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Best Social Media Marketing Examples

in 2019

Social media marketing is a growing market, and every year businesses everywhere are breaking records with strategies for their social media campaigns. That is why, today, we’re going to be celebrating some of the best social media marketing examples of 2019 by learning about the strategies these businesses used and how it led them to success! Strap yourself in and don’t miss out on the very important tip/tool that we’ve included in the end so that you can embark on your own social media marketing campaign this year!

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Part 1. Best 10 Social Media Marketing Examples in 2019

For this first part, we’re going to be talking about a couple of the most successful social media marketing examples that happened in 2019. For this, we’ll introduce what strategies the businesses used, what social network they conducted the campaign on, how they did it, and why it succeeded! Stick around if you want to learn these strategies or move to the next portion if you want to look into successful influencer marketing campaigns samples instead!

1. Domino’s Twitter Chatbot DOM - Fun Online Orders

Platform: Twitter

People spend around two hours on social media every day, and they can get hungry! Domino’s Pizza, one of the largest pizza food-chains in the United States has stepped up their social media marketing tactics with their Chatbot DOM. With Dom, you can set up a cart of your favorite pizzas and order it straight from your Twitter DMs! Some sign up is required, but once it's set up. You’re good to go!

Now, the use of AI-technology is not uncommon these days. However, most businesses tend to use chatbots only as a method of answering the questions and concerns of their audience. Domino’s Pizza, on the other hand, took a big leap in innovative thinking by offering their actual service into the mix. Allowing their customers to order directly after they’ve posted a tweet advertising deals, coupons, etc.

Best Social Media Marketing Examples in 2019 - Domino’s Twitter Chatbot DOM

2. MoonPie’s Fun Twitter Content

Platform: Twitter

Although perhaps not as unique as the first, MoonPie has been making a name for itself on social media as a brand that knows exactly how to connect with the people that use Twitter (which are primarily millennials and the so-called Gen Z.) It’s not about being professional, or even about coupons or deals. It’s about knowing how to have fun and posting content that their audience would actually share.

That’s how social media works, and most especially Twitter. You can make extremely helpful content and get some results, but if you want to maximize your clicks? Then, you’re going to have to speak the language of the people that use it.

Best Social Media Marketing Examples in 2019 - MoonPie’s Fun Twitter Content

3. Starbuck’s Colorful #ExtraShotOfPride Campaign

Platform: Instagram

For businesses that are able to launch a campaign with a message is always a good idea. It establishes your brand as something people can relate to -- a brand that people can trust. In Starbuck’s case, they decided to host an #ExtraShotOfPride campaign to celebrate those who celebrated Pride Month! For this, they asked people to share their stories to be heard -- through colorful Instagram posts and sincere and authentic Instagram stories.

This is not the type of campaign that should be treated lightly. No, meaningful campaigns like these take time, and Starbucks did a great job making sure that the message came from people who would be able to talk about the subject in a way that would be the most meaningful to others, and that’s why it was successful.

Best Social Media Marketing Examples in 2019 - Starbuck’s Colorful #ExtraShotOfPride Campaign

4. Daniel Wellington’s Fun #WhereIsWellington Campaign

Platform: Instagram

Another fun campaign was Daniel Wellington’s #WhereIsWellington campaign. With this, they would post breathtakingly beautiful photographs of their minimalistic but elegant designs on Instagram, and then urge their users to participate in a ‘Game’ to find out where the image was taken! It’s a simple, but effective tactic that allows them to promote their products but also provides a bit of fun an intrigue that their audience can actively engage with.

Best Social Media Marketing Examples in 2019 - Daniel Wellington’s Fun #WhereIsWellington Campaign

5. Essie’s #EssieLove Campaign - User Generated Content

Platform: Instagram

Essie’s #EssieLove campaign is similar to the Starbucks campaign that we had covered earlier. At least, in the fact that they both used user-generated content in order to fill up their timeline! In Essie’s case, as a nail-polish brand, they urge their audience (and other influencers) to turn in photographs of them wearing Essie nail polish to be posted on their feed -- credit included of course.

This is not anything new in the marketing campaign, but that doesn’t mean that it has stopped being relevant or effective! Especially when it comes to increasing an audience’s engagement rates.

