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B2B (Business-to-Business) marketing is the establishment of a relationship between one organization to another. There are some businesses that depend on these transactions, which makes it all the more important to start learning how to accomplish B2B influencer outreach as soon as possible! All that and more, along with some helpful tips and tricks to get you started, will be broken down below.

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Part 1. Most Helpful Tips & Tricks about B2B Influencer Outreach

Certain organizations thrive on the results of B2B outreach. Collaborations between businesses are great, in that, there is a clear understanding of values and goals. That means that you can definitely be more confident and forthright with your approach. We’ll teach you more about that in the next part of this article. For now, let’s go over a couple of the basic tips and tricks about influencer outreach, that you’re going to want to learn as early as possible!

Tips & Tricks about B2B Influencer Outreach

1. Use a B2B Influencer Outreach Platform — InflueNex

To simplify matters and make it easier for you to reach out to other business influencers, use a tool that will help you seek them out. For this, the tool that we’d recommend is InflueNex. InflueNex is an influencer search tool that is perfect for marketers who want to breeze through the initial step of finding influencers to collaborate with as it has its own search engine specifically designed for discovering new influencers!

B2B Influencer Outreach - Use a B2B Influencer Outreach Platform

2. Get to Know the Brand

Once you have an influencer that you want to work with, make a research before starting your collaboration. There are plenty of tools out there that you can use in order to gather insights on the brand’s interest and growth over time. Try one out or do your own research, just make sure that you don’t go into the outreach blind.

B2B Influencer Outreach - Get to Know the Brand

3. Establish Connections with Other Brands

If you want to be ahead of the curve, then you need to begin planting the ‘seeds’ for your collaboration now. Even if you’re not certain about whether the outreach will even happen, it’s important that you try to make early connections with the other business you want to work with. These days, there’s no better place to do so than on social media!

B2B Influencer Outreach - Establish Connectionswith Other Brands

4. Visit the Brand’s Website

As a part of the ‘getting’ to know the brand process, you should visit the brand’s website! Here, you can get an idea of what kind of products they use and why they use it! It may also give you an idea about what they don’t have — and how you can go about filling that spot for them.

B2B Influencer Outreach - Visit the Brands's Website

5. Use a B2B Template

If you’re concerned about the writing portion of the outreach, then use a template to guide your words! There’s plenty of FREE templates that you can use available online (a couple of which we’re going to be listing out in the next part of this article.) Try them on for size, even if it’s just to get a feel for the type of tone or language other marketers use for theirs.

B2B Influencer Outreach - Use a B2B Template

Part 2. Helpful B2B Influencer Outreach Templates

As mentioned, this next portion will be introducing you to a couple of B2B influencer outreach templates that you can use to connect to other brands. Each of these templates has been sourced online (from other FREE sources), and all of them can be used at any time! Of course, some minor changes may be warranted — depending on the type of outreach you want to perform, but any of these could potentially work for you!

5 Helpful B2B Influencer Outreach Templates

1. Start with Question then a Fact

No matter what the aim of your B2B outreach letter is, one of the best ways of grabbing the attention of your audience is to start with a question followed by a fact. Getting the receiver with a strong hook is part of what makes a good email. Of course, this won’t work for you all the time. However, as is demonstrated by the sample template below, starting out like this can be what propels your outreach strategy in the end.

B2B Influencer Outreach - Start with Question then a Fact

2. A Strong Introduction Template

Something that all brands should have on their arsenal is a strong introduction template that they can use to introduce themselves to another business. The template below is a great example of this type of template. It introduces the solution that the brand is hoping to solve, and it describes how the brand plans to meet it whilst sparing the word count!


  • Short and to-the-point to remain efficient.
  • Fit/suit the needs of different outreach strategies.
  • A Call to Action is left at the bottom to incite urgency.


B2B Influencer Outreach - Strong Introduction Template

3. Special Offer Template

One thing that people can’t refuse is a “Special Offer.” If you’re a brand looking to work with another brand, then a special offer may just be how to do it! The template below shows an example of how you can sell these special offers as best as possible — starting with a timeline to inspire urgency and quickly following it up with the details necessary to make the deal.


  • The template starts by introducing a deadline - making the receiver more likely to read it.
  • Special offers are hard to deny, and it’s one of the best ways of getting business.
  • The tone used in the template instills both confidence and forthrightness.


B2B Influencer Outreach - Special Offer Template

4. Invitation to a Short Meeting

If we’re talking about short and to-the-point templates, then this is definitely one of the best examples of them out there. All that is needed for a good B2B influencer outreach template is here. You have a hook for catching their attention, an offer that they can’t refuse, and a call-to-action that promotes the right kind of urgency and confidence that these kinds of outreach messages should have.


  • A strong hook that will catch the receiver’s attention.
  • An offer to improve business for the other company.
  • A call-to-action promising a meeting that is short but effective.


B2B Influencer Outreach - Invitation to a Short Meeting

5. Promoting a New Product

This last template is a general template that everyone should at least consider when writing their own B2B influencer outreach letters. Its main point is to introduce a new product that you believe other companies will want to get their hands on. There’s nothing about the template itself that is more unique than the others we’ve introduced thus far, but it’s a great example of a message that is both professional and to-the-point.


  • Short and go straight to the point.
  • It can be edited easily to suit your needs.
  • Great for general use and mass-outreach.


B2B Influencer Outreach - Promoting a New Product

Part 3. Use Best B2B Influencer Outreach Tool to Contact Influencers

For the last portion of this article, we’re going to be putting all that we’ve learned into practice by using the best B2B influencer outreach available for contact influencers. With InflueNex, which we’ve already mentioned twice now, you can make direct contact with a business that you want to work with instantly! All this and more provided by the following InflueNex functions:

Key Features

  • Influencer search tool for discovering new influencers.
  • Outreach tool for directly contacting influencer.
  • Outreach management tool for managing outreach campaigns.

A Step-by-Step B2B Influencer Outreach Guide with InflueNex

Step 1. Use the Influencer Search Tool

The first step in using InflueNex for your outreach campaign is taking advantage of the influencer search engine. This has both a search bar and advanced filters that you can use in order to find a business or brand that you want to reach out to for a business transaction.

B2B Influencer Outreach - Use the Influencer Search Tool

Step 2. Send Invitation to Brand

Through the brand’s InflueNex dashboard (a sample of which is shown below), you can see insight into their growth and statistics. Moreover, there's a Send Invitation button at the upper right corner, which allows you to send collaboration email to the influencer directly.

B2B Influencer Outreach - Send Invitation to Brand

Step 3. Use the InflueNex Email Service

With the help of the templates that we introduced earlier, you can now begin drafting your outreach letter to the influencer you want to work with! InflueNex will allow you to do this directly on the platform, just click SEND to send your message or SAVE to manage it at a later date.

B2B Influencer Outreach - Use the InflueNex Email Service


Now that you’ve been armed with the how-to knowledge that you need in order to perform and accomplish B2B influencer outreach, don’t let anything stop you! Try out InflueNex and one of the templates that we introduced today and start making the connections required to grow your business today.

Written by Christine Smith on the Nov 13,2019 15:58 pm
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