach boasts of a total of 40 different criteria for influencer search across various major social media platforms like YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, etc. This is a great tool for those who are new to influencer marketing and allows you to easily search for any influencer you want to connect with. Using this tool, you can easily manage your influencer marketing campaigns without any hassle and it will also save a lot of time and effort for you.


  • The searching feature is powerful and effective.
  • It allows you to manage multiple influencer marketing campaigns easily.
  • Offer searching features of different social media websites.


  • Complicated options need a lot of time to handle.
  • The pricing of this tool isn’t affordable for everyone.
  • Displaying searching results after long loading time.


Influencer marketing is the best way to market your products and services to the masses. Tools like InflueNex are specifically made for this and can be used to better manage influencer marketing campaigns. InflueNex has a lot of features like, influencer search, outreach and comparison that helps you in better understanding the whole procedure and to manage it efficiently.

Written by Christine Smith on the Apr 14,2020 17:57 pm
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