Best Social Media Marketing Examples in 2019 - Essie’s #EssieLove Campaign

6. Gillette’s #TheBestMenCanBe Video Marketing Campaign

Platform: YouTube

Gillette’s “We Believe” (Short Film) was posted on January 2015, and it generated a lot of buzz in social media. In this film, they featured a campaign on how men can improve themselves. Not with their appearance but with their actions. It’s a very well-thought out message, with full of meaningful scenes that were meant to embody the people who felt oppressed by the action of some men.

Again, social messages like these are a very tricky business, but if you are able to do it with sincerity, then it can help establish your brand as one that cares. Not just about its customers but of the social issues of today.

Best Social Media Marketing Examples in 2019 - Gillette’s #TheBestMenCanBe Video Marketing Campaign

7. Lowe’s Helpful and Practical Pinterest Marketing

Platform: Pinterest

We mentioned that useful content isn’t necessarily going to be the most effective for social networks like Twitter (where a large number of its users are younger.) However, for those who use Pinterest, something helpful and more practical might be your best bet as far as content goes. Lowe’s is great at this, with their Pinterest boards focused on helping those looking to decorate their homes – by offering ideas based on what’s available and what is the best for their budget. Of course, this kind of tactic isn’t going to work for everyone, but for Lowe’s? Well, the proof is in the numbers -- with up to 10 million viewers every month!

Best Social Media Marketing Examples in 2019 - Lowe’s Helpful and Practical Pinterest Marketing

8. Jamie Oliver’s Informational Video Marketing Strategy

Platform: YouTube

Outside of helpful content, there is information content. People consume these by the dozen! Just like the meals that Jamie Oliver prepares for his audience on his YouTube channel! He gets tons of traffic by ensuring that he answer the questions that his audience wants to be answered, and it works for him! He gets millions upon millions of views per video on a subject that he loves and earns a lot of money by doing it!

Best Social Media Marketing Examples in 2019 - Jamie Oliver’s Informational Video Marketing Strategy

9. Adidas’ She Breaks Barriers Campaign

Platform: Twitter

Again, we have another campaign with a strong social message. Although, in the case of Adidas, their campaign has been more of an initiative -- something that is meant to last for a long time. Recently, they’ve pushed for more exposure for female athletes by working with Twitter to promote live streams of competitions that female athletes participated in. Now, much like the meaningful campaigns that we’ve discussed before.

This one was very carefully curated in order to make sure that their message is heard and drive traffic to an issue that they wanted to be exposed to the world.

Best Social Media Marketing Examples in 2019 - Adidas’ She Breaks Barriers Campaign

10. TechCrunch’s Chatbot - Email Marketing on Facebook

Platform: Facebook

For our last social media marketing example, we have another example of a chatbot in action! This time, by TechCrunch, who’s using this new-found technology in order to establish a long-standing relationship with their clients through what is (in practice) ‘email-marketing.’ Signing up for their chatbot means that you are allowing them to be able to receive messages on the latest news. News that could very well include new products, new deals, etc.

Email marketing has always worked. The biggest issue most people had when it came to email-marketing was getting the leads. But now that there’s no need to take it off social media? Well, getting those sign-ups have never been easier.

Best Social Media Marketing Examples in 2019 - TechCrunch’s Chatbot

Part 2. 10 Most Helpful Influencer Marketing Examples in 2019

As promised, we’re going to be branching off now to introduce some examples of influencer marketing strategies in 2019. This will be a lot like the previous list. We’re going to introduce the campaign, where it was held, how they did it, and why it worked for them. Of course, we’ve made sure to cover a variety of them in order to make sure that you are provided with the most brain-food as possible! So, stick around till the very end, and make sure to check out the tool we mention at the very end so that can help you start your influencer marketing campaign.

1. Sony’s Xperia Z5 Campaign on Instagram

Platform: Instagram

One of the most successful campaigns of 2019 was Sony’s Xperia Z5 campaign for promoting their brand-new smartphone -- with maximum zoom photographic capabilities. They turned their promotions into a contest of sorts by hiring 30 different influencers on Instagram to post hyper-zooms using the phone with codes that people were supposed to collect in order to get a prize. It was highly successful because of its engaging nature -- boosting their Instagram account’s authority and thus allowing the brand to reach more and more people.

