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Having a great Video Marketing strategy means you’re already half way through successfully marketing your brand/product video. Next thing you need is to find influencers on YouTube or Instagram or Facebook, who can effectively represent it in front of his/her huge audience base. But how to find influencers that suits your needs and budget is what troubles us the most. Now, if you’re also looking for influencers for your Video Marketing strategy and wondering how to contact influencers of YouTube/Instagram/Facebook, fret no more. As we welcome you aboard to our today’s post that will help you explore the best possible ways to find YouTube influencers / Instagram Influencers / Facebook Influencers and how to contacts them. Let’s get started.

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Part 1: Most Efficient Way to Find YouTube Influencers

Without talking much, here we bring you the best tool to find YouTube influencers which helps to efficiently connect influencers with brands. Let’s get to know about it in detail! is a renowned and highly efficient way to find YouTube influencer to market your video over his/her channel. With this powerful web tool you not just can find YouTube influencer according the keywords that you wish to target. But also, it enables you to filter out influencers and find the most relevant YouTube influencer for your web video marketing. Let’s get to know about the most sought after features of this tool.

Key Features of

  • InflueNex enables you to productively filter YouTube influencers according to content type, subscribers, engagement rate, average views, country and language.
  • possess a YouTube influencer base of over 100 million.
  • More importantly, you can make use of your focus keywords over InflueNex ensuring that you get to collaborate with the most relevant influencers as per your needs.
  • When it comes to track the influencer reach while analyzing and managing your influencer marketing campaign, InflueNex let you do that without any hassles.
  • Moreover, you can easily make use of easily interpretable visual charts to monitor influencer analytics.

How to use to find YouTube influencers

Step 1: Head to the official website of in order to register an account to make use of the website seamlessly.

All Ways to Find Influencers - Create an Account

Step 2: Then, feed in the target keyword in the search bar to search for the most relevant influencer as per your needs. Once done, choose the desired settings in the filters available just below the Keyword search bar.

All Ways to Find Influencers - Enter Keywords to Search

Step 3: Now, push the search icon and the tool will bring you and entire list of YouTube influencers that meets your search criteria. Scroll through each YouTube influencer profile to find the most suitable one.

All Ways to Find Influencers - Find Influencer Profile

Step 4: To gain in-depth insights of the YouTube influencer’s channel available on the list, simply tap the name of the channel. Once the channel insights are presented to you, you can also scroll down the page to view stats about the performance of the channel like overall video views it has or average views per video. Moreover, you can also check the YouTube Growth Tendency of the channel and the various posts it has over it.

All Ways to Find Influencers - Get a Closer Look of the Influencer

Step 5: Lastly, when you’re satisfied with the statistics of a YouTube influencer and found the suitable one for you to collaborate with, you just need to push the “Send Invite” button and get started!

Part 2: Most Helpful Way to Find an Instagram Influencer

When it comes to how to find influencers, Upfluence is one of the most preferred choice of the users. It is basically a cloud-based, influencer search and end-to-end content management software with which you can effectively and efficiently run a marketing campaign. With this professional tool you can easily access a huge base of influencers, be it the top bloggers or popular pages/channels form YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. With the help of several filters available over the dashboard, you can search and identify the influencers that best represents your company. Moreover, with Upfluence you have to privilege to generate post-project reports too.

How to use to find an Instagram influencer

Step 1: Visit the and acquire a fully fledged account by booking an appointment with the Upfluence team.

Step 2: Once, you have the account, sign in to it and then get started. From the main interface, you have the power to enter your preferred target keywords (as many as you want). You can also set the importance of each keyword as well. You can then proceed to setting various other filters available like language, country, if they have an email or not etc.

All Ways to Find Influencers - Make up Settings of the Keywords

Step 3: Once done, Upfluence will then fetch an entire list of Instagram influencers depending upon your search criteria. Next to each influencer’s profile, you can easily monitor the details about their location, followers, influencer score, relevancy score and some of their recent posts.

All Ways to Find Influencers - Find Influencer

Part 3: How to Find a Facebook Influencer

Brand Collabs Manager

Brand Collabs Manager is a new influencer search engine tool designed and developed by Facebook and launched it in 2018 summers. Basically, it was built to give a neck and neck competition to major influencer platforms. Facebook realized that influencer marketing is huge and grabbed the multi-billion-dollar opportunity by starting Brand Collabs Manager for influencer marketing.

How to use Brand Collabs Manager to find a Facebook influencer

Step 1: Sing in your Facebook account and then visit the Brand Collabs Manager. Then, hit on the “Apply as Advertiser” button available below.

All Ways to Find Influencers - Visit Brand Collabs Manager

Step 2: Next, you need to “Apply for access to Brand Collabs Manager”. Follow the onscreen steps to gain access to it.

All Ways to Find Influencers - Apply for access to Brand Collabs Manager

Step 3: Once you have access to it, you can get started with searching for the most relevant Facebook influencer that suits your needs. For this, simply hit on the Search tab over the Brand Collabs Manager page and then select the desired filters from the side panel.

All Ways to Find Influencers - Search Influencer

Once done, you can then access the list of Facebook influencers on your screen. Select the desired influencer and get things rolling.


Now that we’ve discussed the most efficient ways to find influencers over YouTube, Instagram and Facebook, we now leave it on you which one suits you the best. But to conclude, the best one to find an influencer and to connect with influencers the easiest way was turned out to be from the

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