Best Social Media Marketing Examples in 2019 - Sony’s Xperia Z5 Campaign on Instagram

2. Dunkin Donuts’ Awareness Campaign for National Donut Day on Snapchat

Platform: Snapchat

Snapchat is a favorite of a lot of influencers, and although it’s not the most popular social media network out there for marketing, doesn’t mean that it can’t bring in the views. Dunkin Donuts made use of Snapchat’s stories feature in order to promote awareness for National Donut Day for a whole 24 hours. Hiring influencers to use their account and post content that would bring their audience over to Dunkin’ Donuts’ account.

This proved to be a highly effective way of making use of Snapchat’s immediacy feature. After all, if they don’t look at it immediately it will be gone within a day! Even just that little bit of promotion was able to get them millions of impressions and thousands of new followers. So, there’s no denying that it was highly effective.

3. KaiKatsu Club’s Video Marketing Campaign for VR Cafes

Platform: YouTube

For our next influencer marketing example, we have a company called KaiKatsu Club from Japan! They were looking to introduce VR into their cafes, allowing their customers to play games while they were enjoying their food and drink. So, to promote this new addition to their cafe-chain, they hired an influencer called Enakorin! She was the star of their promotional video on the new Virtual Reality cafe experience -- hired because of her popularity in the anime community and for her authority on video games.

Best Social Media Marketing Examples in 2019 - Dunkin Donuts’ Awareness Campaign for National Donut Day

4. Sperry’s Strategy - Hiring Existing Followers

Platform: Instagram

Sperry, a boat shoe brand company, decided to launch an Instagram campaign that involved micro-influencers who were already following and engaging with their brand. This allowed them to promote their products in a way that was sincere and provided authenticity when it came to the content that they pushed out. All in all, they hired around 100 Instagram influencers with a small but content-specific niche audience to create content for their account too and drive their own followers to their official Instagram account. It proved highly effective and allowed them to grow steadily as a brand.

Best Social Media Marketing Examples in 2019 - Sperry’s Strategy

5. Pepsi’s Walgreen Special Summer Emoji Bottles

Platform: Instagram

As a way of promoting their new line of emoji-based products, Pepsi set up a #SayItwithPepsi campaign to target millennials. The bottles that they created were produced with emoji stickers on the label (stickers with a range of various emotions.) It was meant to be only a summer-event, and that’s what it was. A fun, short-length campaign that would allow them to draw in the younger crowd and have them promote their product.

In the end, it proved very successful, but only after they hired influencers to create organic content on the different Pepsi emoji stickers that were available. Which launched their campaign to the crowd they were targeting and helped spread the Summer event.

Best Social Media Marketing Examples in 2019 - Pepsi’s Walgreen Special Summer Emoji Bottles

6. MTV’s Pants Off Snap Chat Campaign

Platform: Snapchat

Another Snap Chat influencer campaign that got a lot of attention was MTV’s Pants Off Sex Ed show. For it, they hired a YouTube influencer named Laci Green, who was already well-known for the sex-ed related content that she hosted on YouTube. It was meant to be a sort of Snap Chat TV series that was hosted every Saturday for eight weeks, with the goal of introducing the younger generation to sex education in a manner that they would enjoy and actually listen to.

In the end, it ended up being a very successful campaign, especially with Laci Green at the helm of it all and other influencers hired to appear on the show as ‘guests.’

7. Samsung’s Note 7 Promotional Campaign

Platform: Snapchat

Similar to Xperia’s influencer campaign to promote its new smartphone, Samsung hosted a promotional campaign on Snapchat in hopes of reaching a younger audience. For this, they hired Cyrene, who was already very influential on Snapchat and asked her to promote the Samsung Note 7 in a bunch of 10-second videos and Snapchat designs.

It proved to be very beneficial at racking up interest and allowed her audience to see preview clips of the phone (the Note 7) way before it was out -- which only proved to increase the hype!

8. Becca Cosmetics Palette Promotional Campaign

Platform: Instagram

Becca Cosmetics, in hopes of racking up interest on their new palette release, hired Crissy Teigen to promote their product in an Instagram story that reached up to 5 million people! It was a very big project, despite the simple execution. This is a strategy that just about anybody can do, and it needn’t always be such a big influencer like Crissy (who has a fairly large number of followers on Instagram.)

Best Social Media Marketing Examples in 2019 - Becca Cosmetics Palette Promotional Campaign

9. Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty

Platform: Cross Platform

Rihanna recently launched her Fenty Beauty line, and it made a lot of noise on social media. As an influencer herself, Rihanna was able to market her product to her existing audience and then some. She posted videos on YouTube, sneak peeks on Twitter and Instagram, etc. It was a whole campaign, and after its success, there are no doubt many companies now looking to collaborate with celebrities and create similar campaigns.

As of yet, however, no one has been able to top Rihanna and no wonder! She didn’t just bring her clout, she brought high-quality products that people wanted and that was more than enough for the beauty community to go wild.

Best Social Media Marketing Examples in 2019 - Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty

10. Sprint’s #LiveUnlimited Campaign

Platform: YouTube and Instagram

Our last example of influencer marketing is Sprint’s LiveUnlimited campaign. They had set it up to take advantage of the stories that the influencers they hired would be able to tell. For this, they leased both YouTube Video content creators and Instagram influencers. With just a handful of influencers in their team, offering authentic content that was theirs (not planned or restrained by Sprint in the usual way), they managed to increase their social media followings by over 30 million. It was another great example of a simple, but powerful campaign.

Part 3. How to Get Connected with the Influencer to Promote Your Business

As promised, we’re going to end things by introducing you to a tool that you can use in order to get connected with an influencer that will be able to promote your brand or product. All the samples that we introduced above had to start from somewhere, and in most cases business started with tools like InflueNex -- which are influencer search engine tools that can be used by marketers to find information on a known influencer or discover influencers that they can collaborate with based on their niche or location! All that we’ll teach you how to do in the step-by-step tutorial down below.

How to Contact Influencers with InflueNex

Step 1. Enter Keywords and Username to Start Searching

As mentioned, InflueNex is a search engine, and it’s meant to be used to find or discover influencers. Now, to start that process, you will need to enter the username of a known YouTube content creator or keywords related to your niche on the search bar provided.

Best Social Media Marketing Examples in 2019 - Enter Keywords to Start Searching

Step 2. Select Filters to Meet Your Requirements

Next, make use of the advanced filters that InflueNex offers in order to narrow your search. For this, all you need to do is select one of the filters and scroll to choose an option that best suits you! InflueNex will allow you to filter based on Category, Country, Subscribers, Views, etc.

When you’re done, click the Search Button besides the search bar in order to start searching.

Best Social Media Marketing Examples in 2019 - Select Filters to Meet Your Requirements

Step 3. Sort Results Based on Rank, Subscribers, Views, etc

InflueNex has a large database that covers YouTube creators all over the world. And so, even if you choose keywords and filters that are very specific, you might still have a lot of results to go through. To make this easy, use the Sort By feature in order to organize your results.

Best Social Media Marketing Examples in 2019 - Sort Results Based on Rank, Subscribers, Views, etc

Step 4. Send Invite or View Analytics on Dashboard

For our last step, we introduce the last main feature of InflueNex, which is a YouTuber’s Analytic Dashboard. From here, you can view deep insights on a YouTuber’s reach, active engagement, rank, etc. Also, more importantly, InflueNex has provided an easy way of connecting with influencers that you want to communicate with via the Send Invite button.

Whatever your purpose of opening up a Youtuber’s dashboard might be, all of this is offered for you now and for FREE if you click here to go to InflueNex’s website.

Best Social Media Marketing Examples in 2019 - View Analytics on Dashboard


Social media marketing, specifically influencer marketing, is one of the fastest growing marketing strategies available. There’s a new audience out there, and all of them are busy on their phones. So, if you want to reach them, then you’re going to have to find a way to communicate where they spend most of their time. It’s not necessarily all that difficult to do even! As we demonstrated with InflueNex, you can start at any time. All you have to do is find an influencer that has some authority on your niche, and then connect with them for a potential collaboration! It’s in the cards, you just have to actually do it.

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